25 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile / Hoard


I go over my Top 25 Items that every prepper should stockpile and have on Hand.

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*This is not every item but all great to Stockpile*

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59 thoughts on “25 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile / Hoard

  1. Personally I would take an air gun because not only can you use pellets but some air guns can even shoot bolts over the Barrel so you could even take small two medium-sized game with one gun

    1. that’s a great idea but there is a problem. I hunt and a friend of mine hunts. he is pretty smart and this is what he told me. if we get into a sevier situation, the trucks stop and in 3 days there is no food, just what do you think suvivors, 300 million 100 million, 10 million, will be eating? every deer, bear, cat, dog and BIRD they can kill. love the thought as to hoarding just don’t think most people can see the real bad picture.

    2. Back in the day, in a pinch, when there was a fat bird and we were out of ammo, we would shoot small stones out of our 880’s and 760’s. They were surprisingly

    3. @Atom Smasher I had the 760. great being a kid then. I must have fired a million BBs. we would put a kitchen match in front of a BB and fire it at a brick wall. there was a loud snap and fire. wow, kid days.

  2. Stock what you eat and eat what you stock. Lower price point and it makes sense for a financial problem as well as something more serious.

    Costco brand toilet paper.

  3. *What are the Most Important Items you feel every Prepper should Stockpile/ Hoard?* To us Water is an Absolute Given. But there are a Ton More possible item than what made this list! We know to know what items you value stockpiling in mass quantity!

    1. bruce preston, (if I may interject), you can think of it like a “Christmas or vacation club” – where you put X$ away each week/month. Budget an amount you can afford,…even if it’s 5-10-20 per wk/mo, that’s 5-10-20 more than most households worldwide (particularly here in the US). The average household has 9 meals (of normal food usage) until they’re black on rations. If you have anything more than this, you’re heading in the right direction.
      …most likely you’re beyond this already so I may be telling you something you already know, and so my apologies for the assumption.

      When I started prepping, I began doubling up on things I liked – canned chile and baked beans to name 2 items. I would eat this so it wasn’t like I was (am) putting up food only for SHTF. And, this strategy allows me to rotate my stores. Look for sales of multiples – my grocery store has “10 for 10” sales. In making just one of these purchases, you can have 10 meals for $10, and in a month (done weekly) that’s 40 extra meals.

      Pastas are good for calories. Bulk bag rice, and so on.

      Food will become a ridiculously precious commodity, but there’s also water. There’s a bag you can get that fits in bathtubs and it turns your bathtub into a 100 gallon of quick water. And as collection and other storage is a necessity, it’s purification is even moreso. A passive solar system can be made on the cheap with mostly scrap building supplies,…and there are multitudes of plans/concepts. Just a quick one – a tarp with a hose (scrap garden hose…needs only to be long enough to direct trapped water into a container. The hose is poked through the center of the tarp and kept as low as possible and zip-tied around its neck – now you’ve created a giant funnel system for anytime it rains.

      Flea markets, garage/yard sales are a prepper’s best friend.

      I hope this was helpful (if you’re not already there). In any case, my best regards to you and yours.


    1. @Sigkim I store gasoline too, but in a grid down scenario, I wouldn’t want to be driving around after a few days, unless I was being escorted by a armed convoy of JLTVs and MRAPs

    1. Denmark is not socialist. Infact it is very capitslist just like the country im from, Sweden.

      All companies are private owned but we just have free healthcare, free school etc.

      Social democracy= capitalism with alot of welfare basically

  4. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Kool-aid packets and mix, Boullion cubes. All are things people can add to drinks to make drinking plain water better. Little hard candies like Werthers originals or Jolly Ranchers. Adding something like a little sweet treat can help get your mind off of a bad situation. Menstrual Cups…..as a just in case of long term situation.

    1. Bullet presses and dies to keep you off the lists. You know they are keeping track and will be targeting all of the people who had the foresight to be buying bulk.

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