220 Million Lose Power In Pakistan | MASSIVE Blackout

Generators began tripping in Southern Pakistan and in less than a minute the whole of Pakistan had lost power. Almost a day later the power is only back on in isolated areas.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report Pakistan has just collapsed Back Into Darkness again 220 million people in the Dark uh the the power has been out for Uh well over 12 hours now uh we're Closing in on uh 18-ish hours at the Time of this filming Um they are slowly starting to bring Power back online what happened How is that happening there repeatedly And can that happen in other places Pakistan has had a similar situation Happen before where they had their phase Uh get out of whack again and uh and Apparently that sounds like it's what Happened again here we're getting Conflicting reports from different Ministers uh in the Pakistani government One saying a voltage Spike others saying That the frequency variations Um they're maybe both are true but the The issue is that the the [Music] Um The power it needs to come in on Alternating current right and the Problem is that when one generator is Alternating at a different frequency Than the other they start to kind of Cancel each other out so like you got Your waves kind of coming at each other And when they hit each other they can Actually cancel each other out and

That's kind of what can start to happen If some of the generators or any of the Transformers that kind of thing get out Of out of whack on that and it can start Cascading across the grid as you start Knocking components off the offline like Whole circuits that can throw other Things out of phase and and this is kind Of what has apparently spread again in Southern Pakistan something got out of Phase apparently or a voltage Spike Somewhere in the uh in the country uh But uh that that southern Pakistan phase Variation does sound like it's more of More informed Um and it came from the power Minister As well so um How how can that happen elsewhere The the issue is Um partially uh Just computers the computer systems that That manage the systems we've seen with Pakistan that they don't have really Good uh power management systems because This has happened before for one and Also because impoverished Nation they've They've kind of let some of their power Grid uh slowly Decay over the years and They have not kept up with it Also the issue also is renewable energy Has problem with phase as well they they Don't have the natural uh inertia that a Rotating generator does have wind does Not have this as well as solar of course

Doesn't have a moving part but big Generators Spin and and if they get Slightly out of phase the the rotating Inertia of the generators can actually Kind of adapt to the phase and kind of Keep everyone kind of synced up and so That's been something that's been used Over the years the problem is that you Don't have that rotating inertia when it Comes to wind even though you have Things spinning they're not spinning With momentum they're kind of spinning At a constant rate and so uh It's it's different and they can't Really use that solar panels so Pakistan Has invested a good bit into renewable Energies particularly in southern Pakistan so maybe that's kind of where This is coming from they had massive Flooding this year their flooding took Out a lot of their fields lost most of Their crops in a lot of areas Devastated Pakistan pretty severely of course after The cough cough lockdowns and all that Kind of stuff that happened the year Prior So Pakistan is really reeling and them Losing power in the dead of winter there It's winter time in Pakistan as well Pakistan is not as cold as a lot of Places in North America when you look at The lowlands when you get up into the Mountains it actually is colder than

North America in most places so like in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I worked in that Region of Northern Pakistan not in Northern Pakistan but near Northern Pakistan and that uh by the way I'm Saying Pakistan correctly if you say it Pakistan You're just American okay nobody else Says it like that uh anyway uh but Northern Pakistan is uh kind of up in The area where I was doing humanitarian Work for several years and uh so I'm Familiar with the area but high Elevation Um and in the northern bits of the Country it gets awfully cold and for the Country to be completely without power They have slowly started to bring Individual grids on starting with the Cities so this some of the city grids Are starting to come back up but of Course they have to rebuild the um the Whole thing it's like a Jenga set when You pull out the wrong piece and the Whole thing falls down you can't just it Doesn't just go up immediately you have To build it back up and uh obviously use The box if if you're doing a Jenga set But there's no box for the power system They have a bill block by block by block And slowly add new circuits onto the uh Onto the operating system and keep Building from there Until they've got their house of cards

Rebuilt which may be a better example so In the United States this has happened Has almost happened uh several times the Northeast had a blackout that that Cascaded starting in New York and that Kind of took a lot out but we haven't Had it happen recently and part of that Is just a great systems management But that has started to to degrade not The management of it but the quality of The power generation stuff like that Pretty quickly the the power services in The United States will start going to Rolling blackouts we're seeing that in South Africa where they're able to keep Their grids stable by just shutting People off now if this happens too fast Things get out of phase and they're not Monitoring it rapidly enough they don't Have the computer systems that are Actively engaging in that they don't Have fail-saves that will start Automatically load shedding then then You can have issues like this where the Whole grid just destabilizes and the Whole thing collapses everything just Gets shut off If you're excluding Circuits faster than you're compensating For excluding those circuits and Shutting down power generators and stuff Like that to compensate for that that's Where you start having just complete Issues where just like you just shut

Everything down and then you just try to Pick up the pieces afterwards so is this Possible in the United States absolutely It is and as our Um energy grid becomes more complicated Because of Renewables this is an Increasing possibility but the Management systems are actually quite Good so that is the Plus on that side of Things so we're we're in good shape in Some regards but we're kind of getting Worse and worse as we go along uh due to The mix up of things and with the power Grid offline like that how fast could The United States uh get its grid back Up hours days it could be days if if the Whole East Coast interconnect goes down It could be days rebuilding that from The ground up that's kind of what Happened with uh when the Cascade Happened out on New York Um it took took almost a day to get Everyone back online Um if it's more of a if it's like the Texas interconnect or the West the Texas Interconnect is a lot smaller if it's The West Coast interconnect that's also Another big one and that would uh cause A lot of problems bringing that back Online Um so one one thing cascading to the Next but from what we gather from what I Understand uh the interconnects won't Necessarily uh collapse the next

Neighboring interconnects now Canada of Course is on the west coast interconnect And the East Coast interconnect so Canada is actually part of that whole Thing And Texas is just well you know Texas Sometimes you kind of Envy them and Sometimes you're just kind of like what Are you doing uh Laughs Yeah you're on your own and you're You're kind of up to your own things so Uh uh that could be a good thing it Could be a bad thing depending and when They had their their grid start doing Mass uh load shedding uh the couple Years back that's They were kind of on their own because They couldn't bring in on enough power From the East Coast interconnect in Order to kind of bring things back Online so A lot of things to think about there Um power outages and cascading effects Can happen but When they happen it's it takes a lot to Bring those things back online you may Be out of power for multiple days and if It's serious and things are damaged you May not be able to bring the power grid Back online for weeks until some Components are fixed some critical Components uh could uh cause problems of Course the FBI is a warning that

Um supposedly some Nazis or something Like that or are targeting the uh the The East Coast interconnect up in the New England Connections to Pennsylvania or something Like that of course who believes the FBI Anymore so who knows it might just be an FBI cell that's uh planning on this Thing or something I don't know all Right folks if you found this video Useful helpful or informative you might Want to check out this other video right Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You later Steve poppler out

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