4 Steps To Freedom | F.I.G.S. Method

Food, Information, Governance, and Safety are the critical ways in which we can become more self sufficient and less reliant on systems and people who wish us harm.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the popular Report uh my uh video yesterday kind of Stirred up a good number of folks saying Yeah okay those are the problems what do We really do and I I laid out a couple Of those things of becoming more Independent but I I wanted to kind of Touch on that again today at more length How do we become more independent how do We become less dependent upon the system Out there and I've got an acronym for You figs F-i-g-s these are the four things that We really need to work on in order to Become independent from the system if You get these kind of sorted out you're Basically going to uh Be Separated enough that you're going to be Able to kind of do your thing and it Doesn't mean there won't necessarily be Conflict doesn't necessarily mean that They won't try to get you by force to Come under their Authority again and to Be dependent upon them I remember when We were trading with uh particularly the UK was doing this more uh trading with With China back in the day and China was Like we don't really need anything you Have and so they decided to start Importing opium to get the people of China hooked on opium so that they would Pay and trade things in order to get the Opium so that's that's a similar kind of

System to what our governments are doing These days is that they are trying to Get us hooked on on credit cards trying To get us hooked on debt trying to get Us hooked on all of their systems so That that we're dependent upon them so That we will keep giving them all of our Services and goods so they they can keep Distributing them however they feel like For the first part of figs f Food Independence we need to be apart from That why is that number one because Historically speaking it has been used Again and again in order to force Compliance Go back to the Soviet Union the Beginning of the Soviet Union there was A massive famine millions and millions And millions of people died because Stalin intentionally Destroy the food system in order to in Modern day Eastern Europe the country That's being fought over right now there Was a massive famine there because it Was intentionally used to Target all the People that disagreed with Stalin and Like I said millions of people perished Intentionally because of the government Used this as a weapon Go back to uh to China and we see the Same thing happening there back during Chairman miles rise to power there was The Great Leap Forward and in fact they

Used food again as a weapon in order to Target if there's not enough food then They get to decide who lives and who Dies Take a guess who lives and who dies the People that agree with the government or The people that disagree with the Government and if you can't figure that One out Go go read some history right because That's the greatness of scarcity of food Is that they can very much decide who Lives and who dies and they don't even Have to fight They don't have to go out in there and Intentionally kill these people they'll Just die because they don't have enough Food same thing in uh in many of the Other communist takeovers The in In Vietnam very similar kind of thing Just wherever you look Cambodia We see the intentional executing of Everyone who disagrees but then also we See Using food restrictions in order to Force people to kind of comply and also To Target certain Um Certain areas of the country oftentimes It's the cities that they kind of Control and their supporters are in the Cities and then the people on the rural Country they have a hard time

Controlling and so they use food as a Weapon against them and it doesn't work Necessarily Against rural people so well and so they Have to go out there and they have to go Destroy food stores they have to destroy Wherever food is being kept or capture It and bring it into the cities that Type of thing or use Force to keep Making the farmers and such like that Keep sending food into the cities so Food Independence how do you do this Then so storing food store food is not a Permanent solution but it is a first Step solution if you have stored food You can make better choices you don't Have to go to the store you have time in Order to kind of figure out how you're Going to interact with what's going on Out there also if they're putting you on Starvation rations where you're only Getting so much food you know how many People do you have in your home well you Only get this much of a ration you can Supplement those rations with with your Stored food so stored food producing Some food and I say producing some food Because producing all of your food is Very very difficult it would basically Become your full-time job if you don't Have mechanical equipment if you don't Have Diesel gas electricity you're going to Be struggling to produce all of your own

Food is it possible with a full focus on It absolutely it's possible you're going To need animals though it is possible And obviously people have been doing it For thousands of years but It's more realistic to say produce some Of your food Produce some of your food and then three Trade trade for the remainder of your Food so if you need to grow all of your Food that that's a balanced diet that's Going to be a real challenge it's there Are systems and and if you're taking Steps into those systems you can see how It is possible and uh you know getting Some chickens and then making sure that You're growing food and growing chicken Feed for the chickens right and building Those holistic systems using the chicken Droppings to uh to fertilize your your Gardens but you're going to need big Gardens if you're trying to grow your Calories and such having animals that Are producing Um taking your grass and turning into Food are our big step forward and really Are a lot easier than growing everything Agriculturally in your garden So but being able to grow like one thing A lot of one thing and then trading it In order to get other kinds of foods Back to you is a great way of becoming More food independent also maybe just Using your skills that you already have

To help a farmer who then gives you food In return for your uh your labor and Such that's food in addition to that We're going to throw water on there as Well getting you if you don't drink Water you die right water the easiest Way to get water most places in the World is from the sky clean water falls Out of the sky and you can capture that Now at least initially a lot of the Streams and rivers and stuff like that Are going to be highly polluted and if Things get rough in your area they may Get worse but water that's coming from The sky is generally going to be pretty Safe to drink so do you have ways of Capturing that get tarps and buckets Clean five gallon buckets dig a hole in Your yard that you can put the five Gallon bucket in and then use a tarp to Kind of slope into the bucket so that as The rain falls it collects in the tarp Goes down into the bucket that works Southern pepper one has has long Advocated putting inverted umbrellas on The top of a bucket with a hole punch in The top of the umbrella you can then Collapse The Umbrellas put them in the Buckets and take them inside when when It's not raining and then take them Outside put the buckets out Open up The Umbrellas that will capture water for You if you have a rain catchment system That's good just be careful that your

Rain catchment system may have stuff in It like on the roof if it's uh like my Rain catchment system has a lot of It has a fair bit of debris in it Because I haven't really upkeeped the Thing and also it's coming off of uh Shingles that are you know tar shingles So that's not great for that that's There for cleaning and for watering uh Plants and all that kind of stuff like That so uh that's going to water my Garden and and it's emergency water that I can use for a short period of time uh If I if I take some efforts it's hard to Clean chemicals out of water your Regular filters will not do that unless They are activated charcoal so I'm Having some limited activated charcoal Is good and then being able to just Capture rain water is really the way to Go with that probably All right I figs F-i-g-s we're on to I information Independence now this one's pretty Obvious and you're here on this channel Uh and you're probably already aware of The need to kind of get away from the Propaganda that is being given out by a Lot of the media so get up get your news And your information from trustworthy Reliable sources Um you may notice on this channel I'm Slow to the pull on some stories and Such like that and that's because I try

To verify the information before I send It out to you I want to make sure it's Coming from a reliable source and I'm Also trying to understand the cultural Thing so there's like a story just in The last day or two about uh China is is Instituting the draft for the first time In forever I haven't been able to verify That story in fact when you start Looking into the words of conscription And everything like that there's no Official reports out there saying that They're doing it now they are doing Their regular recruitment Set The spring recruitment for their Military and that's going on right now But I haven't been able to verify that And I continue to try to verify that I Was tipped off by one of you about that And I saw some other channels kind of Run with that Um and I haven't been able to do that so You know trying to make sure that you're With people that aren't either grabbing Obscure stories and twisting them that That have happened weeks ago or or are Pulling out information and then just Misinterpreting it and but you know Sometimes it's not like they doing it I Mean sometimes it's them being negligent And that happens out there sometimes but A lot of times it's also just not doing It intentionally but just not doing it

Well so make sure you have competent News sources that are being verified and Are not just trying to beat everyone to The punch and they're they're running With unverified stuff but also make sure That they don't have an agenda or at Least if they have an agenda make sure You understand what the agenda is Right Some some agendas are not so nefarious If you understand what they are you know Wanting people to click on your videos It's not necessarily nefarious if you Understand what's going on there I mean If you understand folks like you know Canadian prepper out there he's he's Trying to produce a good uh entertaining Kind of video but you know things get Hyped up some And if you understand that and then just Make sure that you understand where Sources are and what he's saying usually Pretty level-headed when he actually Talks about things you know just just Those types of examples great stuff I Love watching his stuff Um occasionally uh to get get the Information I need I just don't watch as Much YouTube as I used to uh but also Relationships Um make sure that you have uh Relationships in your area as well as People who have information that you can Use right Finding those people Farmers people who

Grew up on a farm or who have a lot of Background understanding how to grow Food are very valuable sources of Information if you always have to go to The internet to get information and get Your questions answered that means You're kind of dependent upon the Internet right you want to make sure you Have relationships with people around You that that can answer your questions And can show you how to do things and Teach you things because that's also Important not just what's going on but Rather how do things work right Um so become more information Independent is Big f i g Uh governance Independence okay here's a Big one Do I have to be careful about what I say Here uh governance Independence so you May not like what's happening in your Capital But how can you become Independent and government Wise from Them the first is to uh Is to have a group that you're a part of Right if you're part of a group that has Its own governance government governance As in like the oversight they you you Have a way that you guys agree on how Things get done in your group or what Things ought to be done what things Ought not to be done and you have Some sort of enforcement mechanism so

Groups like churches groups like mags or Mutual assistance groups or Whatever group you have want to make Sure that you're kind of on the same Page as them and make sure that they Don't get too much into your business Too that's that's something that I think We all can understand there too is don't Don't hand over too much freedom to People that you don't really fully Understand their motivations and and how They will respond in crisis because if They start going off the deep end you Don't want to be too heavily linked to Them because uh they may drag you down a Path that you may not want to go I think Churches are the most natural best way For you to be part of a group that that Has some structure and has some Abilities to organize and uh and and Focus its energies and efforts in a Direction but but becoming part of group A group or groups in your area that have This governance it will make you more Independent you're not alone anymore and By as part of a group when something bad Happens or something big happens being Part of a group will allow you to move In a unified fashion uh in a direction This secondly is going to be local Governments right now this may go all The way up to your state government Depending on where you live Having people in lower levels of

Government that agree with you that are Protecting you and trying to Mitigate some of the damage of what's Happening out there getting to know your Local governments getting to know the People who are involved in the local Politics is an important thing and then Also then you can understand who you Should be supporting and who you should Not be supporting who should be going Kind of against and who you should be Actually actively supporting because That will really help you at the local Level that's somewhere where you can Actually have an impact at the national Level you probably can't have much of an Impact I can't have much of an impact But at the local level we can exert some Pressure and force and assistance to the People that are trying to do things Right and finally fourth figs F-i-g-s-s is safety you need to have Safety Independence you can't have Someone else responsible and you being Dependent upon them to provide you Safety you will need tools Yeah boomsticks Um boomsticks are the most natural way Of answering that now if you have a Criminal history or you have other Reasons why you can't get boomsticks Then you should be looking at things Like crossbows or some kind of ranged uh Way of projecting Safety and Security

Right Um Boomsticks are definitely something you Should have but then also make sure you Have the system that goes around that Make sure that you Not only have that but maybe vests or Pouches and make sure you understand how To operate the whole system because you Need the whole system not just a Boomstick a person with just that is is Uh Powerful but someone who has a whole System put together is even more Powerful that's that's why the military Goes out there with With a whole system and a whole support Network and all that kind of stuff like That because the system is more powerful Than the individual components of the System so make sure that you have that Because you need to be able to take your Safety and Security into your own hands But you also need to take the Safety and Security of other people into your own Hands you need to be able to protect Other people or other people may need to Help protect you depending on your stage In life and and everything but we need To be protecting each other and being a Part of that and part of that is going To be and the most important part of That actually is going to be training Making sure that you have people in your

Life or you access the ability to to get Trained on how to use those things in a Way to defend others and protect others We need to Um In fact it's in some ways it's actually More important than the boomstick itself Is the training and not just not just How to do things but also make sure they Get training on how to The ability to do what is needed to do Um everyone thinks that they can do what Is necessary when when security is Threatened and everything like that and That's not exactly the case most People's minds are programmed in such a Way that you are going to be unable to Unless you have programming you've been Programmed in order to be able to stand Up and do what needs to be done in the Military as they say you know the Training took over you need to Understand what that is and why military People and police officers are trained In such a way that they can Do things that most civilians are unable To 10 percent of American soldiers in World War II were actually Um Shooting at the enemy Ten percent ninety percent either were Not firing at the enemy or intentionally Missed the enemy because the United States military at that point did not

Understand the training that was Necessary to turn civilians into actual Soldiers so you will need that training And you need to either have people that Understand that or have people that uh That are able to To bring you up to speed on that also With safety you're going to need heat You're going to need you know kind of Like a utilities kind of thing but You're going to need to be able to stay Warm stay cool whatever is necessary for Life sustainment in your area having That with with things like electricity For communications everything like that So having a safety of of power and also Heat or cool whatever is Life-threatening in your area having That capability to to be independent as Well that's kind of a steps program Where you need if you have all of those If you have figs F-i-g-s food information governance and Safety Independence You will be Hard to govern because they'll say well You need us for this and you're going to Be like I don't really need you for that Friends there will always be a rule of Law The question is is whether you'll be on The side of the people ruling or on the Side getting squashed by the law and That's why I said governance is so

Important that you be part of the group Or part of the groups that are for your Area determining what the rules are and What can and what cannot take place the Idea of a lone person out there a lone Wolf that is kind of doing their own Thing will tend to get run afoul of Groups in the area sooner or later all Right folks hopefully that's been Helpful I think you threw it like that If you have some other thoughts or other Systems or other ways of becoming more Independent so that you can Step away from the the influence and the The force of the world obviously moving Physically away from Power centers is is A useful thing but that's not always Possible for everybody so thinking Through those things uh figs food Information governments and safety is Kind of an easy way that that I've Drafted up here for you all right folks Thanks so much for watching if you found This video useful helpful you might want To subscribe Um or you might want to check out this Video right here I'll see you over there Or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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