5 Reasons to Grow a Survival Garden

Survival gardens have been around forever. Some people refer to them as victory gardens because they were popular during WW II. Others call them survival gardens because they will produce enough food to allow you to survive during bad times. Whatever you call them here are 5 reasons to grow a survival garden.

For healthy eating most people prefer non-GMO seeds, sometimes referred to as Heirloom Seeds, for their home gardens. This will allow you to grow the healthiest and most natural versions of your chosen vegetables.

Growing Your Own Survival Garden

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Tips on selecting the location for your garden, learning about your climate zone, seed selection, and plant nutrition will help ensure that you have a successful gardening experience.

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How To Grow A Survival Garden

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Learn more about what a survival garden is, soil types and choosing the best location for your garden, and the best-growing methods in this article.

Plenty of information on the best vegetables to grow at home and how to do it in the way that nature intended so that you can spend less time weeding and preventing pest infestations in your garden.

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The Best Survival Garden Plants

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Picking the right crops for the area you live in is extremely important when you are going to have a survival garden. Deciding which plants you will grow and how much each will produce will help you determine how big your garden needs to be.

Careful planning before you start will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you will have the right vegetables and herbs growing in your garden.

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10 Seeds to Plant for the Survival Garden

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Learning how much food you need to grow, how much space it will take, what the soil in your area is known for producing, and practicing gardening before you jump in over your head are all good pieces of advice that you will find in this article.

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10 Healing Herbs to Grow in Your Survival Garden

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Knowing what nature provides to help with everyday aches and pains is invaluable. Being able to grow those plants in your backyard is priceless!

From skin irritations to heartburn and many other symptoms these herbs can help you make the pain go away.

More info on the best herbs to grow for medicinal purposes can be found here.

Survival gardens can keep food on the table for you and your family. They can also provide medicinal benefits to help you stay healthy.

I think everyone would be well served to have their own survival garden in their backyard.

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About the Author: Red Neckistan