…And No One Will Notice! | EU Starts SECRETLY Adding In Ze Bugs

Last week the EU quietly added bugs to manufactured and processed foods in Europe. Those with allergies and religious concerns are left with little information or recourse.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we've got big news coming out of The EU this is not being talked about of Course Um but this is actually a tip off from One of you uh viewers so I appreciate Those so this just last week the EU Changed the rules on what could be added Without any labeling onto products and They added two new ingredients crickets And mealworms they can now grind up Crickets or meal worms and into a powder And then put them into all sorts of Products all sorts of Prepackaged products without doing Anything other than just adding it as an Ingredient that has some serious Problems we're going to get into that And more folks This video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group if you have uh money that's In retirement funds that you want to Move out of stocks and bonds they Haven't been doing all that great Recently uh the last six months been Pretty brutal actually if you want to Get that over to silver gold Platinum Physical silver you want to talk to Jonathan and his team they can answer Your questions about how to get your IRA Or 401K switched over you can find them Down in the description down below So what is so bad about adding crickets And mealworms to processed foods now

At first I'll have to say this a lot of People are just absolutely just Flabbergasted by eating bugs and all That kind of stuff like that I've lived Overseas and I understand that other Cultures do eat bugs and that's that's Not that big of a deal certain types of Bugs and they're used to eating these Bugs okay So if you go to the Down to the Amazon you will you'll find People eating bugs if you go to certain Asian markets and stuff like that Certain bugs they'll eat if you go to American cities and you get crawfish Which are basically Yeah and lobsters they're basically bugs That live underwater So it's It's one thing to put bugs out there and People make a choice it's another thing When you start sticking in people's food Particularly and here's the issue here's The big issue allergies Those who are allergic to dust mites Crustaceans and mollusks Are highly likely to suffer allergic Reactions to these uh to the Crickets Basically so they're just going to take Something that people could be actually Quite allergic to they're just going to Start sticking in food and they're not Going to give any allergic warnings if They start sticking shellfish into food

Products they have to actually Market That they're shellfish in this because People can have allergic reactions but The woke agenda here is that everyone Needs to eat bugs because it's more Sustainable so therefore we're going to Just cut out all the safety rules we're Going to just go ahead and just put it Into processed foods And we won't tell anyone and just hope Nobody dies People who have shellfish reactions can Have very severe allergic reactions now They are required to put um for crickets The term is uh Um A cheetah domesticus That you know they can't they don't say Crickets they say a cheetah domesticus Here's just a list of products that they Are going to start putting cricket Uh powder into Multi-grain bread Multi-grain rolls crackers and Breadsticks cereal bars dry pre-mixes For baked goods so if you're just going To make some brownies And you're allergic to shellfish you Gotta check to make sure it doesn't have Shellfish in there because that's what You always check when you're making a Cake or brownies because why wouldn't There be selfish in there Cookies dry filled and unfilled pasta

Products sauces processed potato Products dishes based on legumes and and Vegetables Pizza General pasta and whey Powder products meat and analogs oh wait I see what you're doing there I see what You're doing there so all the beyond Meat stuff they're gonna stick the Crickets in there think about that Meat analogs vegetarian meat Alternatives are going to get crickets In there because Apparently crickets are vegetarian Think about that so they're gonna They're gonna make not they're gonna Make vegetarian food non-vegetarian and Not tell people That's just like them that's just like Them Soups and soup concentrate soup powder Cornmeal based snacks beer like Beverages so if you're trying to drink Beer Better check to make sure there's no Shellfish in there chocolate products oh You wanted to eat chocolate sorry Snacks except for chips and meat Preparations Friends imagine if you or someone you Love is allergic to shellfish And suddenly every single thing on the Shelf has now become a potential Shellfish it's when you're dealing with Allergies you just You should only stick things that people

A large portion of the population are Allergic to should only put those things In things that make sense for those Things to be in I don't usually check for certain things To be in pasta why because you wouldn't Stick that in pasta that's just Ridiculous And in To be sticking something that people Could be allergic to in everything and Barely mentioning it Is is downright a crime and It's this could injure people severely And kill people in Europe so this is What they're doing in Europe they've Already started doing this a little bit In the United States But I haven't seen them do this a lot Yet if they start doing this big time in The United States as well as Europe If you have a shellfish allergy I I Don't know what you do except wander Around with an EpiPen and and just Really really watch what you you go to a Party and you're trying to eat some Snacks that other people lay out like This is a serious problem it's a serious Health risk I mean we were talking about Like the the few people that Um that get injured from this or that But suddenly they do something like this Where it's significantly Endangering us a a fairly large number

Of people out there and You know it's the woke agenda and it It'll just steamroll everything safety Isn't really a thing that they're Concerned about they say safety safety Safety safety safety but one thing after The next they do things that just Completely undermine everyone's safety Um gun control is a perfect example and They they do this all the time is that They're removing people's Law-abiding people's ability to protect Themselves It's statistically shown that when you Do that it increases the crime rate Increases violent crime But see the purpose isn't safety for you The purpose is safety for the government You see once you realize that Everything Changes see it's not Sustainability for the planet Sustainability for governments and their Power This is what everything really comes Back to the whole big agenda from the Top down is really all about just one Thing control Controlling you and and putting you in Your place Forcing you to do the things that you Don't want to do And sifting constantly out of society The people that object to it This is what happened over in Dragon

Country They used the lockdowns they used all That kind of stuff To make people disappear who do they Make disappear the people who spoke out The people that spoke out they did the Same thing in Canada They did the same thing in parts of Europe They made people disappear In China and allegedly in other places And if we don't watch them and watch Them closely and stop them by observing And speaking It's just going to go downhill from There all right folks keep your eyes out For those type of stories out there Things that they're just trying to slip Right on through they're just kind of Trying to move things forward they're Trying to shut down the airports they're Trying to shut down shipping they're Trying to shut down Um they're moving the ball on making Internal combustion engine illegal in Places like California they just one Rule after the next they're trying to Move their agenda so far forward that it Can never be rolled back And once again it's not what they say It's about it's about control Friends if you don't stand up if you Don't push back if you don't speak out It's going to be really really awful

Hard to push back later all right Friends if you found this video useful Or helpful you might want to check out This other video right here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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