4 Bug Out Bag Checklists

what's in your bug out bag?

Some people refer to them as bug out bags or as a B.O.B, others call them get home bags.

Whatever you call them, they can save your life in the event of an emergency.

They come in all sizes and can be equipped for just about any situation that you may encounter. You can buy ready made bug out bag kits or you can build your own that is tailored to your specific needs.

Having a bug out bag in your car or in your house in an easily accessed location can provide you with peace of mind if the SHTF ever happens.

Here are four great bug out bag checklists to help you decide what you really need to have in your bag and what you can do without.

Urban Bug Out Bag: Checklist and Planning Guide

If you live in a big city then you should consider having an urban bug out bag. This is a bag designed to help you acquire temporary shelter, find multiple sources of water and filter it if necessary, blend in to the urban environment, provide for self defense and protect you from pollutants and toxins in the air.

It will also give you the means for basic medical treatment and allow for communications with loved ones and team members.

urban bug out bag

Primal Survivor Bug Out Bag Checklist

2018 Bug Out Bag Checklist

This is a comprehensive list of over 100 items that could be included in a bug out bag. Some items are obvious, some you will not have thought of.

Be careful not to include too much though…you need to be able to carry your bug out bag with you without attracting attention to yourself during an emergency.

bug out bag checklist

Be Survival Bug Out Bag Checklist

What is a Bug Out Bag?

The bug out bag (B.O.B) should sustain you for 72 hours…food, water, shelter, the ability to make fire, and other basic essentials to help ensure you survive an emergency situation. There are many opinions on what should go into your bug out bag.

Gray Man Theory has many helpful tips on what should be in your BOB, how much it should weight and where you store it.

the ultimate bug out bag checklist

Gray Man Theory Bug Out Bag List

Bug Out Bag (BOB) or “Get Home Bag” DIY Checklist

According to Common Sense Home, your BOB should be personalized to match your location and your personal needs. I definitely agree with that. There isn’t a true one size fits all bug out bag and if there was it would probably require a forklift to carry it!

By properly selecting the items in your bag you can make sure that it has what you need for food, water, fire, shelter and any medical conditions that you have. You could also even have items in your BOB for other family members, friends and even your pets!

Common Sense Home BOB Checklist

There are as many options for your bug out bag as there are opinions as to what should go in it. Selecting a bag/backpack that you can easily carry and that is large enough to hold the essentials that you need to survive for 72 hours will give you a leg up on the unprepared if an emergency situation happens.

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