7 Best Survival Gifts for 2021

Best Survival GiftsWhen it comes to the best gifts for the prepper and survival enthusiasts the options are almost limitless. There are gifts that range from items that will be used on a daily basis all the way up to items that you hope that you will never have to use ( like gas masks and radioactivity detectors ). Of course, the price range is just as wide.

One topic that we frequently see is along these lines – What can I get for the prepper/survivalist that will be useful but not break the bank?

With that in mind, we began spit balling ideas to see what we could come up with that would be practical, economical and useful considering the state of the world these days.

Lockdowns due to the pandemic, weather related issues like the deep freeze that took away the electricity in Texas last winter and even issues such as rioting and mass protests are now in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

It seems that most everyone is learning about the prepper mindset. From people that just want to be prepared for the next lockdown to folks that want to thrive, not just survive, everyone is looking to be better prepared for whatever comes next.

We talked about things like the ability to protect ourselves from cold and rain, start a fire for heat and cooking purposes no matter the conditions, have clean drinking water and many other survival conditions.

So with those thoughts in mind here is Prepping Survival’s 7 Best Survival Gifts List for 2021.


1. SurvivorCord XT

Survivor Cord XTPreppers and survivalists both love paracord for many reasons. Survivorcord XT is paracord on steroids. SurvivorCord XT is Titan’s 3rd generation paracord. It has 3 strands of Type IV Military 750 paracord, integrated Kevlar utility line, waxed jute fiber strand for quickly getting a fire started and braided 25 lb. fishing line. This package include 100 feet of Survivorcord XT.

The Kevlar line is designed to be used as a friction saw, for binding tools together and even to hold dinner over your fire. It is fire resistant up to 900 degrees fahrenheit.

The waxed jute fiber cord is designed to help you quickly start a fire even when wet. Just hit it with some sparks from your fire starter and you are in business.

With a 25 lb. strength braided fishing line you can catch dinner or use it to snare small animals.

With a total tensile strength of 1000 lbs., Survivorcord XT can be used for just about any prepping or survival task you can think of.

2. Streamlight 88062 ProTac 2L-X Tactical Flashlight

Everyone needs a good flashlight. In a survival situation lighting can be the difference between life and death. Having a quality flashlight in your aresenal is a must.

The Streamlight ProTac 2L-X tactical flashlight is a 500 lumen EDC flashlight that can use standard or rechargeable batteries. The flashlight includes (2) CR123A batteries but the charger is an optional upgrade. You also can purchase USB rechargeable batteries for it if you want.

It comes in a Type II Military Spec Aluminum anodized housing that is lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant. It’s ideally sized to comfortably fit in your pocket. But you should also stash one in your vehicle and survival bag. I even know several ladies who carry one in their purse and love it.

The C4 LED is good for up to 50,000 hours of lighting and can be programmed for 3 different modes:

  • High for the brightest lighting
  • Low for extended battery life
  • Strobe for signaling

The Streamlight ProTac 2L-X flashlight is water resistant and drop resistant up to 2 meters.

3. PREPARED4X Fire Starter Survival Tool

C:\Websites\preppingsurvival.com\7 Best Survival Gifts\PREPARED4X Fire Starter Survival Tool.pngFire is a primary requirement in a survival situation. It can provide heat, keep wild animals away, allow you to boild water and cook food and even be used to signal for help.

Having the ability to start a fire regardless of conditions is vital. With this tool you can start a fire even in rainy or windy conditions. The waterproof wick will work even when wet. You simply strike the ferrocerium rod and the sparks will light the wick allowing you to get your fire tinder started much faster and safer.

The Prepared4X fire starter is a 6 1/2 inch all in one tool designed to start fires quickly and easily. The striker is curved so that the sparks are directed directly to the wick for ease of lighting. The wick is a 36 inch wax infused hemp rope that can provide up to 3 1/2 hours of burn time or it can be used to start multiple fires as needed. Once you have your fire started you can easily pull the wick back inside the housing to extinguish the flame and save the wick for future use. You can also buy refills for the hemp rope so you can extend the usage of the tool going forward.

C:\Websites\preppingsurvival.com\7 Best Survival Gifts\LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.pngThe LifeStraw is the perfect gift for preppers, survivalists, campers and hikers. It allows you to quickly have safe to drink water in any situation.

The microfilter is designed to remove 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.999% of waterborne parasites. It also removes microplastics down to 1 micron and reduce turbidity down to 0.2 microns.

Each LifeStraw will filter 1,000 gallons of clean, safe drinking water with proper use.

LifeStraws are lightweight and easy to carry for campers and hikers. They have also been tested and verified by the EPA, NSF and ASTM for water purifiers.

5. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

C:\Websites\preppingsurvival.com\7 Best Survival Gifts\Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets.pngEmergency Mylar Thermal survival blankets are based on some of the same technology that NASA uses for astronauts in space. They are great gifts for everyone due to their small size and great function.

You can keep one in your car, purse, backpack, backpack and bug out bag.

These blankets can shield you from the wind, save up to 90% of your body heat to help keep you warm and can even be used to reflect light to signal for help. You can also place one on the ground to provide a dry place to sit. They are reusable, wind and water proof as well.

In an emergency situation you can use these to make a small survival shelter, as a backpack cover or poncho, to provide shade from the sun or shelter from the wind, to make a sling or just about any other function that you can think of.

6. Mossy Oak Survival Hunting Knife with Sheath

C:\Websites\preppingsurvival.com\7 Best Survival Gifts\Mossy Oak Survival Hunting Knife with Sheath.pngA good quality knife will server many functions in just about any survival situation. This knife is a 15″ fixed blade with a TPR rubber handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The knife blade is 10″ of stainless steel so it will keep its’ sharp edge and resist rust. The blade is anodized with a black finish to finish off the appearance of the knife. It has a serrated spine on the top edge for cutting tinder and firewood.

The knife cones with a nylon sheath with a belt loop so you can easily take the knife with you.

It comes with a magnesium fire starter tool to help get an emergency fire started and an edge sharpener to help maintain your cutting edge.

7. Survival Kit 72 in 1

C:\Websites\preppingsurvival.com\7 Best Survival Gifts\Survival Kit 72 in 1.pngThis survival kit includes almost everything that you may need in a survival situation and it comes in a compact Molle pouch.

It consists of a 50 piece first aid kit, 12 survival tools and a 10 piece fishing kit so that you can catch dinner.

Survival tools include a tactical pen, folding knife, bottle hanging buckle, flashlight, multifunction Saber card, survival bracelet, whistle, wire saw, paracord, emergency blanket and climbing hook.

The Molle pouch is made of 600D nylon with three large compartments. It measures 9x6x5 so it is not a massive pouch.

This is an entry level kit that is a great gift idea for the prepper, survivalist, camper, hiker or simple for anyone to keep in their car in case of emergency.

Survival Gifts Wrap Up

Hopefully we have given you some useful ideas for your prepper/survival gift buying journey. We tried to fill this list with practical, useful and reasonably priced items that preppers and survivalists alike would be proud to own and use. We also wanted to make sure that we covered the basics that will be needed in any survival situation.

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