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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report these are news updates from Around the world and the United States To let you know kind of what's going on Out there let's jump right into the news U.S the new U.S ambassador to Moscow in Russia Lynn Tracy was heckled by a crowd Of protesters in Moscow as she arrived They were claiming amongst other things That U.S weapons were being used to Attack civilians this is just shortly After the attack on the hospital in Eastern Europe Eastern Europe is uh the country there Is now asking having received Promises Of Tanks coming their way has now Started uh asking for jets and Long-range missiles now Poland in the United States were apparently discussing This and now we've just received reports That uh President Joe Biden has said That they that the United States will Not send Jets to Eastern Europe because That would be tantamount to war to war Of course just a year ago he said that Sending tanks would be tantamount to war So we'll see what his handlers and his Translators have to say uh as they go to Clean up whatever he just said so we'll See what actually transpires once like I Said his uh his advisors and such Actually tell us what he actually meant But we're also seeing reports coming out That bear country is mobilizing 200 000

Additional troops uh to the Eastern Europe theater whether they're going to Be going into the country in the part of The invasion or whether they're going to Be staging outside remains to be seen But there is lots of reports pointing to A major winter offensive brewing and That does appear that that may be Happening in the next several weeks Moving over to Australia Rio tinta The Mining Company lost a small button-sized Packet of cesium-137 Highly radioactive But it should be all right as long as no One picks it up it apparently was lost Along the road nobody knows where it is You may hear about this in the news out There it in my assessment isn't really That big of a deal but some people might Spin it up and you may hear about Elsewhere all right Moving over to Huawei Uh the United States has banned all new Export licenses uh to send tech to Huawei so if you want to sell something To a foreign Enterprise a particularly Restricted ones you have to get a an Export license to make sure that the Technology that you're sending can't be Used for weapons and stuff like that Basically we've just suspended all new Applications and why is this happening It seems like it's an in anticipation of Basically blacklisting Huawei completely From Tech sales from the United States

That's a big deal that we just uh got Word out that Japan the Netherlands and The United States have ganged up on all Chip Manufacturing Technologies to East Sorry to Dragon country and that seems To be the direction this thing is going In Huawei is kind of like it's quite Like Dragon countries Apple so think of It for for smartphones as well as for Software they they have their own Ecosystem everything I Huawei is massive Over there and for them to be cut out From being able to buy chips and by Manufacturing equipment to make chips is A big big slap in the face so it if that Blacklist comes through for all exports Even existing contracts that will have a Big impact over there as well U.S Factory activity the report just Came out it is down for the ninth Straight month so basically we are Having the factory activity level the Manufacturing in the United States is Dropping month by month by month and It's getting worse and worse and worse It's not just that it's uh down from Last year but rather it's down from the Month before so every time you have a Negative it just means that the activity Level is continuing to drop as it goes So That is definitely pointing towards Recession we've been saying that a lot Of the factory and Manufacturing is

Pointing towards a recession uh the only Thing that saved the GDP numbers In in fourth quarter this year was Basically it looked like the massive Spike in inventory basically a bunch of Stores and retailers and companies Across the board got stuck with a whole Bunch of inventory and that kind of Counted uh for GDP so they ordered too Much and so all those orders kind of Worked their way through the system that Counts as production even though they Never actually were able to sell it to Anybody so that's going to really come Back to haunt us in first quarter as That inventory gets sold that's going to Really just show how weak things are so First quarter is almost certainly going To be a negative number uh this when we Hear that come out in April U.S cardboard box demand this is another Major indicator is the lowest since 2008 So people aren't buying boxes and you Know what comes in boxes everything Comes in boxes these days that means Everything from Amazon everything from Walmart everything from all these stores Everything moves in cardboard boxes and Then the fact that cardboard box demand Is down shows you that buying and Purchasing has slowed down dramatically Rhode Island based company Uh is recalling 52 000 pounds of ready To eat sausage this is sold under labels

Of Frederick's they have a sampler tray At Myers and then kalamaco kalamico Uh Del duka and several other uh Brand names out there Apparently it's sausages and like like Salamis and stuff like that in uh like Cheese plates kind of thing ready to Make so do watch out for those uh those Recalls out there just another recall of Food in this food shortage time Kenya has just approved expanding their Dadab refugee camp This is their major Refugee Center along The Somalian border and with all these Somali refugees coming across the border They need to expand it and they've just Approved it because the Somali famine East Africa of course is in a major Famine both Somalia Ethiopia and parts of Kenya are have Just lost crops for for years now They've been in in drought and they've Have not been able to to grow their food The way they normally can so we have Almost a million people displaced within Somalia and around 700 000 displaced Within Ethiopia currently these are People who have left their homes in Order to find food somewhere that's how Bad things are when you have whole towns Whole regions being deserted because There's just no food and people are Going to go looking and trying to find Places that do have food even if there

Are Ug centers there was a major mosque Bombing in Pakistan the Pakistani Taliban blew up a mosque and killed 61 People it was a Terrible terrible thing Turkey The country of is announced that they Are willing to back Finland for joining NATO but they are still not budging on Sweden of course this is after the Quran Burning outside their Embassy in Sweden They have issued actually alerts to Their citizens of danger abroad because Of that burning of a KRON apparently Their citizens are in danger everywhere Of You know people disagreeing with them or Something Um Just to give you an update out there What's happening uh militarily the United States one of the first things That presidents always ask whenever There's a crisis is where are the Carriers where are the carrier battle Groups and I think it's also informative To kind of see what's happening because It really shows where the military Planners kind of see issues developing We currently have two carrier battle Groups nuclear carrier battle groups in The Western Pacific we have the Nimitz As steaming North out of Singapore

Heading into the South China Sea with Its escorts and That is to join the USS Ronald Reagan Which is in in Port in the Japan area USS America a helicopter carrier is also Deployed with its escorts and it is the Closest to Taiwan but to have three U.S Carriers in the immediate region uh the Malkin island is leaving and has just Passed Singapore heading west towards uh The Indian Ocean That is coming off station there so we Are seeing that a major presence is Being held right off Dragon country's Coast and there seems to be a lot of Concern with Taiwan if we have so many Military assets they're there to protect And of course we also have one carrier In the Mediterranean that's coming back From the exercises with Israel but Nothing in the Persian Gulf or anything Else like that very few U.S carriers out There at the moment due to repairs and Ships in Port that is also a little bit Concerning out there all right folks Thanks so much for watching if you like This video you might want to check out This other video right here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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