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Moldovan government in turmoil after Russian missiles enter their airspace and the looming threat of invasion seems closer than ever. US approves disaster relief waver for Syria and a major gas & diesel pipeline in the US is shutdown due to a leak.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got a whole bunch of news Items we're going to be covering we're Going to be covering the uh surge uh Offensive this uh in Eastern Europe We're going to be covering the moldovan Government collapsing we're going to be Covering uh what's going on newest Reports uh Syria that the United States Is approving Aid to Syria uh we also Have of course our other uh unpowered Unidentified flying object that was shot Down over the Pacific we have a ICBM Test that the United States has Conducted over the Pacific as well we're Going to be getting into a pipeline that Has been shut down a gas and Diesel Pipeline in the United States actually Two pipelines and we're also going to be Talking about some of these updates on Bird flu which are very concerning You're going to want to stick around for All of it this video is brought to you By Genesis Gold group so if you have Retirement funds that you want to move Out of so uh stocks and bonds over into Something stable like silver or platinum Or gold physical in a vault for you you Want to talk to Genesis Gold group and Jonathan down in the description down Below you can find their information They'll answer all your questions all Right let's jump into this offensive Many of you have probably heard this

Already but we're looking at one week Out where is this information coming From that's always an important question To ask uh Russia's not saying this but Ukraine is so Ukraine does have a uh Does have the reason to boost those Numbers in order to get more aid but at The same time those are shocking numbers 500 000 troops massing off their uh Their borders uh potentially even coming In from through Belarus 1800 tanks 700 new aircraft coming uh Into this offensive once again this is Coming from their government and uh what What they're saying in order to get more Relief more weapons and everything like That you do want to take that with a Grain of salt whether they're pumping The numbers up or whether they're Pumping the numbers down in order to uh You know give themselves a morale boost Or anything like that so uh what what is The actual numbers on that we don't know But it does seem to be General consensus That over the next week we're expecting To see a massive new offensive uh in Eastern Europe There has been a response to some of the Most recent events uh a barrage of new Missiles came in over Theory you know allegedly over Romania But Romania saying those missiles did Not cross into our airspace however Everyone agrees that those missiles did

Go across moldovan airspace and just the Very next day the moldovan government Collapsed now when I say collapsed we Remember we're in a parliamentary system There so that means basically uh the the Coalition For that that approved so basically the Parliament is saying like we don't like You anymore we want to replace the Government with a new government and of Course the government is made up of uh Parliamentarians inside the uh the Ministers and stuff like that are Actually elected out of the body so when It's collapsing it means basically a new Election takes place within the Parliament uh not necessarily a general Election if they cannot agree on the new Government then it will go to a general Election so it's not like the government The country is collapsing but what Happened is that they're going to have a Change in government and this happened Right after Missiles violated their airspace Russian Missiles so that is a concern there and Uh the it appears at this point that the Government that's going to replace the Moldovan government that was very Pro-european is the new government it's Going to be pro-european as well of Course we'll have to see what happens When those votes uh take place but it Looks like that's the direction things

Are going in shouldn't change things too Much but there's always that concern Especially after there's a conflict that Things will take a different direction Of course Bear country has said basically that if They don't like things going the way They're going in in Moldova that could Be the next Eastern European uh Situation so apparently they seem to be Saying that that they're very interested In what's happening there and they feel That that's close enough to their border And within their sphere of influence That That they're not going to accept certain Things happening in Moldova now of Course once again let's throw out there That the United States does not accept Influence and meddling in western Hemisphere the United States says the Whole hemisphere is ours and you can't Come over here and do stuff that we Don't like if we don't like it we're Going to come in there and we're going To overthrow governments and we're going To make sure that friendly governments Are in place and we've done that in a Lot of places all throughout South America and Central America so Um let's let's keep things in Perspective here I know we're the good Guys we're the good guys they're the bad Guys and that makes all the difference

To some people we can do whatever we Want to do because we're the good guys But as things go forward with with what Happened with the pipeline over there News coming out there just not being Answered properly Um oh well that's just a stupid report It has no basis in fact well it's very Specific and it literally lays out Exactly how we did it that does concern The world and both Bear Country and Dragon country have said that the United States needs to give a much more Complete rebuttal to this because it's Very serious accusations makes me not so Proud to be an American uh this week Honestly because just seeing that I mean We knew that was already kind of there But when they lay it out what we did is Just very disheartening if that's what Happened so you know are we the good Guys anymore it's it's becoming more and More debatable and that's not a happy Place to be moving over to actually Where we are being the good guys at Least for once of course it's because we Maybe weren't being good guys but Syria Has had sanctions on it so relief Aid Has not been able to go into Syria from The United States and we've been Blocking a lot of other countries from Doing that as well we did just approve a Waiver for 180 days for us the United States as well as other countries to

Send in Aid to Syria so uh there's just Tremendous Devastation there some people Have asked the question why isn't anyone Reporting on what's happening in Syria The simple answer to that is nobody can Get into Syria no westerners can get Into Syria to see what's going on to see The effects of the damage there it's Uh you know almost assuredly just Catastrophic there and so uh with Aid Workers going in now we're going to Start hearing a lot more information and Hopefully uh if journalists can get in There too though I don't know if Journalists want to go to Syria because They may see that as a little too Dangerous uh because they might end up In a Syrian prison if they say something That the government doesn't like and That's the very real thing there another Unpowered flying object shot down off The coast of Alaska As cylindrical and silverish unpowered Flying object that sounds like a balloon But nobody seems to know exactly what This is it was at forty thousand feet You've met probably heard about that on Other channels Um what is new is that with a hearing That was on it that was given to uh Senators as well as congressmen uh Classified briefing Senator Hawley came Out of there and and raised an important Issue that was asked about whether the

United States uh firms and businesses Actually helped build both the original Balloon or this this new object is it Potentially possible that American firms American Technology was used against us And that and that was not answered Sufficiently apparently so uh Senator Hawley saying that that that that wasn't Answered there wasn't a definitive no Definitely this is all uh you know Chinese Tech he Was not satisfied with that response and I don't know if we should be but Hopefully that those answers will be Coming in this next short bit uh the the Package underneath the first balloon has Been identified and located but as of Yesterday it had not been retrieved so How quickly they're going to get a sub Out there to pull it off off the ocean Floor we will see on that the United States just test fired an ICBM over the Pacific Ocean landed in the ocean of Course it was unarmed it wasn't carrying A payload but test firing a Intercontinental ballistic missile That's capable of hitting anywhere in The world with nuclear payloads with Potentially multiple Warheads is of Course a flexing of the muscles and Saying you know we're strong and by Shooting it into the Pacific Ocean kind Of makes it point the finger sort of at A particular country which we will name

Dragon country right so China is Probably looking at uh this says uh a Threat to them or potentially to North Korea or both basically saying you know Hey you know countries do this kind of Uh flexing and the United States is Doing it right now as kind of a hey Remember we have a nuclear Arsenal Uh Kinder Morgan's gas and Diesel Pipeline from Los Angeles over to Las Vegas and Phoenix was shut down after Leak this is the Cal nav and the sfpp West pipelines they're reporting no Injuries or fires but there was a leak In the system and that they don't know How much was leaked or where it was Leaked just yet they are working to Identify that but as of the right now The Cal nav and the sfpp West pipelines Are shut down no gas or diesel or jet Fuel are heading from the coast inland To airports and everything like that I will say this though of course all Along these pipelines they have storage Facilities and so when things are moving Along the pipeline it's not like oh it Stopped moving and so we're going to Suddenly run out there's storage Facilities along the way however Certain things are stored a lot less Than other things so jet fuel has a Tendency to have relatively small Storage at airports and such like that So if they stop getting fed from the the

Pipeline then they can run out Relatively quickly but of course that Can be sub Um you know subsidized by other airports Air airplanes can fly into that airport With full jet fuel enough to fly back Out so they don't need to necessarily Tank up when they get to the airport They can Implement these kind of things We saw this happening in Orlando just The other month so this is not Mission Critical at this point but it could Start causing issues along the way in The near future and airplanes mainly Have to start uh re-tanking at alternate Airports before they go into Los Angeles Las Vegas and Like Phoenix and such Las Vegas obviously a lot of planes go there Gas and Diesel should have stockpiles at Those locations so we shouldn't see Initially as long as they can get the Pipeline back up and running in the near Future we shouldn't see too much of an Impact from that finally bird flu we're Having a lot more problems with bird flu Affecting not birds and inside the United States now so I had someone who Commented said basically this isn't the United States it's all the way down in Peru it's not a big deal one it's not Necessarily a threat to us and two it's Really far away from us well in the United States we now have a bear Basically they they spotted a bear that

Was having seizures which can be Associated with bird flu they put the Bear down and tested the bear and found That it had symptoms in line with what Bird flu looks like inside a mammal and Also that it did test positive for uh Bird flu now once again these these Tests can have false positives but also A mountain lion this is all in Colorado A bear a mountain lion and a skunk were All tested positive both the mountain Lion and the skunk actually had perished By the time they got there they Recovered the animals and just did an Autopsy to just trying to figure out What what they died of what's going on And they tested positive for bird flu And had injuries internal injuries in in Keeping with what bird flu does to to Mammals and so uh internal damage as Well as neurological damage and so it Seemed like that that could be we could Be having some bird flu spreading over To mammals inside the United States in Peru very troubling that they have over 500 animals mammals that particularly Most of them sea lions at this point That have gotten bird flu and are dying And mass which is very concerning and Disturbing of course Peru as having Protests still not quite as much as they Were the previous month but they had Some really crazy protests going on so For this should be taking place and

Being noticed with all the problems they Have in the country kind of makes you Wonder just This has to be pretty bad for them to be Noticing us considering they have so Much else going on in the country that They probably are focusing on more uh And this is just kind of slapping them a Face like we can't ignore this this is a Big deal uh so we're we're hearing more And more news out of there and we'll see If other countries in the area are Having similar issues but a crossover of Bird flu from birds to mammals is very Concerning because like I said the death Rate on this thing is off the charts Bird flu when it is contracted by humans Is very very deadly uh if it starts Spreading rapidly through humans it's Very contagious uh once Once it it does cross over like birds Are very very contagious but of course It's very hard for it to skip from birds To to humans they have to be like very Close proximity like people were working With with uh with with chickens a lot And everything like that have a lot of Exposure but Uh the problem is that um it's extremely Deadly but of course these things get Less deadly the more contagious they Become so if it adapts to humans then it Will probably become a lot less deadly But it will become much more

Transmissible Um of course we've had a bunch of these Conversations about another cough cough Kind of thing going on out there but uh So if the if the lethality stays as high As it is and the transmission ability Goes up significantly for humans that is Very concerning but we expect what will Probably happen is The lethality will Come down significantly as the Transmissibility goes up if that makes Any sense to you then great if it Doesn't Um sorry I'm doing my best here to Explain I don't have a PhD I don't have A doctorate I don't I'm not a medical Doctor so this is just news as best as I Can handle it out to you so you can Search these things for yourselves if You guys have information you want pass Along you can pass along directly to me At popular preparedness I'm Going to be a little bit out of pocket Over the next couple days but I will be Back in Pocket soon hopefully and I'll Be trying to check my email as best I Can still alright folks thanks so much For watching if you want to check out Another video there's one right here on The screen if you haven't subscribed or If you've been unsubscribed by somebody You might want to click that button to Get re-subscribed thanks so much for Watching I'll see you guys later Steve

Poppler out

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