$9 Billion In Fake Gold | Chinese Catch Aussies Intentionally Doping Their Gold

The Australian Perth Mint has been caught intentionally adding impurities to their gold bars that they have been selling on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report I am coming to you from Kenya Wanting to keep you abreast of the news As it's happening I have a little bit of Down time here so while you are sleeping Uh I am shooting the sun is out over Here uh there is big news coming out of Asia right now and this is this is Catastrophic honestly uh a Perth Mint Insider this is the national mint of Australia it says this is a scandal of The highest level basically what's been Happening over the last number of years Since 2018 the Australia mint has been Intentionally doping their gold bars Basically they are putting impurities Intentionally into the gold bars so that They don't have to put quite as much Gold now just so you can understand this Is the largest Processing facility for raw uh gold out There they take in more gold from mines And such and minted into bars and coins And everything else like that now I'm Going to walk you through kind of what This means what products have been Impacted and who caught them with their Hand in the cookie jar Let's jump into it folks this video is Brought to you by Genesis Gold group and As this story is going to be walking you Through it's important to know where Your gold is coming from or your Precious metals make sure you're buying

From reliable trusted sources not like The Australian mint you may have to Check some of your stuff just to make Sure it is up to Snuff uh if you want to Talk to Jonathan and his team about Moving your retirement funds over to Genesis gold you can talk to them down In the comments section down uh Description down below will have their Phone number and everything like that Thanks so much Um so the Australian mint in 2018 Decided that They are going to continue guaranteeing That their gold is 99.99 pure But they're like hey there's that 0.01 Percent that we can play around with And While the unwritten understanding is That you don't play around with that .01 You try to make that as pure gold as Possible and then you use that as margin To make sure that you're absolutely Hitting that benchmark Australia's kind of like why don't we Add 0.01 silver Which is obviously a lot cheaper than Gold So while the Shanghai this is China Right the Chinese government caught them With their hand in the cookie jar Shaving off a little bit of gold here a Little bit of gold there as a cost Saving measure

Now I I can't underscore enough how Catastrophic this is to to everyone that A major minting uh Government entity would be actually Messing with the purity of gold there's That whole gold standard kind of uh Quote there gold standard means you're Supposed to when you get money from the Mint of your of your country or of other Countries it's supposed to be as close To Pure as possible Well the Australian men was Intentionally doping it with silver The Shanghai market uh basically tested Some of the gold bars and they failed They failed impurity tests They're like we don't know what this is But it's not gold that's what it is Now when you have that margin of 0.01 Percent you know some some parts of the Bar may be just a tiny bit more pure Gold other parts a little bit more Impurities well when they sample it it Had better be Point uh 99.99 Pure throughout the bar and when they Went ahead and tested it uh some of the Gold bars from from the Perth Mint They failed and the Perth Mint and the Australian government then went to ahead To try to cover this up we're talking About nine billion dollars worth of gold That is going to be needed to be Recalled they're going to have to recall It melt it all down make it more pure

Before they can cast it again Not to mention now this is the gold bars That they've been using for Um For settlement on large trades and Everything like that this is supposedly Not affecting small coins or silver Coins or silver bars or small gold bars But If they've been lying about this that Does make you wonder Have they been cheating elsewhere Now the Chinese government and the Shanghai market have great incentives Since they're bringing in billions and Billions of dollars of this gold to make Sure that it actually is gold like it's Being said And when they find that it's not they Have the wherewithal to Put the news out there I promise you There's going to be a lot of people Taking silver coins from the Perth Mint Taking gold coins from the Perth Mint Anything Australian and taking it down To dealers that have testing machines to See how pure their their coins and bars Are because this is just a catastrophic Loss of faith in a some place that's not Supposed to have any crisis of Faith Whatsoever now this is just coming as a Lot of countries are loading up on gold Singapore just quietly updated its gold Holdings by 30 percent they didn't issue

A press release they didn't do anything Like that they just quietly on their Website just changed the number Were expecting any day now or any week Now we're going to see China do the same Thing but they're going to be increasing Their Holdings by potentially more than 30 percent They have most speculate that they have Twice the amount of gold that they are Are actually saying that they have at Some point it's going to become Beneficial for them to actually State How much gold they have and when they do It's going to be a massive move in the Gold and silver markets when people Realize how much gold China has been Stocking up on a lot of countries are Stocking up on gold silver everything Like that and at this time we see the Perth Mint over there cutting Corners Shaving slivers off of gold coins and Gold uh gold bars It is the Perth Mint produces about 20.3 billion dollars in gold that was Last year and they're running about 20 Billion dollars worth of gold that they Are minting and selling into various Products So a nine billion dollar Recall on gold bars out of China is Going to get a lot of other people Interested and worried about the Products that have come out of there a

Lot of questions to be had not a whole Lot of answers at this point other than Just that they covered it up and are Things going to be fixed or are they Going to keep playing games with their Uh with the purity of their coins the Purity of their bars if you have Australian minted products you might Want to get those checked out you might Want to watch for new updates as those Come out and see what uh a lot of the People inside the community are saying About About how this may actually impact them Or affect them is this basically Something that's been happening across All the products or is this just Happening on just that one line of Products the big gold bars all right Folks if you found this video to be Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video right over Here there'll be some video updates Coming out in the coming weeks over on My Bible Channel about my trip here to Kenya to teach pastors and to work with Local churches and like to get that Stuff to you as well thanks so much for Watching this is Steve Poplar I'll see You later

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