A VR To Magic Prepper. The 22 As A Tool For Survival/Preppers.

My take on the use and limitations of a 22 for survival and prepping. This video is a VR to a older video from Magic Prepper. This video is not meant to be derogatory in any way. It is just my humble opinion.

The original video from MP.

Hey everybody a couple days back I uh Sat down and I did a sort of a tabletop Commentary on my thoughts of uh the 22 As a um survival uh tool and we decided I was going to make this a VR to Magic Preppers video that he did a while back Sort of laying out why he didn’t like The uh 22 as uh as a survival or a Prepper tool now I think a lot of it’s Got to do with context so um I wanted to Uh sort of give my opinion and how I Looked at using a 22 as a survival tool So this isn’t a bass magic prepper Um in any way shape or form I just kind Of wanted to uh Talk about how I use a 22 and what I Think the context of that is I’ll Actually put a link to his video in the Description of this video here but Anyway that commentary is coming up next You guys take care Hey everybody this is modern Refugee Can’t really do the videos for you guys Now like I’d like and uh Doctors got me on a bit of a short leash Pretty much One Step Above bed rest While I’m waiting for a surgery Basically but uh we can do some videos Here just kind of sitting in the house Uh discussing certain topics and there’s One particular topic that gets kicked Around Um Quite a bit on YouTube and if you uh put

That in the search bar you’re going to Get just all kinds of videos and that’s The the concept of a 22 Survival Rifle Now I’ve seen a lot of videos kind of Recently knocking a 22 and uh I think there’s different reasons for That but uh I think the main reason why Um a lot of folks don’t like a 22 in a Survival role is um Sort of their mindset and uh there’s a Lot of mindset out there from people who Are in the military and people who are In the military Um For basically trained that you want to Engage targets at maximum distance and Actually survival or subsistence use of A 22 would be the actual opposite of That you don’t want to shoot until you See the whites of their eyes you want to Be as close to your target as possible So you can put that Target down and the Reason I say that is is I’ve done a lot Of hiking I’ve hiked all over the farms And wood lots and the lower peninsula Here in Michigan and in the northern Part of the lower Peninsula the sand Dunes and the woods up there and then All across the U.P um Long Lake Superior Sturgeon Gorge Wilderness I’ve hiked and I have ran into just a lot of small game Probably 90 percent of the hikes I’ve Been on I’ve ran into some kind of game That if I had a 22 with me and it was a

Survival situation I could have shot Something to supplement the food that I Already had with me and uh in my Experience and in my personal opinion a 22 isn’t a hundred yard gun A lot of People think that they can shoot at 100 Yards and with practice and the right Optics and stuff Um you certainly can But in uh my own personal experience the Closer with the 22 you are to your Target the better off Um you’re going to be and then that Comes down to um You’re gonna more likely than not in a Survival situation you’re gonna bump Into whatever game it is that you want To uh you want to uh shoot and um When That happens it’s going to be at close Range it’s going to be at probably 25 Yards or less you see a squirrel you see A rabbit whatever and uh and that’s Where I think a 22 set up properly can Actually help you a 22 isn’t a I know There’s been talk where 22 they talk About 22 and you know self for the use For self-defense but a 22 in my opinion Is a subsistence weapon it is a weapon That you use to basically feed yourself Dispatch animals and stuff and I believe That’s where it falls in I wouldn’t use A 22 for uh personal protection unless I Absolutely had to and uh

The other thing with 22s people kind of Knock the reliability of them and uh for Me personally Um Reliability in uh 22 for me Boils down to the ammunition and there’s Lots of different 22 ammunition out There but in my mind there’s only two Kinds there’s CCI Mini Mags and there’s Everything else because CCI Mini Mags Have always been the most reliable 22 Shells that I have ever used and uh There’s a lot of Um differences between 22 shells if you Take all the different 22 shells your Winchester’s your CCIS your remingtons Your federals whatever you put them all Right beside each other you’ll notice Differences in them and the one I’m Going to mention right now is the one I’ve noticed the most you look at Remington 22 ammunition Um like a Remington golden bullet they Are just slightly longer than some of The other 22 shells and I’ve found that Those shells that are longer those 22 Shelves that are longer Are more likely to have reliability Issues so I basically don’t use those I stay with uh the 22 shells like the CCIS that are shorter now not that There’s not some good Um other brands ammunition out there Probably my second if I had a second

Choice next to the CCI would be Winchester’s um Winchester’s have been Fairly reliable uh to me over the years As well and um So that’s basically the concept or the Context that I look at you know a 22 Survival Rifle if I want a 22 Um survival rifle and I actually do have A 22 uh survival rifle that I have set Up Um but I look at the 22 as something That’s a close range a quick snap Shot you know like a red dot on your uh Your 1022 or your uh 22 that you have You want to make a be able to use that 22 as a quick snap shooting gun you want You oh I seen something I’m gonna go Ahead and I’m gonna Quickly use it it’s not uh In that subsistence role I know there’s Target Guns and there’s things like that That are out there but uh Being able to make that quick snap shot In a short compact Package is I think what a 22 Survival Rifle should be but anyway I just Thought I’d want to have this quick Conversation with you guys kind of Um mentioning some of those things some Of those um experiences that I had and Some of my own My own personal knowledge of the Different things that I’ve done over the Years as far as using what some would

Call a 22 Survival Rifle anyway this Modern Refugee appreciate all my Subscribers out there hope you guys got A little information out of this video As always and you guys have a good one

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