A Call To Help | Helping The People In East Palestine

A call out for those wanting to help and those needing help in the East Palestine area affected by the train derailment. Do you have contacts and/or resources?

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Do you live in the Eastern Ohio areas Affected by what's going on over there Or do you care about the people that are Happening there then this video is for You Um I am from Pittsburgh And so I'm in this impacted region of All this smoke and all this uh stuff Raining down a little bit I'm I'm not Getting the wind blowing it my way per Se but I have been watching uh This Disaster unfold and there have been Questions of of what can I do is there Anything I can do and this is just so Far out of my experience with disaster Relief I've I haven't been able to figure out Anything that I could do that would be Of use to folks and uh So I've been watching and waiting and Trying to figure out anything that could Be of assistance to this uh very Disastrous situation as a appalling Situation I did just get an email from A viewer Just sharing some kind of just some of The Very difficult situation here I don't Want to give out any names but this is a Lady who lives near Um East Palestine in a village that Doesn't actually have a mayor doesn't Have a government to uh to go to and and

Seek assistance so uh remember that that The impacted area is this town but then It's a lot of people who live outside Those Town areas and they don't really Have That's clear of a ability to find anyone To help This person is has some health issues And she tries to grow her own food and Everything but you know What do you do in this type of situation And She's uh she's reached out for help I've Reached back and said you know what what Can we get you like I don't know what we Can do for you Um do you need to get out of there do You need a place to go do you need Transportation to get to a place to go Um you know can you leave I don't know I haven't had any connections with Anyone in the impacted area so I guess This is a call out for several things One are you are you somebody in the Impacted area and and do you know what Is needed do you do you know what could Be done that's not being done And two Um I I guess is the call out you know to Most of you watch this uh station for News Um I I present information I do some Research and I try to present to you as

Much information as possible but we Haven't really been a community in the Fact of uh asking you to do stuff and so I I don't want to impose upon you if That's not why you're here if you're Here to to get some interesting news and And hear something new and be excited About something or fearful about Something uh I understand I understand But for those of you who are like I've been wanting to do something too I've been wanting to help I see this Happening but I don't know what to be Done now I'm relatively local so I can Drive up there But What do I do when I get there I don't Know I don't know anyone on the ground There now I have someone on the ground We're trying to connect her with Resources find out what she needs and Then if if she's able to connect us with Some other people who have needs in that Area my question to you as an audience Is Uh do you want to help Uh do you want to be a part of helping These people I don't know what that Would look like at this point Um I'm already trying to line up some Housing if she's willing to get out of The area because that seems like the Most important thing uh someone with Health issues especially with lung

Issues with all the stuff we could get Activated charcoal filters in there Maybe if people need to stay for Whatever reason and they need to filter Their water be aware that a lot of Filters out there will not filter out Chemicals you need activated charcoal Generally speaking to actually absorb Those chemicals so I'm tossing this out To you maybe you know What can be done I know there's some organizations out There if you're just going to hop on Google and and try to Google stuff and Send that my way uh I can do that too But do you know of organizations do you Know of people that are actively Reaching out into the area to help and Have a grasp on what's going on or not Just trying to fundraise off of this Because sadly that's how a lot of Organizations do it is is you know They're donating baby diapers and and Food and Honestly I don't really understand How that's really relevant but I Understand how they can get uh more you Know more fundraising off that so if you Have connections If you are in the area and you know of Needs and you can connect us to needs And you can communicate those needs to Me Poplarpreparedness gmail.com again

Please don't just regurgitate stuff you Find on internet to me because We we need personal connections we need Connections with organizations Individuals who are are doing something Or individuals who who have needs or Know of the needs in the area Um again I don't really know where to Start with this I have some connections Resources through disaster relief and That type of thing in my church where we Could uh and of course through this uh This channel we can do stuff but it's Still a situation of where I don't know what could be done so I Appreciate you guys Joining with me praying praying for the People And also considering what we can do About it Um I'm willing to to try as best I can But Um Don't know where to start so if you can Point us in the right direction and try To get us moving in the in in a Direction that we can be of assistance And be a blessing to people who are in Distress uh very difficult situation I'm Not even allowed to talk about a lot of This stuff on this channel we're not Allowed to talk about it here So Yay for freedom and everything but uh

That's that's just the truth if we need To talk about some specific things we May have to move over to another Platform to have those conversations and I'm willing to do that But uh What's needed we're gonna We're gonna try to explore that together As soon as I have some information from You guys or from other contacts and Stuff like that that can shed some light On a path forward that's going to Actually really impact people positively That are being negatively impacted by This we will we will let you know about That and ways for you to step up if your Answer is in your heart I'm going to Pray for them or or I want to step up And help prepare yourself right and uh And be ready and then we will we'll move Ahead with those who are willing and Able to and if you're just here for the News or entertainment I don't know why You're still watching us then You can just ignore those videos that That we try to do uh practical Assistance help disaster relief as best We can in this area All right folks um I'm hoping that some of you guys can uh Connect us to the right people and get Us Helping uh in this really uh awful Situation all right folks thanks so much

For watching um You always help this channel of course By watching more videos that's what Makes some of these adventures and some Of these projects that we do possible Doing disaster relief and deploying for Some of these things so there's another Video right here if you want to check That out please do and if you have some Information that can help please do pass That along if you have resources that You might be able to help with right now Like I said we don't we can't take Resources just yet because we don't have A plan but once we have needs that we Can confirm we will try to get that to You and Who knows maybe I will be heading into That area shortly to uh to to do Something possible or profitable uh for The people there thanks so much for Watching and uh I will see you guys later Steve Poplar Oh

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