2023 Economic Collapse

2023 Economic Collapse
An economic and financial collapse refers to a severe downturn in economic activity and the financial system. This can occur as a result of a variety of factors, such as a financial crisis, economic recession, or sovereign default. In a collapse, businesses may fail, unemployment may rise, and there may be a significant decrease in economic output and asset values. The government and central bank may implement policies to stabilize the economy and financial system, such as monetary and fiscal stimulus, but a collapse can have severe and long-lasting effects on individuals and society.

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What to stock up on? How to get prepared for coming shortages due to, crop failures, Shortages maybe loss of job or just a Natural Disasters. Who knows what is coming? Stock up on foods and supplies, all of the things you count on in your daily lives. My videos are to help the commmon man or woman, to start to prepare them and there family’s to be ready for any type of situation! To have food, water and survival supplies on hand!! To show you that even if you are on a budget, you can do this for you and your family. To give you knowledge to succeed in preparedness for you and your family. To always bring you good tips, tricks and how to’s and important information! Show you how I do things not that you have to do it that way just a Template to go buy. All things that are brought up or talked about or reviews done on products are my own Opinion! I ENCOURAGE all comments and different ideas to help all people.

#1 water 1 gallon per day per person
#2 non-perishable food/canned goods
#3 manual can opener
#4 paper goods and plastic goods
#5 Zip lock bags
#6 paper towels & toilet paper & baby wipes
#7 Extra glasses or contacts
#8 personal hygiene tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, Deodorant & baby powder
#9 feminine products
#10 All baby needs food, diapers ext
#11 pet supplies
#12 propane or gas stove to cook on with extra gas
#13 first aid kit a good one
#14 prescription drugs or non prescription drugs
#15 sunscreen
#16 insect repellant
#17 change of clothes for everyone and 2 pair of extra socks
#18 tarps, sleeping bags, tent, some way to get shelter
#19 very important cordage to make shelter
#20 good shoes, boots waterproof
#21 Important documents in waterproof bag
#22 battery backup for you cell phone and extra charging cord
#23 a good map of your area you live in
#24 cash
#25 Books & games & toys for your kids
#26 pen pencil and note pad
#27 battery powered radio with extra batteries
#28 battery powered lantern, headlamp or flashlights
#29 candles and matches
#30 battery banks and solar chargers
#31 whistle
#32 light sticks
#33 a good pocket knife
#34 basic tools
#35 Gloves
#36 shovel, saw, ax or anything that will cut up wood
#37 mask, safty glasses
#38 fire extinguisher
#39 all kinds of fire starters you name it bring it
#40 large trash bags they have many uses
#41 duct tape
#42 PATIENCE… to get you through the tuff times….


#2 Some links featured here are affiliate links, if you purchase I will make a commission on the product and or service at no additional cost to you.

So it's a new year 2023 And it started off with a bang right Folks I mean we're right there at the Gates of well not quite not yet but you Need to be prepared a 2023 economic Collapse has started and what is going To be taking place is a catastrophic Event that we have to be prepared for Thank you [Music] All the different high-tech analysts out There are all predicting that there is a Recession on hand the government doesn't See it that way the government thinks Everything's fine we may have to raise The interest rates one more time maybe But it'll be a soft Landing don't worry All you American people you'll be just Fine believe the government everything Will be just fine and you'll be able to Go on about your Merry way just like Before March of 2020. Who are they fooling folks I mean come On let's just really think about this You got high inflation that is taking Place right now interest rates are out Of this world I mean people can't afford To buy anything because they can't Afford the payments people can't buy Homes they can't afford a payments can't Buy a new car you can't afford the Payments because if unless you got like A perfect credit score and you're

Getting like a 2.9 interest rate then You're pretty much screwed you have to Take a loan out to go to the food store And buy food for your family now some Parts of this country eggs are anywhere Between eight and ten bucks a dozen That's a new but I see a problem with This Do you see a problem with all the high Prices of meat chicken do you see a Problem with the prices of butter cheese Yogurt Has anybody noticed that everything is Rising has anybody noticed how prices Are slowly keep creeping up and there's Nothing that we can really do about it But we can be prepared if you are Prepared at this point in time you are Setting really pretty if you are Prepared You have a great backup It's not that you don't care what is Going to happen or what might take place Down the road it's you are ready You have done your homework You have prepared your food you have Prepared your supplies you have prepared To sanitize water maybe you have water For backup in case they turn it off you See being a prepper makes you a Small little Target on a big giant scale Because you're not having to put Yourself out there Trying to fight for those last Pebbles

Of food like what took place in March of 2020 With the pandemic The look on people's faces Of the desperation for those last few Cane goods and what they were willing to Do To get those Was amazing There's a reason why you do not want to Be a part of that this 2023 Economic collapse Has very Very many components all put into it we Have a national deficit that's over 30 Trillion dollars We also have our budget Runs Out Really soon We have the interest rates that they are Going to be raising once again How much we just don't know yet But I can guarantee you they will be Going up it's all part of the plan you Have the government saying no recession You have all the top analysts saying Recession We just don't know where it all does lie The price of gas has been forecasted by June to be over four dollars a gallon For regular gas Nationwide What do you think that's going to put The price of diesel fuel and the Truckers Out of business

If things can't move There'll be nothing in the stores but Don't worry as of right now a lot of These stores are rolling out all their Old product that they didn't sell from Last year because they have plenty of it And it's all there for the taking for You to go spend what little bit of Peasant money you have left after the Government takes their cut you pay the The bills and there's not much left to Go around if at all any So what do you need to do 2023 the economic collapse the collapse Of the common good of humanity the Collapse that we all Don't want to see happen but if you're Prepared It doesn't matter If you have done your homework and you Have been putting away food you've been Putting away supplies you've been Putting away things that you need on a Daily basis for you and your family Maybe you have been storing up some Extra gasoline just on a case of there's Emergency and you need to get out of Town There's things that you can do maybe if You have propane heat in your house You've bought extra propane tanks just To have as a emergency backup just in Case Doesn't hurt

If you have a wood stove a fireplace Maybe you ordered that extra quart of Wood just on a chance That you may need it You see 2023 is going to be a very hard year For anybody that is not prepared The writing is on the wall We all can see what is happening Just take a look at your grocery receipt As you're walking out the door and Crying all the way to the bank We have to get our priorities straight We have to make sure that what we are Doing with our money at this point in Time Is a very wise choice We're not spending the money on stupid Things we're spending the money on Things That can get us through any situation And so that we can survive Any type of recession Any type of collapse any type of Catastrophic event natural disaster we Are the ones That can do this and be prepared we have To stick together In 2023 and avoid Chaos of the collapse of the world as we Know it [Music] [Music]

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