A Bank Is “Saved” | See What New Banks At Risk | First Republic Bailout

A whole new group of banks have entered willingly into the credit crisis by extending large loans to First Republic Bank which many hope will stabilize the bank.

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So First Republic Bank is saved well Sort of we got some big issues happening In the banking world if you haven't Heard already Silicon Valley Bank Signature Bank both closed down shut Down completely because they didn't have Enough money to pay out people who Wanted to withdraw their deposits we Also have the issue with credit Swiss Over in Switzerland that is one of the Largest banks in Europe they were about To default but then the Swiss National Bank loaned them 54 billion dollars There has been talk recently about First Republic Bank inside the United States It is a large bank and of course uh some Of you actually use them uh but not Everybody right a lot of you probably The majority of you watching do not use First Republic back and you go phew at Least it's not my bank well friends uh In order to change that a whole bunch of Your Banks and my Banks uh decided to Bail out Give a loan to First Republic to the Tune of 50 billion dollars now friends I Want you to go with me in a thought Experiment here right imagine you walk Into your bank and you tell them that You're about to default on your loans You're not able to keep up with your Loans so you want to borrow money from The bank Are they going to loan you money

Probably not right they're probably not Going to loan you money just for the Fact that you are about to default they See you as a big credit risk However if you are a banker and you have A massively underwater uh business and You walk into the bank and say I want 50 Billion dollars in order to stabilize my Business they of course start writing Checks right and left now what are these Banks that decided to chime in and gang Up together to issue this 50 billion Dollar loan to a deadbeat company that Can't actually pay its bills because That's who you usually look to invest in Right is someone you can't who can't pay Their bills let's walk through these Banks together okay and see if any of Your Banks uh land on this list Chase JPMorgan Chase Wells Fargo Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley Bny Mellon PNC Bank unfortunately that's my bank Ah Truest State Street U.S Bank And they have just loaned uh I'm sorry 30 30 billion To that bank I may have said 50 billion Just shortly it would go I apologize for That 30 billion to the bank and it is on The brink of insolvency so why wouldn't You loan a whole bunch of money we're Going to be jumping into a few other

Things here we're going to be talking About how this is not in the interest of Shareholders or anyone else we're also Going to be talking about part of the Reason why they're doing this why are They doing this from a personal level But then also professionally there's a Kind of a big issue here that nobody's Talking about and uh it's about the Assets the assets in these Banks is not What it would seem just like the housing Market went kablooey in 2008 we're Seeing something else kind of going Kablooey and that's what's freaking These Bankers out they're trying to Stabilize things so that this doesn't Get out of hand this video is brought to You by Genesis gold and uh if you want To move your retirement funds out of Stocks bonds investments in companies And move it over to physical gold Physical Boolean physical Silver Platinum you want to talk to Jonathan And his team you can find them down in The description down below you can move A portion of your retirement funds over Or all of them over just to get Diversified So let's talk about What is this asset class that the banks Are freaking out over right now So here's the deal These Banks particularly Silicon Valley Bank was more heavily invested in this

Than other Banks and you're going to see It makes sense that they were the first Ones to implode They invest money Loan money but really kind of invested In these startup tech companies And in return they get shares from those Tech companies or options to buy shares The problem is that these aren't Publicly traded companies yet so how Much is this piece of paper worth They have 10 000 shares of This little you know fish plays on Computer tech startup that doesn't Actually make money so how much is this 10 000 shares of this Tech startup Company really worth Well it's kind of hard to say since they Don't make money and because they really Stink and even though they are very woke They don't ever seem like they're ever Going to make any money and because of That On the bank books this 10 000 shares is Listed as 10 million dollars maybe I'm Just making up numbers here right they Say it's worth 10 million dollars now if They have to go and sell that stock out There to someone else who's actually Interested in investing in that company And they don't um they don't really Believe this company is ever going to Make money is that stock really worth 10 Million dollars or is it worth you know

50 bucks Hard to say hard to say it's not Publicly traded so you're not seeing how Much this share is going for Um every day you you just kind of have To guess and the bank has guessed that It's worth 10 million dollars because That's how much they paid for it And you have all these assets on the Books of these companies that uh these Banks that how much they really worth And a lot of this is tech companies that Don't make money They can woke and they can they can Virtue signal like nobody's business Um you look at their boards and they are You know not a white man to be seen Anywhere uh so that you know that you Know it's awesome because of that But Can they actually make any money no not Really so you have all these privately Owned private zombie companies That these banks are holding shares for And they're pretending like the shares Are worth this much when really they're Not worth anywhere near that As long what's the value of the stock Really in the end it's it's either zero Or it's whatever someone will pay you For it right Um if you can find someone who will buy It from you for 10 million dollars it's Worth 10 million dollars if you can't

Find anyone well then it's kind of worth Zero You say well it's not really worth your It's worth zero if you can't sell it It's worth zero And the problem is all these banks are Holding all these assets and they're Using those assets in order to be Leveraged so that they can borrow more Money from each other But when these banks are starting to Collapse that means that you can't sell These assets to anyone because the other Banks don't want them What do you do then So you see how these other banks are Very concerned when they start seeing These Venture Capital firms collapsing Because they're looking at their books And they're seeing this pile of stock Certificates for companies that don't Make money that are really you know how Much are they really worth we have 1.2 Billion dollars on that pile over there That's how much we think it's worth But The accountants and the people who Actually are honest with themselves are Gone it's probably not worth that much So what do they do they have to keep They got to keep everyone else afloat And they got to be able to move these Assets to other people and they're Believe me behind the scenes they're

Trying to offload these assets to other Companies and I would not be surprised If part of the contingency of this 30 Billion dollars that they're loaning the Bank is that they purchase up some of These Toxic assets All these Bankers know each other from Harvard they know each other from other Ivy League schools The bankers from One Bank moved to the Other bank to the other bank move over To government and come back in the banks They all cross-pollinate they all know Each other they don't want to see each Other go down they don't want their Friend over at Signature Bank to really Lose out because hey they were planning On going and visiting their friend down In the Cayman Islands next month and if He loses his vacation home I can't go Visit him anymore And this is the kind of stuff that's Going on right now and so what has Really just happened is that First Republic Bank Moving into default Not having enough money to to pay for Its uh the day-to-day operations Other banks have stepped in and said We're going to guarantee this we're Going to accept some of this risk and so Not only is First Republic Bank now at Risk but all the banks that just loan

The money if you think that PNC Bank can Afford a one billion dollar hit uh or Bny Mellon can accept a 5 billion dollar Hit or U.S Bank Five billion dollars Um What happens when this Bank who can't Pay people Suddenly can't pay back these loans These other Banks you're going to have To write off those loans as massive Losses which is going to send them Spiraling into default Part of this is you know that cartoony Or Hollywood kind of thing where you Know if you're gonna go after so and so You're going to have to go through me And a whole bunch of people stand in Front of them you know kind of thing and There's this idea that if we all band Together then the federal government Will have no option other than to bail Us out If it's all the banks all together Standing together well then it's either All the banks collapse or none of the Banks collapse and it's this big game of Chicken that they're playing with the Federal Reserve in New York they're Paying that with the U.S federal Government they are saying not only is This Bank too big to fail but well let's All stand in that corner too all of us Banks are too big to fail so it's either

Going to last all collapse or you're Going to bail us out Friends it's one big set of blackmail That's what it is This Bank saved or did they just spread The risk to more Banks and is the Contagion getting ready to start taking Down more and more Banks I don't know About you but Um while I've been kind of Keeping about two months cash on hand Let's just say I'm looking at upping my Stash of cash because this kind of Stupidity that is happening out there is Absolutely insane and if there's a Massive bailout it's effectively just Printing billions tens of billions Potentially hundreds of billions of Dollars more into this the money market Which is just that's the definition of Inflation They're talking about pumping billions And billions and billions of dollars More in through the Federal Reserve and Through the U.S government And and that's what we've been worrying About all along is that the government's Just going to keep printing money and They're going to keep giving out money Friends Inflation is going to get a whole lot Worse Bank runs and inflation so it's Like you need to keep cash on hand so You can actually pay your bills but at

The same time that cash could become Worthless relatively quickly if this Inflation thing keeps spiraling upwards Which means it's best to get into silver And gold probably Fiscal silver and gold that you hold in Your hands in your home is the best way To do it I think Um Do what you can to protect yourselves Folks because these people They will turn you away and let you fail Because you are insolvent they won't Give you a loan but they're Banker Friends they're going to just write Checks for billions and billions of Dollars all right folks um if you found This video to be useful Possibly a little bit infuriating you Might want to check out another video From me right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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