1. Like the hat-don’t give a d*mn what anyone says. Tech is good for preppers if they protect from EMP and have back up power sources. Data on Blu rays and DVDs are not effected by EMP. We also need to explore older steam technology. Wood or coal can be found anywhere.

    1. Robert Blakemore

      SOLAR FLARES ARE NOT EMP’s EQUIVALENTS. STOP TRYING TO COMPARE THE TWO. a TRUE emp is the equivalent to a nuclear bomb. It’s not going to just stop at a faraday cage or a magical black box or any of that bs. IT WILL WIPE OUT EVERYTHING WITH AN ELECTRICAL CURRENT or electrical wires and the impact of the wave will kill all life forms in it’s radius. Hell, the tech doesn’t even exist yet, anyways so there’s no study to prove either way

    2. @R Swamp I depends on the technology and the power, location, and duration of the EMP event. Older technology such as generators without inverters, engines with little or no electronics will probably run, vacuum tubes and most vacuum tube based devices should still work. However modern solid state technology is very susceptible. Anything with transistors, ICs or microprocessors will most likely be wiped out. I have an old AM/SW vacuum tube radio which beyond its sentimental value I will keep running. Get vinyl records. Get an old all tube radio, turntable with crystal cartridge and all vacuum tube amplifier. skip the TV because DVDs, VCRS and other video playing devices with solid state components probably won’t work. Find a supply of V tubes to build a small AM transmitter. If you can find some all V tube CB radios on ebay.

  2. Oh I love the hats!!!! My husband and I haven’t really thought about prepping. I guess this is something we should be thinking about. You have some amazing informative videos! Love them!

  3. It’s best to have a “gearing down” plan where you slowly wean yourself off modern tech, while protecting/conserving it, as you perfect older technology/methods and hone your skills in earlier forms of tech. Keep using what you can over the long-term while preserving what you have to slowly move away from so it can be put back into use at a future point of time.

  4. Yes, I believe I do have food for two years. I am now working at storing enough water for that same period of time. But I have been at this since 1990! That is when Jesus told me to move out of So. CA promptly, because “Bad Things were Going to Happen there.”. I took that to mean that bad things were going to happen all over the country, but Cali was going to be first! Surely glad that I listened and obeyed. We lived in a double wide mobile home in a trlr. park. We never would have been able to sell it for what we did if I had not listened. The park we lived in is now a ghost park!

  5. Gardening is a skill that takes time to acquire so it’s important to start learning now. Even experienced gardeners can have a bad season due to weather or insects so food storage can fill in the gaps. Growing a variety of foods helps to minimize a bad season with one crop as a different crop may have a productive season. Another way to increase productivity is to research and grow varieties that grow best in your area.

  6. Sheesh….can’t even wear a cap anymore without being accused of wearing “devil horns”. And many of us talk with our hands…and now get accused of giving illuminati hand signals. Even the “A-OK” sign….made with thumb and forefinger… and has been used FOREVER to simply mean okay….is now a newly evil symbol. I refuse to let anyone put a new definition on ordinary, age-old symbols, to try and control what I do. People see what they want to see. If they are looking for Satan behind every gesture, it would be better if they kept their obsession to themselves. This has fallen into the realm of the ridiculous. Keep wearing your cute Viking cap. Those of us with common sense know what it represents.

  7. There is a practical middle ground between being a Luddite or being George Jettson every position has something positive to offer ,just choose wisely . Great video . Peace , be free .

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