A Human Tripwire To Chinese Invasion | WWIII Has Already Begun

The challenge of a rising China has provoked the USA to think long an hard about how to delay or derail them. Unfortunately the military planners and politicians of Washington DC have decided to follow an old recipe and that is of a proxy war in Taiwan.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we have news reports that are Coming out from the Wall Street Journal As well as other places that the United States has agreed to send hundreds more Of U.S soldiers and servicemen to Taiwan Of course this is absolutely in the face Of China they are adamantly uh very Upset about this Why why is it so important for the United States to be sending troops to Taiwan Well one as we are students of History Here we know exactly how we got roped Into Vietnam don't we Advisors and trainers were sent to help The South Vietnamese against North Vietnamese and of course things just Snowballed from there One of the things that's hard to get Around is the simple fact that we are Not actively and And with a full support guaranteeing the Safety of Taiwan but we continue to pour Arms training And We're leaving it gray enough and they Keep saying this is so that we don't Provoke China But What we are doing is we're keeping it Gray enough that China Is kind of sucked into invading We want to provide enough weapons and

Training and everything like that so That we have a Ukraine of the East Friends uh It's hard to watch these things And people say well It's the way the world is there's no Other way of doing it friends that this Isn't that's not true There are ways But what we've done in Eastern Europe And what we're doing now with Taiwan Is very clear to anyone paying any Attention whatsoever it's it's we're Sucking them into in Afghanistan We're doing it in Eastern Europe where We're setting the stage again for Taiwan To to draw in troops and troops and Become a meat grinder and That's what we're doing We want to pour in weapons and Munitions And then let other countries do the Dying I don't know how else to say it Does that sound crude does that sound Absolutely cynical yes and yet I watch What we're doing and that's exactly what We're doing You say Steve there's no other way oh Isn't there We could send a cargo plane over there With some nuclear nuclear cruise Missiles And arm Taiwan with nuclear weapons we Could extend the nuclear

Umbrella over Taiwan and just say If you invade if one soldier lands foot On the island There there will be nuclear war We've done that with other places Of course there's promises don't Necessarily stand strong Remember the country in Eastern Europe Had nuclear weapons but then they gave Them up With for a great guarantee that they Would never be invaded And lo and behold they got invaded There are ways or if the United States Were to actively Say that that if there's an invasion of Taiwan we will absolutely defend Her We could deploy a real amount of troops To Taiwan which would be welcome from Taiwan If we deployed a large amount of troops To Taiwan Even if it was Charging the money or whatever to Support those troops Where it wasn't a tripwire because That's really what this is we're sending In advisors we're sending in trainers But they're really a tripwire so that if The island gets invaded then Americans Will feel really really upset because Some American soldiers lost their lives It's a way to sneakily get us skin in

The game We've done this on In other places as well We're not fully supporting Taiwan But we're supporting them enough To get them in hot water We want to use them As a meat grinder And Frankly it makes me sick Makes me sick that that these people in Washington DC Would treat other people's lives like That There doesn't seem to be any negotiation Whatsoever in Eastern Europe there's None Washington DC has shut down every Opportunity for negotiation before the Invasion We shut down negotiation we would not we Would not contemplate Allowing Eastern Europe to make a Commitment to not join NATO That was all that was being asked we Want a strong confirmation that there Will be no missiles placed in there and That they will not join NATO If so we can agree to them Firming up the borders and being done Where We Are And the United States and Europe and Everyone else just said no we're not Going to consider that And then we March into the situation

Because honestly a whole bunch of people In Washington DC were cheering we're Cheering When they went into Eastern Europe And it just It's heartbreaking How much humanitarian relief has gone in There from the US government compared to How much weapons relief have gone in There The companies that make all these Munitions and and weapon systems are Just ecstatic And uh There's always more money for weapons There's always more weapon money for Weapons medical supplies To mitigate the damage amongst civilians And the people's lives who have been Destroyed by this conflict And yet You just look around the world over at Taiwan and you see the exact same setup Happening We're going to just keep poking and Poking and poking until we provoke a Response we're providing just enough Weapons and systems and everything like That to to make it really hurt for them To take it But not enough that they will stop Thinking about doing it We do not want to have any negotiations With China about Taiwan we do not want

To have any serious peace efforts there We're just goading them into doing it And uh Uh we're called to be peacemakers By God Not not people who who are provoking Until they get attacked and go oh They started it But rather Be people who say it doesn't matter who Started it we need to avert this crisis For the sake of the people there and Everywhere around the world we need to Bring peace and Harmony we need to Actually work out our problems by Talking about them and making deals There is no Tight in the world today To make deals to extend the peace Everybody seems to be chomping at the Bit To move into war Three is already here the opening salvos Have been fired and the setup is so very Similar to World War One Everybody just So ready for it Everybody thinks they can win Nobody seems to be counting the cost of What the world would lose When it loses The peace The Pax Americana the Peace of America And I say that

Realizing that it's peace it has been a String of wars But they've been a string of small Wars There hasn't been a major major war Since the end of World War II And we have completely forgotten how Ugly how awful And how tragic that would be There's a whole generation of people Who have no recollection of that Even the old guy in office he doesn't Remember that The things he remembers most of it never Actually happened And all the things that did happen they Should go to jail for he doesn't Recollect so um But the generation that saw World War II Has all but passed away And with it the warnings The memories And the urgency to have peace Have passed away too Now it's all about winning not about Actually Surviving Friends the tripwire is being installed Human lives American lives missile Systems are going in And we are trying to make it so that it Will be as costly as possible yet not Costly enough to scare away the Chinese Mark my words it's coming and it seems Like everybody wants it both sides want

It Both sides want it And that's what terrifies me the most Folks keep on prepping out there keep on Getting more prepared because difficult Times are on their way World War III has Already started It's just a matter of time before we all Realize it all right folks thanks so Much for watching if you want to check Out another video from me you can find It right over here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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