1. mexizona… as the illegals are well over 89% of the population in the SW of the US of mesco… 3rd world by 2030… civil wars… the gov vs the people with all tthe nice war toys the US taxpayers paid for to get chased out of every country that the stupid US sticks its nose in???? afghanistan is arabic for viet nam. just dont learn. not US problems it the 3rd world shiteholes are 3rd world civil war shiteholes????/

    1. com’on now. it may go up 45%, but cities would just force landlords/banks to house them, and at 50% vacancy houses would be worth $10,000. A collapse will not look like deflation, it will be persistent inflation, dripping money to the poorest, because the dirty little secret of the rich is, if we don’t spend, they are screwed. At least we are used to being broke, they aren’t

    1. oh God good move!!! Cheaper insurance, cheaper fuel costs and you don’t have to worry if it gets dinged up – if you are feeling pain over it, you could just paint some flames on it 😉

    1. The Washington Post recently reported that our own intelligence officers are observing the same signs of a pending collapse here that they were trained to observe overseas.

    2. US of mesco/afrika by 2030 and just another 3rd world shitehole with 55% poverty class of breeders that cant afford kids but the gov rewards indiscriminate breeding by the lessors that are not much smarter than a dog

    1. @Marybeth G They are tricking the public. It is irrelevant if cases are high, this does not mean everything should be shut down. If deaths starts soaring it is a different story, I would voluntarily isolate myself if this were the case but it has never happened and they are tricking the public by testing asymptomatic people who are turning up positive. But positive for what exactly? I think we are being tricked in many ways.

  1. Americans are still “embarrassed” to give up their luxuries. My family makes fun of me for growing food, telling me I am wasting my time. I should just make more money, well BS. I enjoy living with skills, I love knowing my food and nd investing my time in it.

    1. That’s what I find odd. People would rather work for money to pay someone else to grow their food when the same amount of work can grow more food by value.

    2. Samantha Cook You can get a hydroponic garden tower. They are not cheap but I know juice plus makes one I don’t sell them I have a neighbor who does and she gets a lot of food off of that so that something you could check out. If you’ve got us a small space in your home that you don’t mind having it there it’s not messy or anything

    3. I’m growing a garden too and working hard to get the credit card paid off so I can put extra towards the car pmt. Got my sights set on debt free and a tiny house away from people. I’m going bonkers wanting to be in nature.

    4. @Driven for Canada you can buy store bough potatoes and put them in a dark place and they”ll seed.Have you ever forgot about some and when you remember you see little stems coming out well those are seed potatoes. cut two eyes off then let set for three then plant!! good luck!!! lol..

    5. A lot of people also think they deserve everything others have or even worse, what they think others have. No you don’t, you have to earn it first. You do not deserve all the stuff, the car, the clothes etc etc until you can really pay for it.

  2. We are increasing our food preps, bought a school bus and are renovating into an RV (just in case), got a pressure canner to begin canning meats, veggies, potatoes. More weapons in near future. Have chickens. We feel it, too. We’ll be prepared for something. Like your channel.

  3. I use my points for Christmas too. I pay all once a month. I am debt free senior senior senior( very old lady). We live very simply. I do not support the firearms, but think you are a very wise and beautiful young lady.

    1. Joseph Smith I am not against hunting or defense of livestock. I live in Montana and grew up with them. I just do not need to carry one around, I was an excellent shot many years ago.

  4. I have zero debt and almost no possession. I sold just about everything in 2015 (houses, cars, furniture, and so) I feel great having almost nothing, less stress, less worry, less occupying my time. I’ve got more money in my possession now.

    1. John D
      Where this economy is going credit I think will be useless. It’s gonna be such a meltdown to the economy that crime will rise as people become more hungry and desperate. It’s best to liquidate any nonessential possessions you might have before people come for it. We are headed for the biggest meltdown in the history of the world….. minimalism is the right solution……for now.

    2. @John D – My husband was John D as well! Anyway, don’t fret about the rate dropping. Your credit rating going down is to be expected when you have no debt. The high rating so many want is so that you can borrow more money. It is a vicious cycle. Just remember the freedom and peace that comes from owing no one anything.

    3. @Robyn Downing what stinks is employers now take your credit score and history into account when hiring. Personally don’t think that should be hiring criteria.

  5. The economy should have crashed back in 2009 and they should have let it crash, now the problem is literally a thousand times worse.. They kicked the Can down the road and now they’re up against the wall, the IMF has stated that we need a complete Global Financial reset, the only way for that to happen is to scare the crap out of everybody and the virus is the only way to do it, the mask is the sign of the New World Order. With such high unemployment numbers and the virus scare running rampant, just wait until everybody’s stimulus Runs Out, we think we’ve seen unrest, we haven’t seen anything yet.. Of course it’s just my opinion.. life is only going to get harder and more strange as time goes on.
    I admire your life style, freedom from debt is freedom, it took me many years to get here and the lack of stress I feel from being debt free alows me to sleep well at night, keep up the good work, I enjoy your topics. 🙂

    1. Okay, if the virus is so bad why were Hospital ships unused and turned away, thousand bed stadiums dismantled and never used, here in Oregon the latest facts, per every 100,000 people tested average 85 confirmed to have covid-19, less than 1% of those needs hospital care, that’s less than one tenth of 1%… I know this is going to sound cold but most of those people that died had underlying health conditions or were elderly and dying anyway, not to mention all the numbers that were fudged, hospitals get funding for covid-19 from the number of positive cases that they get, another incentive to have positive cases.. where is the people’s personal responsibility if they have underlying health conditions if they’re afraid of this virus they need to stay the F home.
      And by the way just to make the naysayers happy,if I get it and die so be it, my freedom is more important to me.

    2. @Kerry Night read “scenarios for the future of technology and international development”, specifically the section titled “lockstep”. Then try to tell me that all of this bullshit wasnt planned on advance. Ready, set, go!

    3. @DisgruntledVet 11B I read it. They were imagining future scenarios that will be affected by technology and how that might affect philanthropy. Are you “thinking” that because they discussed the possibility of a future pandemic and how governments might react to it that they were responsible for COVID-19? Everyone with any education has been aware for many years that pandemics would be a part of our future. I read “The Coming Plague” back in the mid 90s. I don’t see anything suspicious about the article whatsoever, but then I’m not particularly paranoid. I’ll go back and read it on a website that is pushing conspiracy theories to see if I can understand where you are coming from. Take care.

    4. From what I have gathered through reading is that the only masks that truly work are the N95 masks, However, everyone would have to wear them to be truly effective as those masks are designed to let the person wearing it to let their air out, but not the virus particles in when you breath in. So anyone who doesn’t have one on would be susceptible. of course, I have also read that those masks don’t “necessarily” work agains this virus. Hard to know what to believe with all of the conflicting info. out there. I do know that some asian countries have been using them for many years because of bad air quality in their large populous areas and flu season. I am sure there are stats on that.

  6. “Social control over large populations is achieved through fear and intimidation and suppression of free thought; conditioning the public through propaganda, new dogmas replace good old common sense.” All the government ever served to do was violate our rights and remove our freedoms systematically, replacing them with permission slips and illusions of security …

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