2 Ingredient Apple Cinnamon Fritter Bake with James!


You're going to LOVE this simple dish brought to you by Mr.James!
Come along! Thanks for watching! xo
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18 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Apple Cinnamon Fritter Bake with James!

  1. Just last night, I was making my lists and menus for Christmas. We host Christmas eve for our extended family and Christmas day it is just our immediate family. Well, my children don’t like the egg bake casserole that I always make, hubby’s favorite, for breakfast, so I usually make a second casserole of something sweet. Well, Patara, I do believe that this will be the sweet dish!! How easy!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Made me think – I could use the orange rolls with marmalade and well drained mandarin oranges – along with the cinnamon/apple. Oh yum, yum, yum. Good job James….

  3. James’ face reminds me of the sweet Santa face I use to paint in my Christmas scenes……it’s his deep blue eyes …all he needs is a bigger beard…..lol
    Lucky lady to have a sweet helper in the kitchen….

  4. Can you hear us all pounding on the table saying “more James, more James”. Love his soft spoken voice. Excellent easy recipe, you’re gonna make this diabetic go off her sugarless diet for sure.

  5. Ok this is THE breakfast I’m cooking as the christening for the first home we just bought! Yay! This looks so easy and delicious 🙂 so fun to see you and James baking together too ♥️

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