Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Shreds

Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato ShredsAugason Farms Dehydrated Potato Shreds come in a No. 10 can with 1 pound 7 ounces of dehydrated potato shreds. The recommended serving size is 1/2 cup of dry potatoes giving you a total of 21 servings per can. This equals 2,310 calories of certified gluten free potatoes.

The unopened No. 10 can can safely store these potatoes for up to 25 years. Once opened, the plastic lid will keep the potatoes fresh while you use them.

There are two recipes on the can that you can easily make or use them in your own favorite recipes.

Rehydrating the potatoes is as easy as adding them to boiling water and let them simmer on low heat until they are tender.






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