how to store potatoed long term

How to Store Potatoes Long Term

If you’re like me and you grow potatoes at home then you need to know the best way to store them for long term use. I grow Yukon Gold nad…

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Emergency Shelter

Prepping 101 | Shelter

Continuing into our Prepping 101 series we will now talk about shelter. In an emergency situation it is generally stated that you can only survive 3 hours in a harsh…

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Prepping 101 - Water Storage

Prepping 101 | Water

This is a continuation of our Prepping 101 series. This article will focus on one of the most critical preps there is – water. We’ve all heard the saying “Water…

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Prepping 101 | Food

One of the most common areas of concern when you start prepping is food security. Some people will tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars on freeze…

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How to Store Flour

How to Store Flour Long Term

Flour is another prepper and homesteading staple. From making biscuits to bread to cakes and pastries the uses of flour seem to never end. With this in mind let’s take…

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What is Prepping

Prepping 101 | What is Prepping?

I have found that it’s common for people to ask “What is Prepping?” at some point in our conversations. Most people that I talk to that have heard of prepping…

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How to Store Rice

How to Store Rice

Rice is a staple for preppers and homesteaders. Knowing how to store rice properly allows you to take care of both your short term needs – dinner tonight – as…

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prepper youtube channels

Prepper YouTube Channels

With all of the craziness going on in the world today many people are getting interested in prepping again. They usually go to Google or YouTube and search for prepping…

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Get Home Bag

Bug Out Bags and Get Home Bags for Preppers

The very first time I heard the phrase “bug out” was on an episode of the old MASH tv show. The camp was about to be overrun by enemy soldiers…

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Vehicle Preparedness Kit

Vehicle Preparedness Kit for Preppers

Have you ever noticed the cars broken down on the side of the highway while you’re driving? Has your car or truck ever broken down and left you on the…

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What is an EDC Kit?

What is an EDC Kit? – Every Day Carry Kit for Preppers

Whether you are watching prepping videos on YouTube or reading posts on prepper sites you will see people referring to their EDC kit or they might refer to an EDC…

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7 best survival gifts

7 Best Survival Gifts for 2021

When it comes to the best gifts for the prepper and survival enthusiasts the options are almost limitless. There are gifts that range from items that will be used on…

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