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Hello YouTubers Alaska prepper here Happy Thursday ladies and gentlemen we Have quite a bit to go over today and There will be a second video later on Today where I will be doing a review and Let me remind you that tomorrow at 2PM Alaska time 6 p.m eastern time we will Have our live stream like we do every Friday and if Mr Tom is there let’s keep Our fingers crossed I’ll be giving away A few very nice flashlights during that Live stream now for those of you that Have been with me for at least the last Nine or so months if y’all remember me Putting out this video right here Social Security important information if you’re On social security or a fixed income you Are doomed well ladies and gentlemen Those are going to be the first Casualties of what’s coming are people That are on fixed income and Social Security which is pretty much a fixed Income we all know or I think that you All know by now especially if you are on Social Security that next year’s cost of Living allowance is going to be the Highest in I think 40 or 50 years Something like that it’s going to be 8.7 Percent however ladies and gentlemen we All know that inflation is a lot higher Than that and when I say inflation I Mean the price of things going up I say Inflation because most people understand That inflation is the price of things

Going up instead of the price of things Going up being a symptom of inflation I’ve got a couple of emails that I want To share with you however stick around Because I have something very important To cover and I’m going to redirect you To a different Channel because this is Very important especially if you live in The state of California I’m going to read a couple of short Emails to you all that are coming from Canada and the first one is the one that Made me realize and remember that yes Those people on fixed incomes those People on social security or some kind Of a pension that’s a fixed income you Will be feeling the blunt of what’s to Come if you’re not already feeling it But you will be feeling it first and Foremost my husband and I are seniors That live in rural Saskatchewan not only Are our food prices out of this world Our utility bills are also examples of Some food prices are a jug of milk in Our grocery store is eight dollars Butter eight dollars per pound no longer Can we afford to eat roasts remember That common denominator from yesterday’s Video that a lot of people were Bypassing the meats We buy ground hamburger when it goes on Sale for five dollars per pound then Divide it up into one pound packages so That our meat costs do not surpass five

Dollars per supper we rarely eat Breakfast or lunch these are our seniors Ladies and gentlemen and this somewhat Breaks my heart that’s why in my opinion It is so important that if you can if we Can that we support our local food banks And even better directly support a Senior or a neighbor that you know that Is in need She goes on to say in the summer we grow As many veggies as we can and preserve Everything our gas prices have come down To a dollar fifty a liter however carbon Tax is killing us You notice that a lot of the things that We’ve been talking about in the past Several years really that they’re Starting to culminate into one thing Food is becoming a lot more expensive The price inflation or the inflation of Prices and everything continues to go up They’re talking about a cbdc now these Carbon taxes are becoming a problem as Far as people being able to afford just To live She continues to say we just receive our Natural gas bill from one month ago it Was 227 and of that listen to this of That 83 dollars was the actual gas that Was used So you’re looking at almost 200 percent In taxes and fees on top of the usage of The actual gas that they consumed The rest was Administration fees

Delivery fees and taxes here’s the best Part of this the carbon tax charged was Fifty dollars so roughly I would say What 25 percent roughly or 20 percent of That bill was carbon taxes incredible Ladies and gentlemen didn’t I tell you a While back that this carbon stuff is Just all about money They don’t care about the environment Don’t let them fool you it has nothing To do with the environment it has to do With money and the more money they can Get from you the more control they have Over you why because your money Represents your labor your wealth Then on top of that they charged us GST At five percent a tax on tax heating our Homes here in the prairie is a necessity We have had temperatures of negative 48 Already with the wind chill our power Bill for one month was 327 and we live On a pension This is becoming very hard to pay our Bills heat our house or buy food I’ve also talked about how people are Going to be priced out of living Our prime minister is increasing the Carbon tax three times starting in 2023 Many seniors cannot afford food and Heat Their homes I’m sure you have noticed that Shrinkflation on our packaged food which Is another contributing factor we only Drive to the big city two to three times

A year as it costs 50 to 60 dollars in Gas so when we go we stock up for months And this part right here ladies and Gentlemen is really heartbreaking Canada Was once a beautiful wonderful place to Live Now not so much The second and last email that I will go Over with you ladies and gentlemen I Live in British Columbia Canada I have Four boys ages 18 11 8 and 7. I stay at Home and my husband works four days a Week for 12 hours a day and makes about 32 dollars an hour which is very Respectable to tell you the truth He takes home after taxes twenty nine Hundred dollars every two weeks we have To drive 30 minutes to our nearest Grocery store there we pay two thousand Dollars a month for groceries to feed Our family So 2 900 times 2 let’s say six thousand Dollars a month that’s thirty percent of Their income two thousand dollars a Month for a family of six you’re looking At twenty four thousand dollars per year Just on food I am very happy that I’ve Stocked up before the prices have gone Up we are eating a lot of our preps now I don’t know how much we’d be paying if We didn’t just thought I’d send a quick Message to confirm your video Thank you very much by the way for Sending these last two emails I truly do

Appreciate it ladies and gentlemen this Is real What we are seeing is real These are real people that are sending Their information over to me pretty much Confirming that yes the prices are like We’ve said that they were going to be And not like we are being told that they Are by the government and pundits do you Really believe in the United States of America I’m not sure what inflation Numbers came out at in Canada do you Really believe that inflation year over Year for you ladies and gentlemen is Only at 7.1 percent Do you really believe that do you Understand why it is that they have to Keep that CPI That they have to keep that inflation Number low as low as they possibly can They understand why It has everything to do with the debt With managing the debt or servicing the Debt and also with being able to pay out The Social Security and any kind of Pensions and disabilities that the Government pays out Because as with Social Security as we’ve Seen the increase in the cost of living For Social Security next year is going To be 8.7 percent imagine if they Actually fessed up to inflation being Fifteen twenty percent which is what it Actually is just look around imagine if

They fussed up to that imagine how much They would have to pump up Social Security And that is a direct cost and that cost Is a cost that has to be paid by law Social Security and pensions and Disabilities uh military I believe they Have to be paid by law that is an Expense that cannot be pushed to the Side So they would be in Dire Straits when I Say they I mean the government they Would be in Dire Straits trying to pay All of these bills with the inflation up As high as it is and they actually Admitting to that so they have to keep It as low as possible and this will Continue until the dollar finally goes Away And and or until the system changes to Something else hopefully to a system of Sound money where the government cannot Print at Free Will and we the people Have more power than the government does That’s what sound money does it gives The people more power than what the Government actually has Orange County approves construction of 78 million dollar Irvine Health Campus With few details I’m not going to read Over this article however there is Another YouTuber who sent me a link to The video that she did on this and I’ll Tell you what the reason that I’m not

Going to comment on this very much is Because she did a great job breaking This down I think the video is like 30 Something minutes long but I highly Recommend that you go watch that video Now the name of the YouTube channel is The healthy American Peggy Hall and I’ll Tell you what ladies and gentlemen I’ve Never seen this YouTube channel before And I’m very happy that Peggy ended up Emailing me because she does an awesome Job if you’re looking for more of a Professional look to a YouTube channel That puts out news go check her out Because she does a great job and in Taking a look at all of the videos that She’s put out I’ll tell you what let me See she has 162 000 subscribers taking a Look at the videos that she puts out Does anybody know what the word Shadow Band means just look up that word and Then take a look at the amount of views That her videos get and that’s what I Believe maybe maybe my opinion could be Happening to this YouTube channel being That it’s a truth telling YouTube Channel so go check out uh I’m terrible At remember names the healthy American Peggy Hall go check out her Channel Check out this video specifically I will Leave a link to this video on a pinned Comment so you can check it out and she Goes over what this 78 million dollar Compound probably is for one more thing

That I wanted to show you someone sent Me a link to this site right here one of Our community members so thank you very Much you’ll remember that I did a video On uh could climate lockdowns finally be Here something about in the UK where They are restricting people to like a Hundred days a year where they can go Outside a certain perimeter so they sent Me this link right here saying that this Here kind of like debunks that notion And this article here I’m not going to Read through the whole thing because It’s a lot of hoo-ha in my opinion this Article right here supposedly debunks it And pretty much gives a better Explanation as to why it is that they’re Building these 15-minute cities so here It says traffic plan in Oxfordshire England isn’t a climate lockdown Now Ladies and gentlemen this is the problem That I have with the official narrative The problem that I have is and I’m sure It’s a problem that many Americans and Many people around the world have the Biggest problem that I have is that they Told us that it will only take two weeks It would only take two weeks ladies and Gentlemen you remember that To to flatten the Curve You’ll remember that that was two and a Half years ago And I don’t remember it being two weeks The way I remember it is it being

Millions of mom and pop shops getting Shut down while big corporations were Left standing The way I remember is millions of people Losing their jobs losing their Livelihoods losing everything that they Worked for While big corporations were left Standing The way I remember it is our children Having to do things that parents did not Want to happen to our children The way I remember it is people being Coerced in my opinion 100 my opinion Being coerced into doing something or Losing their job So now when the when the official Narrative comes down and says this is Not a climate lockdown When that official Narnia comes down Do you really believe it Look with your own eyes don’t just take The word of anyone don’t take my word do Your own research and study a little bit Of history and see what happens when Governments start going broke When governments start going broke I’ve Always said money is everything money is Everything because it represents your Time your labor your wealth your freedom That’s what money represents That’s what you give up for money you Give up of your time your labor your Your skills

You give all that stuff up for money so That you can then in turn take money and Live the standard of living that you can Live by earning that money So once a government goes broke and it Has to start stealing more and more and More from the people it becomes more Tyrannical and that is the road that We’re going through right now we’re Actually going through it right now It just hasn’t gotten as bad as it can Get to where the people finally have had Enough So whenever I listen to the official Narrative I always do a little bit of Research and I take a look at history And see what’s happened in the past And their official narrative here is Like don’t worry about it don’t worry About it the only reason you have to ask For permission to go outside this Perimeter is because it’s good for Everyone there’s no such thing as Equality in this world The world is not fair Life is not fair bad things happen to Good people all the time Are you going to look to government to Take care of you because life is just Life anyways I’m going on a tangent let Me go ahead and level it off right there Anyways for those of you that want to go Check this out I’ll leave the link to This maybe it’ll convince you that those

People that think like myself That this is just a way to control People and it being a pilot program that Way they can see how well it works in Order to control people If you want to think differently you can Think different if this convinces you That everyone that thinks it’s a way to Control people Are wrong and the last one I just think that this is kind of funny But also very tragic It’s also very tragic ladies and Gentlemen this is just a way of telling People that did not comply that we’re Gonna get you one way or another Like I said yesterday we live in very Interesting times I hope that you have a great day keep The hope alive because there is hope There is hope but what do I say go ahead And finish what I say without Preparedness hope is only hope So we can hope that things will get Better hope for the best but prepare for The worst ladies and gentlemen prepare The best that you can Because we can make it through this if We stay together As soon as we start to divide they will Conquer us Man you know what when I talk like this I I’m thinking in my head eventually They’re gonna kick my ass out of YouTube

Excuse the French No eventually the government is going to Be in a place where they will have full Control of all of this ladies and Gentlemen it’s just history think about It it’s just history And although we live in a very Technological world it’s the same thing That’s happened in in the past in History It’s the same thing it’s just we’re more Technologically advanced It’s just history ladies and gentlemen So I’m going to start looking for a Different platform that is a little bit Better than Rumble and uh MD Creekmore Actually mentioned something today I Think it’s called sub stack or subtract I’m gonna look into that because he had A lot of good things to say about that So anyways I want to thank you very much For all of your support ladies and Gentlemen remember that I will be Putting out a second video today and It’s going to be a review and I would Recommend that you all watch it all Right having said that have a great day God bless every single one of you Remember to be good to each other when Good people the good things good things Happen remember to reach one teach one And repeat if we all did this the world Would be a better place and you know That it will be a better place many

Blessings to all of you and your Families I’m Alaska prepper I’m out

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