Atmospheric Oddities Across the Continents

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Signs of magnetic shifts continue across the planet from 90F hail storms blanketing parts of Saudi Arabia, agricultural catastrophe in France from absurd cold with Majorca’s red blizzard alert. In Asia the fastest wind speeds ever recorded in April for a tropical system near the Philippines and Beijing engulfed by 3rd decade intensity sand storm in five weeks.

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Hailstorm blankets Saudi Arabia’s Ha’il in white
Floods in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s Hail was blanketed in white on Saturday
Surigae is now the strongest typhoon on record for April as it approaches the Philippines – sustained winds of 180mph
April snow hits the island of Mallorca, Spain
Stay clear of the Mallorca freezing mountains, hikers told
Snow on the sunshine island
France declares emergency as freak cold snap wipes out one-third of wine crop
France Declares Emergency as Freak Cold Snap Wipes Out One-Third of Wine Crop
Watchers News Headlines
Beijing engulfed by third major dust storm in five weeks, China
Moscow breaks 140-year temperature records amid days of unusually warm conditions, Russia
Heaviest rainfall in 40 years triggers flash flooding in Singapore
Typhoon “Kammuri” breaks coldest cloud-top temperature record
Largest Dust Storm in More Than a Decade Blanketed China This Week
Massive Dust Storm Hits Beijing – But That’s Only Half the Story
China’s historical record when searching for tropical cyclones corresponding to Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) shifts over the past 2 kyr
A 1,000-Year History of Typhoon Landfalls in Guangdong, Southern China, Reconstructed from Chinese Historical Documentary Records
“Record-Shattering Cold” Hits Central US

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