Another Thing THEY Don’t Want YOU To Know

French protests are much bigger than they are telling you. What you need to know and what is the impact of what is going on over there?

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There is a media blackout happening Right now and that is is by no mistake Friends uh if you go into Google and you Type in French uh protests or or uh Pension protests all you're going to Find is you're going to find how heroic The government of France is you're going To find out that uh that the you know There's a couple little protests here And there but really how Brave and Bold And everything like that the French Government is for pushing through these Uh these pension reforms in complete Contradiction to what uh the protesters Are out there saying you know there's a Few tip protests but friends if you go Over onto Twitter and you start looking At what's happening with the French Protest it is not a few minor protests Um the French government is saying that Uh that they were expecting 800 000 to 1 million at 230 Pre-planned events uh for one day but Then I go over onto Twitter and I see That they have been protesting all week Long and when I start looking at these Videos I'm not seeing Um you know a few people here protesting I'm seeing people beating back police Lines people throwing rocks at the Police lots of fires it does not look Like your tea party protests this looks A whole heck of a lot more like you know BLM protests you know peaceful protest

Friends I'm not saying that necessarily The people that are out in these Protests all the unions are together a Lot of the people out on the streets Right now are very uh on the liberal end Of things and if you're there that's Cool I know a lot of the viewers of this Channel are are on the opposite side of Things and they would maybe not look too Kindly to the people on that end of Things but then also you have a lot of Conservative people out there in force Too not necessarily against the pension Raising the limits and everything like That but there much more concerned about The government overreach so you're Seeing multiple different kinds of sides Coming at these protests from different Directions for different reasons there's Some protesting just the government Overreaches other people are protesting Because they want their money and they Don't want the pensions to go up and There's a lot of young people in the Streets that are protesting right now And it is a big deal they are literally Bringing France to the brink they are Halting fuel deliveries they are like I Said there is widespread fires these People have been protesting all week Long now for the past week There's rocks There's fires there they are attacking Police which I do not in any way Recommend but we're also seeing

Estimates from actual organizers and Everything like that saying two to five Million people in France now eight Hundred thousand to five million is a Pretty big discrepancy there where is The number I'm from the news blackout I'm seeing on Google and some of these Other social media sites I am starting To think that this is an organized uh Suppression of information once again They are telling us not to believe our Eyes they're telling us what we're Supposed to believe about uh they're Going to be telling us all sorts of Awful things about these protesters Right now they're telling us that There's very few of them and they're not Doing anything and they're really Irrelevant anyway let's all just clap For the heroic French government so Folks when I see big Tech colluding to Suppress information like this I of Course immediately get more interested And I'm digging in more and I will be Having some follow-up information on This I'm on the road in Kenya right now So I don't have access to the ability to Embed videos and stuff like that so Right now I just want to point you in The direction of this news story that Nobody's talking about out there it's Big France is a big economy in Europe if France comes to a halt that's going to Really throw

Spoke in the wheel of the European Economy as a whole this is a big deal Out there there are refineries they're Transportation all that stuff is a big Deal out there folks all right folks if You found this video to be useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video from me right here I'll see You over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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