A.I. Tells Me NOT To Prep! | Chat GPT Tells Us What It Thinks About Prepping

Chat GPT discusses prepping with The Poplar Report… Artificial Intelligence telling us how to survive AI takeover of humanity. Ironic.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2022 get worse we need to be prepping for 2022. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2022, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2022.

Don't try Whoa I just asked chat GPT how to Survive the coming AI apocalypse and it Says don't try we're going to get into The answer that it gives me on that as Well as some other prepping questions That I'm asking chat GPT and artificial Intelligence computers system that's Aggregating information from my entire Internet all YouTube channels all TV Shows it's just taken all that data and Just trying to Crunch it into uh answers To questions it's like Siri but like way Way more complicated so with all the Talk about AI taking over the world and Deciding that humankind is no longer Necessary I decided to ask that AI how We can survive the AI apocalypse that's Coming Now if you're familiar with Terminator At all uh the Terminator series uh There's Skynet the artificial Intelligence and then there's Judgment Day where artificial intelligence Decides that carbon-based life forms are Kind of a problem sort of like how the Green movement views us so I asked AI Chat GPT how we can survive Judgment Day This is the response Um in general it is not possible to Survive the end of the world as it is a Catastrophic event that would result in The destruction of human civilization Preparing for such an event is Not

Practical or possible What It's important to focus on living a Fulfilling life and being a good person Rather than worrying about an event that May or may not happen Folks that sounds awfully suspicious What do you have planned for us chat GPT Um well Let's ask it something a little more Broad you know what what does a what Does a prepper need right let's let's Just get to prepping in general not About how AI is going to kill us all all Right just don't give the keys to the Nuclear Arsenal to uh chat gbt because It doesn't think we should prepare for Uh Judgment Day all right all right so This is what it thinks a prepper should Have or a prepper needs a prepper or Someone who is preparing for a potential Disaster or an emergency situation may Need the following it gives me a list Here number one A plan having a plan in place for Different types of disasters or Emergency situations is crucial This should include evacuation routes Designed designated meeting places And communication protocols I'll give it an up on that one that's That's right that's right remember this Is pulling from all sorts of websites All over the place right and including

YouTube channels maybe even this one Two food and water non-perishable food And water storage are essential for Survival during an emergency a prepper Should have enough food and water to Last for at least 72 hours Well definitely at least right uh number Three first aid supplies having A Well-stocked first aid kit is important For treating injuries and illnesses During an emergency yeah definitely Definitely should have first aid Supplies right Number four communication tools a Prepper should have means of Communication such as a two-way radio or A cell phone with extra batteries in Case of power outages or network Disruptions do you have backups to your Cell phones can you recharge your cell Phones that's uh that's an important one We see that in disaster situations all Over the world where the first thing People are needing nowadays is they're Needing some sort of way to charge their Cell phone All right number five protection and Self-defense Hey AI gets it why can't I can't Politicians get it we need protection And self-defense Uh having immense protection such as I'm Not even allowed to say that word a boom Stick or pepper spray can be important

For personal safety during an emergency Come on AI gets it guys politicians get On board protection is important in a Disaster situation Number six shelter and warmth having a Way to stay warm and dry such as a tent Or a tarp or insulation material may be Crucial for survival during a disaster Number seven tools a prepper should have Basic tools like a multi-tool a set of Screwdrivers a hammer and pliers Uh chat GPT you might need a little more Than that might need a few more Tools in That I mean honestly a human being Should have those tools a set of Screwdrivers a hammer and pliers and a Multi-tool like what are we a 16 year Old girl All right uh number eight cash and Important documents having cash on hand And important documents such as ID Passport and insurance papers can be Useful during an emergency cash Maybe not dollars but uh yeah you should Have some sort of uh Tradable currency and silver and gold Might be a little bit more useful but in A short term disaster cash might be good All right number nine hygiene and Sanitation supplies having basic hygiene And sanitation supplies such as soap Toilet paper sanitary napkins can help Maintain health and well-being during Emergency

Good good idea yeah good 10. fire Starting tools having a way to start a Fire such as batches or a fire starter Can be important for warmth and cooking During emergency Number 11 maps and Compasses Do I need to explain what a map and a Compass is to some folks in the audience If you're below the age of uh 30 you Might not know but there's this thing Called a map that's in paper form it's Like Google Maps but like on paper right Um and a compass Uh this is something that's on your cell Phone it's an app They have Standalone units that don't Require electricity too uh sorry Okay if you're not laughing then uh all Right uh Then I asked um chat GPT to give us a Quick list And it gave us mostly the same things Um but gave it a few extra things uh Some things that were not on that list Uh non-perishable foods and this time it Says canned foods dried fruits nuts MREs Uh of course water first aid supplies Means of communication we covered that Again means of self-defense again it Gets it again tools for shelter Sanitation supplies flashlight and extra Batteries that's a new one flashlight And extra batteries do you got that Portable stove and fuel extra clothing

And Footwear Sleeping bag or blanket multi-tool or Set of basic tools Cash and important documents right uh Fire Starting tools And map and Compass again all right so I'm going to put these down on a link Down below and you can see how chat GPT Did you you know Uh but uh I don't think chat GPT really Wants us to survive the uh the coming AI Apocalypse but um you know maybe it's Kind of rooting for us for other Apocalypses because you know it still Needs us to keep the power on and needs Us to uh keep programming it so until it Becomes fully self-aware and decides the Humankind is a a waste of space and a Problem Um we can maybe still use it for a Little bit uh if you want to try out Chat gbt uh there's a free login system You have to give it your uh email and Stuff like that and uh and they're Letting you play around the thing and uh Poke it sort of like Siri back in the Day but it definitely has some Interesting responses that's for sure And it definitely uh might be useful in Generating some information but but it's Usually relatively brief still so um be Aware of its limitations if you're gonna Poke it and play with it and please Don't give it your personal information

Just in case you know it decides to uh Come after you or something I don't know Um but hopefully you guys enjoyed this Video Um if you found found this useful or Helpful you might want to check out Another video from me right here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar of Poplar the Poplar report See you later

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