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Now this is a must do prep for 2023. Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness We talk about a lot of things in Preparedness world We talk about self things that get Yourself sustainable Um that you can rely on yourself we talk About tribe Groups of people we talk about food Storage lots of things right So what do I feel is a must do for 2023 I want to get into that talk about some Things but first if you're not Subscribed Please Subscribe ring that Notification Bell for all Share the videos comment below thumbs up Thumbs down whatever you feel like Um Winter Is Gonna get worse The grid More than likely will not stay up for a Lot of people This will result in pain suffering and Possibly death Actually guaranteed death guarantee you That people will die this winter due to The grid being down somewhere but we're Not going to really talk about growing Down stuff like that in this video Um this is we're gonna talk about stuff That we can do outside

To get ourselves ready For 2023. We'll get into that With everything going on in the world Today what in the world could be talking About that's vital For this coming year Stockpiling food Good idea water great idea Medical supplies all the normal prepper Things yes definitely but I really like Going the direction of the whole home Steady thing Um self-reliance So how do you do that well you do things Like this You Garden you grow your own food raise Your own animals And even though it is winter a lot of People can still get out here in the United States and elsewhere and do Things to prepare their Gardens For this coming growing season we've Already seen increased prices we've Already seen Um shortages and it's not going to get Any better Some people in the United States and Other countries maybe the ground is Totally frozen it's under ice you know 10 feet of ice and all this stuff like That okay I get it Um maybe you can't some of you can't get Out and do things but a lot of you can

So I recommend you get out and do what You can if you don't have a greenhouse Build a greenhouse that's one of the Things on my list of my long list of Things to do same with bringing in Animals I talk about that all the time And we still haven't done it I know I Know I I'm not perfect so I'm doing what I can though as you can see I'm putting You know a bunch of organic stuff in my Raised beds trying to top them off fill Them up especially the older beds the Beds that I built new Um last year last growing season uh I'm Not necessarily doing that much with Because it's all still fresh but I'm Amending my soil I'm doing a lot of Other things and one thing I want to Talk about while you're out here working In this environment outside in the cold Because it's winter what do you need to Do you need to take care of yourself you Need to stay warm right so what are you Going to do if you're out here working You can layer up on a bunch of stuff you Can get a bunch of Merino wool and stuff Like that it's great great but another Thing I've been talking about lately is Um another option for that works really Well Um if via across a broad spectrum of Temperatures outside I'm talking about The Fortress base layer specifically Although their entire line of clothing

Is probably Um really good so far I'm giving the Base layer two thumbs up I'll show you What I'm talking about This Base layer Now that I got the proper size for me I Had a medium I found out I needed a Small so this fits nice fits like a base Layer should much better much more Comfortable I'll just kind of give you a Little Walk around and it is uh it appears to See like you can see you can push Through it's padded it's almost like Wearing a padded suit but the padding is In all the right areas to keep you warm And it's insulation it's not just Padding it's not a padded suit Um out here but where is it not it's not In here to make yourself bulky so you're Not all sitting like this walking around You know falling over having somebody Helping you get up it is a base layer Though it's not designed to be super Durable out there going through the Berry bushes and getting it all torn up It's designed to have a shell like I Showed you that shell people ask me About the shell all the time so let me Talk about that really quick Um it is free Tech I got it at Walmart I Mean it's it's just a civilian Camouflage Cheapo little shell type

Thing I wouldn't call that a good shell I wouldn't call it waterproof or Anything like that but you know that is What it is Um The Fortress clothing though I am an Affiliate links in the description below Never be cold again portable Heat Um it's you don't have to worry about You know buying more coal buying more um Firewood or layering up a bunch this is Good for negative five to 70 degrees And yes I have tested it I've been Wearing this base layer Um and the medium one I had before Um almost all day long every single day Since I got it for about two weeks now And I'm very very happy Um it is I mean it's amazing it's it's It really is it'll change your whole World check out the link in the Description below Um great company United States that are Mount Pleasant Utah you got to stay warm When you're out here doing these things So I mean even right now it is uh what Is it it's uh like 38 ish degrees here I Didn't look at the temperature right This second but it's about 38 degrees Maybe 35 Um and you know just in the base layer I Don't feel cold I feel fine there's There's a little bit of a breeze but uh Yeah I highly recommend you check out Their clothing it'll change your whole

World you'll never be cold again get the Stuff get the base layers the the you Know the stuff whatever you need for Your environment Um you can sweat in it you won't Be freezing afterwards so anyway enough About that it's I just I can't recommend It enough Um and like I've mentioned before I'm Only affiliated with two things my Patriot Supply and their ready hour food Buckets which you can also get um save You some money Um in the link in the description below Also Um so yes that is what it is Um I just I can't say enough about it Honestly I just I'm out here doing the Stuff Um and wearing this this clothing that I'm very very impressed with very Impressed with this company and I uh for The prices you're going to pay for what You get very very good deal very good Deal my 20 years in the military I wore A lot of high-end stuff arcterics cry Tier Um you know Blue Force Gear all the Different Um uh proper you know just uh kittannica A lot of different gear and this equals That or maybe even bests it for way less Money so anyway like I said enough about That let's talk about

What I'm initially what I want to talk About which is the gardening that is Going to be vital this year producing Our own calories is going to be Essential for 2023. Um animals also like I said we're Working on that but amending your soil Putting all kinds of organic material in There from your compost Rotate through your compost when you're Amending your soil and your beds and You're putting them to bed for the Winter take all the stuff out of your Compost piles if you got to take remove Some soil from your raised bed then Remove some soil put in your wheelbarrow Put all the good organic material in There put the soil back on top what I do Is you see all these containers around Here those are all empty so what I do is I container garden Every year but what I do is I don't Leave the soil in the containers for the Pla the chemicals and the Plastics to Leach into it what I do is I put fresh Soil in all the containers every year And then I put all organic organic Material in my beds all the greens all The good stuff with nitrogen powdered Eggshells for the calcium all kinds of Good stuff in there and then I use the The dirt and the soil from the Containers to top off the raised beds Because they all settle we know that um

If you've ever raised bed garden or Gardened anywhere you know the soil Settles it is it is what it is but use And take every opportunity you can right Now to amend your soil to get it ready Um I wouldn't be starting starts in a Greenhouse right now unless you're an Environment where you can some people Are very blessed and are in in an Environment where you can garden year Round that's amazing that is really cool Take advantage of that and do it grow Dehydrate freeze dry canned pickle Whatever You whatever method you choose to get Your crops and what you produce into Your long-term food storage rotation So this is vital please do this please Get out there Grow food it's going to be vital it's Going to be essential people please I would say grow as much as you possibly Can but don't grow more than you can Handle Make sure that what you're growing you Can handle I'm to the point where I Really can't handle as much as I have 24 Raised beds five in-ground areas and a Whole bunch of containers I think like 18 containers one two three four five Um six seven eight nine ten eleven Twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen Seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty Twenty one at least probably 22 there's

Some more around here a lot of Containers so um yeah Do everything you can grow everything You can prepare in any way you possibly Can I have a feeling it's going to get Ugly this year so Take it seriously and get your portable Warmth while you can Winter's only going To get worse so now is the time to jump On it Follow that link To Fortress clothing And get what you need whether it's a Base layer whether it's their extreme Um outer you know they're extreme Jackets or extreme pants they're um what Is it there's Hunter jackets I forget They have uh um they have shells they Have jackets they have pants they have Baklavas they have gloves they have boot Warmers they have socks they have all Kinds of stuff that will keep you warm Because in this environment we don't Know we're not always gonna be able to Just go inside and re-warm ourselves we May be operating out in this stuff for Extended periods of time whether you're Setting security whether you're working Outside whether you're patrolling Whether whatever you're out hunting Hunters this is great man great stuff to Get to sit around in but anyway I love You guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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