5 Ways To Get YOUR Money OUT Right NOW! | Bank Run

With many people concerned about the safety of their money in banks due to the Bank Run, this guide presents 5 ways to get your money out of the banks right now without standing in line.

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Hey everyone someone just said that a Hundred thousand people on Monday are Going to show up at their Regional Banks Demanding their money we're seeing Bank Runs happening on certain branches of Certain Banks out there right now uh Over the last several days Monday is is Hitting hard and people are potentially Thinking about I want to get my money Out now I want to get my money out how Do I do that and we're seeing a lot of People queuing up at the banks to try to Pull money out of ATMs which can get Empty real fast and then other people Are lining up to go into a branch to try To get cash out of the uh the windows And friends that's probably not going to Be a very effective way to get your cash Get your money out of the system because You're going to be limited you're going To be capped off by how much money you Can pull out of that ATM you can be Capped off by how much money you can get From the tellers and they're going to Start enforcing that I've had tellers Give me more and this and they're like We're not supposed to do this but we'll Still give you the cash but uh friends If you're are not following their Procedures without giving them long Advance notice they can just tell you no Go take a hike and that's what they're Going to be doing to a lot of people so I'm going to give you some alternative

Methods on how to get your money out of The bank That will get money into your pocket or Into someplace safe without necessarily Queuing up the bank let's walk through Some things the most obvious one out There is buy something if you buy Something with the money out of your Bank account that gets it out of their Hands and into a product or something That you have the most obvious way to do This is set up an ACH an auto automated Clearinghouse transfer right some Some purchases usually larger options Will allow you to set up an ACH which Will draw directly from your bank Account and give that money to somebody Else Most obvious thing to buy is like Physical silver physical gold if you go To like silver.com you go to uh I'm just pouring them silver doctors SD Bullion Um you pull any of these sites that app Mechs that are good for buying silver at You will have ACH options to purchase Silver and gold if you do that those Transfers will start initiating rather Quickly so instead of queuing up at a Line trying to get your money out over The next several days those silver Companies were going to try to do that Draft they're going to try pulling that Money out of the bank account and that

Will get a lot more money out of your Bank account than you go into the bank And trying to get some cash you know get 600 bucks you can transfer significant Amount of money through ACH uh through Uh one of these online silver or gold Purchasing companies that's something You can do you can go out and buy a Piece of equipment buy some tools some Of those larger purchases can be Qualified for ACH type things if you Can't get access if you don't want to Purchase something or you're not going To purchase something big enough that Demands an ACH you can use your now Here's the thing listen to me carefully Use your credit card and then Immediately pay off your credit card Okay now when you pay with your credit Card it's going to take a couple days For that to show up on a statement and Then you can pay it off but that kind of Flows into this next one here and that Is pay off your credit cards now if You're a person that's using your credit Cards responsibly and you are paying Them off at the end of each month I'm Going to tell you this if you want to Get money out of your bank account pay Off those credit cards now You can pay them off mid-month if you go On to your credit card company's website You will find that you can go on there And you can set up an auto draft for

Today and you can uh anything that you Owe them you can pay it off right now And by shortening that cycle of money There you're effectively getting money Out of your bank account Depending on how much you use your Credit cards that will get on now I'm Assuming that you don't have credit card Debt if you have credit card debt you Might want to just transfer that money Anyway okay uh that that's that's good You know get it out of your bank account And and get your credit card debt paid Off if you have significant credit card Debt out there I'm going to say this Again I I throw this out there I got uh I made some stupid choices back in the Day and I used Trinity Debt Management To kind of claw my way out of that what They do is they just negotiate with Their creditors to set lower fixed uh Interest rates on your loans and then They they close your accounts so they Close the accounts and set them down to A lower fixed rate and you pay them off On a on a set rate schedule so if you Have significant credit card debts that You really need to get a handle on you You probably should call someone like Trinity Debt Management they're a Non-profit and they do charge a fee for Their process but they negotiate Directly with your credit card companies To get those costs down significantly

You can pay it off faster you can pay it Off faster but at least get those Interest rates down friends all right so Um so pay off credit cards right if you Want to make some purchases and you Can't do the ACH option once again you Can make that purchase with the credit Cards and then as soon as the Transaction shows up on your credit card Statement you can then do an ACH to pay That uh you know it's basically just Electronic deposit uh if you have your Websites things set up as already the Next thing you can do is you can buy Crypto or Investments this is probably This is why you should be the most Careful with but you can do this if you Know what you're doing and you're ready To you know Embrace whatever risks your Investments are going to be in you can Transfer money out of your your bank Account into Investments if you buy Investments and stuff like that Um you just be careful about who who is Holding your Investments right they are Also insured if they're like stocks but If it's like cryptocurrencies and stuff Like that if you have cryptocurrencies You might want to transfer those out of Whatever brokerage you use transfer them Into a private held wallet if you have Uh stocks and bonds there's way that you Can transfer that out of a brokerage and Get those actual certificates in your

Hands themselves that is also a way of Doing that then you're at least holding Something tangible you're owning shares In a company but with the way the stock Market is like I said you need to be Ready to I got some better options here So just I'm throwing that out there Though prepay your expenses right uh if You if you know Don't wait until the deadline to make Payments on things if your electric bill Your gas bill whatever if you already Have that in your hands you know what That is you can prepay it Um some of these companies too you can Actually over pay them okay you want to Check the policy for that you may even Call up your Utility and say I'd like to prepay Um Additional money onto my account so that Uh because I'm I'm not sure I'm going to Be able to make payments uh going up Forward I want to get ahead on this Thing you might want to say that and Just see what their policy is on on Doing that so uh you can prepay a lot of Things you can put money onto accounts And that will then be you you know being Owed money by your utility company or Whatever as opposed to your bank so it Takes money out of there uh finally Here's here's another idea send it to The tax man so if you just write a check

Or go on to the government website the IRS website or your state government and You uh you know you're going to owe them A bunch of tax money then you can go Ahead and just pay that because if you Send money to the IRS or your state tax People who who do you think is going to End up with the money this the state and Government tax people or the bank Somehow I just feel like those payments Will be prioritized right so if you send That money to the tax man at least it Goes to your account with the IRS and With whoever else I know I hate that Idea too but you can if you owe a whole Bunch of money to the IRS you can Transfer money over there and that that Will be as good as whatever however Here's another thought that there too Even if you don't owe the IRS money you Can prepay The IRS think about this you send that Money to the IRS and then next year when You get that refund all of that comes in A check Direct from the US government that you Can deposit in your bank account now With inflation then you're going to take A big big bite out of that but if you're Really concerned about your bank Move the money out of your bank move it Over to the IRS at least the Government's going to pay it out How much is that money going to be worth

When it pays out I don't know but you Can cash that an IRS check basically Anywhere right so think about that folks You can overpay worst case scenario is They're going to start sending you know Sendings a quarterly uh estimated Payment and uh they're not they don't Complain about you sending them money But of course then it's in the irs's Hands instead of your bank's hands all Right folks those are some ideas out There how you can get your money out of The bank without actually going to the ATM or standing in line those might Still be good options for you depending But those are some good options on how To get your money out of the bank let us Know if you have other ideas of how you Can get your money out of the bank Because there are this is just me Thinking you guys probably know some Pretty clever ways too share those in The comments down below or you can email Them directly to me at Poplarpreparedness gmail.com but let Them know let other people know about Those options if you can think of some Other ways to get your money out of the Banks if you found this video to be Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video right here From me I'll see you over there or I'll See you later Steve Poplar out

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