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Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness apologize for The lighting I gotta do film videos when I have time Um we are in the midst of snow Apocalypse 2.0 here if you can see it on The ground up there there you go you can See it's white it's coming down pretty Good it is currently 28 degrees and Coming down pretty good Um vehicles are covered roads are Starting to uh get snow on them but we Just got back from Um watching the new Avatar 2. Thumbs up two thumbs up my wife thinks It's better than the first one Um I don't think it's better than the First one because the first one you're Introduced to all the new stuff and it's All new anyway enough about that it's Not what the video is about but good Movie Um we watched the movie while my son my 14 year old was in band practice Um it's a three hour plus movie though Let me tell you that so and on the way Home we stopped by Costco to pick up Some stuff One of the biggest the biggest thing we Noticed at Costco was they were last Time we were there it was two dozen eggs Or two things of eggs per person or per Family This time

Gone That's how many eggs I had zero they Were completely out of eggs We keep hearing about this right the Nationwide egg shortage and for comments On people saying oh I don't know you Know we don't have a shortage chickens Because Um we uh you know they don't we have so Many 300 million chickens or whatever And they only call you know five million 10 million Um but hey you know it may be the kind Of birds they're they're culling um I Listen to popular preparedness earlier Um talk about just that and how they're Different kinds of birds and stuff like That so I'm not even going there watch His video good Channel there subscribe To him uh but what I want to talk about Is just the fact that we may not be Seeing the actual reflection of the real Numbers Um because some place like Costco being Completely out of eggs That's an indicator an indicator of Things are getting worse increased Prices well I hear a lot of people I was Just on you'll see this Um tomorrow more you'll see this Tomorrow morning so Tuesday morning but Monday night right before I was filming This I was watching uh Magic Preppers Live stream that's another good Channel

Go check them out and people were Talking about Um The increased prices and how egg Prices are going skyrocketing well yeah Because places like Costco are completely out I haven't been To Walmart recently so I don't know if They're completely out but We that's just one indicator of the Issues that are going on though Um expect A lot of inflation Increased prices and shortages because Um a lot of people so people that raise Their own chickens for one thing let's Talk about chickens a little bit more But actually before I get into that Topic please if you're not subscribed Please Subscribe ring the notification Bell for all if you are thank you very Much for being here Um all of you guys though please hit That thumbs up or thumbs down whatever You choose comment below and share the Videos that would greatly help Um me and us reach more people and bring Them into the preparedness fold like I Said mentioned you know um popular Preparedness magic prepper go to all the Prepper channels and subscribe to them Please Um so where was I going with that um Um Yeah okay yeah that's what I was

Thinking all the people that have you Know like my neighbors have chickens People down the road have chickens People down the road of chickens people All around me have chickens right so Even if you have your own chickens you May see most people do that egg Production drops off in the colder Months unless you're specifically set up To Um like have heat lamps in there Um those Sun lamps stuff like that so That your chickens will keep laying Throughout the winter so what that means Is in the winter months more people are Buying eggs Because the people that normally get Eggs from their chickens they aren't Laying as much so they're having to buy Eggs So that exacerbates the problem even Worse There's a lot of cause and effect type Things out there I think a lot of this Is agenda based also I heard something Recently I guess there's some agenda or Push for eating human flesh now I know The push for meatless Society I know the Whole agenda of wanting to eat bugs Um lab-grown chicken lab grown beef Um you know and then all the stuff like Beyond meat the vegan and vegetarian Stuff Um that's made out of soy and or other

Stuff there's other stuff out there That's better Um sources of protein that are like Vegan like vegetable proteins and stuff Like that but Soy is just it's not good For you at all soy is one of the most Highly Gmod Products there is out there because it's Used in so many different things same With corn corn and soy are I think the Top two I could be wrong but two wheat Also maybe Um and that's one reason let's talk About wheat for a sec wheat shortages And everything like that increasing Prices it affect everything I mean I say Bread prices going up Um and one note one thing I note about That is how people Um you see so many more people nowadays That are gluten intolerant gluten Intolerant well it's actually probably a Lot of them aren't actually gluten Intolerant what they are is they are Pesticide intolerant because the massive Amounts of chemicals used on the wheat To keep the bugs down to increase Production stuff like that as well as All the gmoing of the products the wheat The corn the soy all that stuff is not Good Um and we know I don't know if you've Ever heard of Monsanto if you haven't Heard about Monsanto man you gotta catch

Up and what they do to control the Market and stuff like that I keep Bumping my little uh Plum Tree here I Gotta break one of these branches off Um hasn't lost all of its leaves yet but Um yeah these are things that we need to Be aware of These are things we need to prep for Um like I mentioned today in tonight's Uh live stream of magic prepper that Prepping is living Insurance it is I say That often here because it allows us to Weather the storm and to get through Times of famine it allows us to get Through increased prices it allows us to Get through food shortages unless they Turn into a really long-term thing That's when you need to do things like That right there that's one of my raised Beds that's another raised bed food Production producing your own food That's going to be vitally important in The coming years I have a feeling that Next growing season is going to be very Important to grow as much as we possibly Can And put away as much of that as we Possibly can by Um dehydrating freeze drying canning Pickling Etc Those are all important things that we Need to be stockpiling food as much as Possible as well as water water is also

You know you have to have water to live So it's one of those things going to be Important and uh take seriously so make Sure that you are Prepping as much as you possibly can if You can get eggs I know there are ways To Get eggs to last longer I know some of Them which is like sealing them in wax You can cover them in oil Um you can make pickled eggs that's Pretty good uh I'm not an expert in that Field though I think that the covering Them with wax is probably the best way Because what that does is it seals in it Seals the egg so that no um uh air or Stuff like that gets into it I know There's a trick that it wasn't for Making the eggs last longer what it was For was Um killing the eggs but when I used to Be in the military the base game warden Would go around with the when the Canadian geese migrated south or Actually not migrating South is when They were coming up initially in the Springtime Um they would lay eggs and we'd have Babies and there'd be uh poop everywhere And I feel sorry for the Marines that Were there um they'd be doing exercises In the area and stuff like that and They'd be running around they'd hit the Dirt and just be covered in goose poop

So they really tried to keep the numbers Down and so the game we're going to go Around I saw him spraying the eggs one Time and I'm like what's what are you Doing man and he's like oh I'm just Spraying with oil Um coating them in oil so that the eggs Can't breathe so then they die but the Mother still sits on them he said Because if we just take the eggs or Destroy the eggs the mother will just Lay more and then lay on them so they Coat them with eggs so the mother Continues to sit on them thinking They're viable and they're not the eggs Die so maybe that's one way to look at It Um But yeah make sure that you are out There doing what you can I mean I I know Things are more expensive now Um I'm aware of that Um but bulk dry goods are still fair I Would say fairly affordable look for Their local restaurant supply stores Where you can get like big 50 pound Sacks of you know corn wheat rice Different kinds of beans and legumes Lentils are really good lentils are one Of those things that I feel is one of The best prepper Foods because it is High in protein and it's very well Balanced Um

And it's just it Cooks lentils cook much Faster than beans Um I'm not sure if they use a little bit Less water I don't know but um yeah lentils all Those kind of things are really good so You know I'm just out here filming in The snow I'm almost Well you can't really see it I guess It's still it's melting on me but uh Winter is coming it's going to get worse I've heard of the Arctic blasts and Stuff like that they're gonna come Across the nation Um if any of you guys are traveling for Christmas please be careful please keep That in mind make sure you have your Chains with you make sure that your Tires are properly inflated that your Tires are in good condition your vehicle Is well situated all that kind of stuff I want you guys to stay safe out there First off we've got to keep ourselves Healthy we got to keep ourselves strong We got to keep ourselves safe Um out of trouble injury free and not in Jail also by the way people some people Like talking a lot of stuff out there in The internet saying things they Shouldn't be saying most of them are Probably glowies you know feds you know That are out there trying to stir the Hornet's Nest and create stuff to go on But anyway I love you guys I care about

You guys I hope you guys stay safe have A wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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