Also… WalMart Cheating On Prices & Food Shortage Updates | Empty Shelves Reports

Boots on the ground reports from South Africa, all across the USA and updates on the UK mail hack that has halted all outgoing packages from England. Empty shelves being reported all around and the egg prices keep rising.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

We got a Cyber attack against the UK Male how is the mail hacked we're going To get into that in addition to that we Got reports coming in from South Africa What's going on with their power grid They are culling chickens because they Don't have electricity we're also going To be getting into a issue that's Happening at some Walmarts uh where the Weights on meats are not being Accurately reported and you are being up Charged significantly so you need to be Watching those tags we're going to get Into that as well uh Walmart uh meet Weights you got to watch that carefully All right folks uh let's jump right into It uh Angela uh Cyber attack on the Royal Mail this is The UK mail Reported on Sky News my husband received An email this morning vest shipment he Was expecting from the UK will be Delayed due to Cyber attack and the Royal Mail is not allowing Parcels to be Posted at this time so that got me Digging and apparently over the last Week the Royal Mail International Service has been shut down due to a Cyber attack Yeah I know I know it's it's like male Getting hacked how can that be uh but Apparently all their computer systems That they use to track the mail going

Overseas Um got so mucked up by ransomware that Uh that they had to just bring the whole Thing to a halt so they haven't exported Any Mail Packages uh for over a week Everything's just gotten gummed up now I Have seen that over the last day that They have started limited overseas mail So they've they've started to get some Of those packages moving Um but but they are not receiving Packages anymore from the UK to go Overseas and they are um but they are Starting to allow uh envelopes that need To go overseas but there's still Backlogged they got that week worth of Of the mail that they're just not moving That they haven't moved yet and it's Going to take them a while to get caught Up and it sounds like sounds like the System is not fully functioning yet They're just starting some workarounds They lost their systems due to Ransomware and this is a big deal just Think about how much of the world moves From online purchases move through Amazon or whatever stores that deliver Directly to your home whether it's FedEx UPS or the U.S Postal Service or the UK Mail or whoever this is a these Logistical systems if they start stop Working it's going to cause a world of a Headache for everybody so just be Thinking through that how vulnerable are

You how dependent are you upon these Type of systems because the UK got Hacked it could I mean if you think the U.S Postal Service is beyond getting Hacked I have another thing coming for You Cindy in East Kentucky just got back From Kroger regular 12 eggs 419. that's Kind of what we're seeing elsewhere Fully stocked except the soup selections Were lacking so soups uh down in stock In Eastern Kentucky Tweedledee eggs in Iowa they are not so They are not sold out but they are over At five dollars a dozen for the cheap Brands uh but the non-caged eggs are Under four dollars a dozen Um we're seeing that in other places to The uh the cage-free eggs or free range Eggs these type of eggs are sourced Locally so if you're in Iowa it sounds Like that's under four dollars a dozen Here in uh Pittsburgh area it's just Over four dollars a dozen and that's Going to be different from area to area But the big commercial eggs are kind of Bad everywhere also pay attention to Food labels I've noticed tons of foods Now saying that they have bioengineered Ingredients in them I've uh gone back to My pantry and checked older products and Looked at the labels and some of the Same products Um they never used to have bioengineered Ingredients

Uh parrot Africa in South Africa here's Uh some reports coming in there Um City Power The troubles just keep getting worse for South Africa electricity crisis out of Stock Uh they're out of stock with items to Repair many substations a city power is Uh is in the Johannesburg area Uh due to load shedding the poultry Industry has had to call millions of Chickens in the Johannesburg area I now truly believe South Africa is on The brink of collapse like Zimbabwe Also from parent Africa South Africa crisis electricity crisis a Protest is expected this Friday National Shutdown is looming so that is something That we need to keep an eye on there to South Africa Um is a little bit it's a big deal okay South Africa is a is a player in the World economy and things have just been Getting worse and worse and worse there With the load shedding They have scheduled blackouts every Single day and that's been going on for Months now it's it's really bad Amy my local grocery outlet in Portland Oregon is completely out of eggs they Had to put cheese there instead of eggs To fill the empty places Uh Janet in central eastern Iowa close

To Nebraska Walmart is very low on Chicken and dairy items chocolate prices Are insane very little fruit Strawberries are three times as much as They were just three months ago out of a Lot of yogurt Sam's Club and Walmart no Rotisserie chicken at all yeah that's We've been seeing that that's for sure No made to go items and Sam's one whole Cooler section was shut off and plastic Around it we've been seeing issues with That they just can't get the parts to Replace them they've they've pushed off Repairs on these things and they're Having a hard time getting contractors To do the work they're having trouble Trouble getting the parts And a lot of these coolers are getting Older too so we're seeing that kind of Issue across the United States a lot of Coolers not just at Walmarts but other Stores as well are just going out like Crazy and and uh they're they're they're Struggling to keep them operational Um I lost my place though Um and Sam's there's one whole careers Section uh was shut off with plastic Around it I might have to treat myself To beef only on special occasions it is So expensive canned dog food 18 pack uh 25 Um Even the even the dogs can't eat these

Days it's too expensive right Um David in the Texas Panhandle yup Canned chicken is almost gone 5.99 for a Two can pack Six left after my purchase we're seeing Canned chicken disappearing Uh Jay in uh Walmart marketplace in Newton North Carolina 18 count large Eggs is 14.99 that's almost a dollar an egg That's crazy produce is looking like Garbage Overall the shelves were empty or uh What was there is extremely overpriced Uh oh one more thing finding items on The shelves past the expiration dates That that we've been seeing for quite a While do check your expiration dates Don't assume things even if it's canned Goods or whatever Dennis in Mesa Arizona No eggs at several Costco locations for The past several days not just one day But several days Patty in Walmart North Augusta this is the one I was talking About before where they're having issues With weighing things that you need to be Careful all right so keep a sharp eye Out for this uh Augusta Augusta south Carolina today I went there to pick up Something and decide to look around the Story to check the status of items which Have been reported in short supply eggs Were available in all sizes but the 60 Count is over twenty dollars there was

Milk and a small supply of heavy cream There was no half and half there was no Butter sour cream and yogurt The section was Considerably compressed even where they Had stuff a low supply of dried beans And rice they had a sale on holiday Spiral hams with a Best Buy date of February tag stated one dollar and one Cent a pound which is good I chose one Priced at 19 I weighed it because the Weight seemed to be incorrect when I Picked it up the ham weighed 11 pounds So shouldn't the price have been 11.11 According to my math I agree with you no One was available in the meat department After speaking with three persons I was Told by customer service that they were Aware of the issue but the price could Not be corrected needless to to say the Ham stayed at the store Walmart has Consistently been charging more than Stated prices lately in my area please Do be checking your receipts immediately After checkout or watch if you're doing Self-checkout watch the screen as you're Checking out things make sure that Things are priced accurately if someone Is checking you out it's a little harder To do make sure you check that receipt Right afterwards to make sure things are In order you you just got to remember What the prices were that were happening On when you're pulling things off the

Shelf and just kind of make sure that Those prices agree with what you're Seeing on your receipt if you have Reports that you want to send in please Do email them directly to me at Poplarrepairness or the Preferred option is actually just posted Under any video use the word update and Then give us some short geographical Location focus in on shortages things That are missing on your store shelves Or where things are empty and if you Have any reports from your workplaces Shortages you're hearing about out there Firsthand please do report those that we Can get those out to the Greater Community hopefully these are useful and Helpful to you these videos if you found This video useful please check out Another video from me right here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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