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Are you prepping like this Hey everybody it's Mike with Asymmetrical preparedness Thank you guys very much for being here I appreciate all your support all the Awesome subscribers your good comments All the thumbs up all the help of the Channel I really appreciate you guys Um today I want to talk about Preparedness generally speaking and are You living Breathing Preparedness Is it a way of life just like Fitness is A way of life Just like a lot of things are a way of Life some are positive some are negative Preparedness and living a preparedness Lifestyle Is very good very advantageous Now it can be taken to an extreme where It is not good for your mental state of Mind Also always ingesting the fear-based Stuff I get it every once in a while in Moderation yeah I love it because some Of the fear-based stuff you guys know What channels I'm talking about they get You going they get you thinking well I Really need to ramp up my game and that Is important But taking it slow and steady is my Approach and the approach I recommend

I used to say all the time my videos Prep a little every day Because preparedness and prepping is Living insurance That's very true Life insurance is actually death Insurance we know that Prepping is actually living insurance It's insurance that you might actually Live you might actually get through Situations whether it's zombie Apocalypse the end of the world as we Know it whether it's you know uh in Times whether it's shtf whether it's Natural disasters whatever it could be Personal it's HTF though too could be You get really injured and you lose your Job it could be a plethora of things Foreign Along with preparedness Doing the things yourself A very important aspect of preparedness And being truly prepared is tribe Mutual Assistance groups what most people refer To them as I like tribe because it's That close-knit family type atmosphere I'm a member of a couple tribes I have a Homesteading group Um I have another group that's kind of Like more just like like-minded people I Have another group that is more on the Tactical side of things but Those home the homesteading group and The tactic group you get them together

I'll tell you what right there buddy Yeah I feel that Preppers and homesteaders Need to be like this Homesteaders need to prep Preppers need To be more homesteading because Homesteading is true self-reliance Self-sufficiency now of course even if You're homesteading you can't do Everything you can't produce everything You can't make a flannel shirt I can't Make boots well some people may be able To but I can't Um and I can't do everything So tribe I have tried members of homesteaders I've tried members that are medical I Have tribe members that are former Military as well as just like me The variety of skill sets and knowledge Because I can't do this all myself That's very important so what do I mean About Prepping Is a lifestyle eat breathe live Preparedness that doesn't mean you have To just take it like to absorb absurd Lengths what that means is that you do a Little every day and that you Incorporate preparedness into your Lifestyle that you make prepping fun a Lot of activities or go right in line With preparedness you could be repelling Mountain climbing kayaking biking hiking

Rocking Defensive tool sports Hunting fishing all those kind of things There's a lot to it gardening Homesteading knitting sewing canning Cooking Medical stuff there's a lot to it Um as well as the fun activities like I Said camping and stuff like that camping Goes right in hand with preparedness Bushcraft Wilderness survival all that Stuff and it helps you build the skills That will be necessary to get through Tough events which is another thing that Is very important Um whether it's a small scale personal Shtf short-term intermediate long term Personal widespread Maybe it is total another collapse of Societies we know it that's where tribe Really comes in people will be forced Into tribes then Um because there won't be any other Options you can't do it alone you can't Set proper security Um by yourselves Um actually I'm talking I talked Recently uh on patreon about proper Security And how to set it and the fact that it's Labor intensive and Manpower intensive So um if you want to join us on patreon Check us out links in description below It's a dollar a month lots of good

Content there also check out the links In the description below there's a Couple other good ones in there that You'll find some good stuff Um but yes It doesn't mean freaking out and Worrying all the time Um what it is is prepping his peace of Mind so what preparedness lifestyle Means is that you're just you're always It's always part of your life just like Working out is exercise and fitness am I Doing it 24 hours a day no am I doing it 10 hours a day no maybe I'm only doing It an hour or two a day maybe a half Hour a day but it's still part of my Lifestyle it's something that I do every Day and it is something that is Advantageous to me Being a good health is important to me As well as preparedness is important to Me when I go to the store pick up a Couple extra items that is one way of Making it your lifestyle and like I Mentioned before the activities Um Learning all the fun things out there Like the fishing all this all those kind Of things you can do as a family family Oriented stuff it's a great way to prep Building skills and or experiences That's not necessarily like You know it doesn't take much effort as Far as not wanting to do it it's more of

Something that is enjoyable and there's A lot of activities out there that are Enjoyable I enjoy bushcrafting I don't Get a lot of chances to do it that much Anymore just because I'm always busy Um doing other things But It's it's it can be a lot of fun Um going and identifying Bug Out Locations can be a camping trip for the Weekend A hiking trip identifying sources of Food water exploring your community That can be fun So please Do a little bit a little bit every day If you're new to preparedness Just do the simple things don't over Complicate it make sure you have the Basics make sure you have food water the Ability to cook on or off grid make sure That you have you know basic things like A knife first aid kit eye fact whatever Um that's one thing medical stuff is Often overlooked in the preparedness Community I feel Um some Um that's their expertise but that's a Few people with that expertise I know a lot of people that have ifax And they talk about ifax a lot which is Individual first aid kit it's a blowout Kit a trauma kit so if you get it's Basically if you get shot

But a lot of people I feel have them and Don't know how to use them don't know Really what to do or how to do it so Take a first aid class take a trauma Medicine class take a t Triple C Class Any of those classes that they're Offered around sometimes they're free Sometimes they cost some money but it's Well worth the investment just like Tactical training is well worth the Investment I would much rather you guys Spend money on some good good quality Tactical training than buying the latest Gadget or some you know expensive piece Of gear you don't need or a three Thousand dollar defensive tool instead Of an 800 one or a thousand dollar one It's not worth it buy a you know 800 to A thousand dollar one uh you know put a Little bit of money into it buy a bunch Of the seeds for practice Um and get out there and do it that's Much more Um that makes much more sense so I hope You guys take this seriously Um winter is only going to get worse and The grid I mean we've already lost power Twice for what five six seven hours at a Time which isn't that big a deal and We're set up for it but the fact is We've already lost power twice we Usually we went 10 years without losing Power at our location We've already lost it twice with a

Substation attacks the Transformer Attacks power stations all that stuff as Well as the severe storms Um on the way and throughout the winter Yeah it's much more likely that we'll Have to be able to do things off grid so Make sure that you have that squared Away because if you don't you're going To suffer Um and maybe die so um take it seriously And like I said slow and steady wins the Race a little bit at a time some people Ask is it too late to prepare well it's Never too late it's never too late to Start preparing So don't feel bad if you're starting off Now you can still do this you can still Get adequate supplies Um much more adequate than probably 80 90 percent of Americans have Um even though the preparedness Community is growing I feel that the Events of the last two years three years Have um gotten a lot more people Awakened to the aspect of preparedness Which is a good thing it's a bad thing That it happened but it's a good thing That more and more people are on board As a matter of fact with everything That's gone on recently and the Increased prices and the shortages and All this other stuff going on I'm really Surprised that everybody isn't on board With at least a basic level of

Preparedness I talk to people all the Time that surprise the heck out of me That I never would have thought they'd Be into preparedness and they are now So make sure you do the things get out There Love you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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