Backcountry Camping Basics


00:29 Plan Ahead and Prepare
00:52 Selecting a Campsite
03:08 Camping and Food
05:04 Campfires
06:30 Dealing With Waste (Using the Restroom/Packing out Trash)
09:41 Packing Up Camp
10:02 Be Considerate of Others
10:53 Leave What You Find

Leave No Trace 7 Principles:
1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
3. Dispose of Waste Properly
4. Leave What You Find
5. Minimize Campfire Impacts
6. Respect Wildlife
7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Everything You Need To Know To Start Backpacking:

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34 thoughts on “Backcountry Camping Basics

  1. TIME STAMPS for the mobile folks!
    00:29 Plan Ahead and Prepare
    00:52 Selecting a Campsite
    03:08 Camping and Food
    05:04 Campfires
    06:30 Dealing With Waste (Using the Restroom/Packing out Trash)
    09:41 Packing Up Camp
    10:02 Be Considerate of Others
    10:53 Leave What You Find

    1. Not that I’m scared or anything but what about when you’re camping and the things that go bump in the night. Those keep me up and make it hard to enjoy. What do you do to fix that?

    2. @Josh Williams walk farther that day 😉 cover enough distance and you won’t be able to stay awake. Donde a couple longer overnighter in GNP this summer I had tio set an alarm to see the stars… There was no way i could make it until dark let alone until the stars were all out…

  2. How many of these are you going to do 🙂 Really appreciate it. Going for the Portugese Camino trail in April and Scotland next. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  3. Poop compass

    Suunto A-10 Compass

    Point the compass in the direction you want to walk to poop.
    Align the red marker with North end of the needle (red).
    Walk away from camp.
    Once you are done with doing your business,
    look at your compass and turn your body until the red marker aligns with the South end of the needle (black) and walk back to camp.
    On the AT finding a landmark can be hard because everything looks like rocks and trees, rocks and trees, rocks and trees.

    Thanks for the video Dixie

    1. Good! That’s what I do except I use a Brunton TruArc 5 which lives around my neck and weighs less than 2 ounces…Everyone should learn about compass and map navigation…its not that hard to learn and can save your life…Good Job~

  4. So last April, I drop my pack and head off away from the trail into the woods with my trowel and toilet paper … I run smack into a big ol’ bear who did not run away and stared me down which practically made me poop in my pants. From then on, I made lots of noise when going off trail to do my business.

    1. Any vine growing on a tree that has fuzz is trouble, poison ivy. If you cut threw it with a saw, the saw could get you. Also Hornets or yellowjackets near your hammock site. Choose wisely. Thanks Dixie.

  5. THANK YOU! A fantastic series. Good coverage of all the basics.
    If you’d ever consider adding to this maybe a beginners navigation video. You did some of that in electronics but maybe a general tips on keeping on the trail and what to do when you get off trail.

  6. I highly recommend putting little pieces of reflective tape on almost all of your gear. It helps finding stuff at night VASTLY easier. I work with owls for a living and do a lot of night hiking because of it. A piece of tape on a piece of gear can make it very easy to find from very far away. Seriously, it’s easier to find stuff at night with reflective tape than during the day. Also with it you can do a little trick if you have to do a sudden #2 in the middle of the night. Bring one or two pieces of your gear that has reflective tape with you as you walk out. Use the pieces of gear as markers to find your way back to your tent. Just don’t space them out too far. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in the woods at night even if you are only walking a couple hundred feet away.

  7. I carry my tent stakes in a roll made from light nylon, with a slot for each stake. This is an automatic stake counter. As I pull each stake it goes into a slot. Since I started doing this have not left a stake behind.

  8. That’s all solid advice! Always be aware of what’s above you. Things that can fall down on you are usually referred to as ‘widow makers’ and for a reason. If you ever heard the sound of a coconut drop from a tree when it hits the ground makes you really aware of this.

    After doing a number 2 I burn the toilet paper because the normal toilet paper actually stays in nature longer than you like. I take a small stick and stick it in the poop area and break the tip so your fellow men know that this was a poop area already and don’t start digging their hole there because that can become messy really quick.

    Depending on the time of day and hours of daylight remaining and also the weather conditions I usually start the campfire first and than set up my sleeping place. You can boil some water whilst setting up the tent or hammock and it saves time.

    I say campfire but this can also mean just a cook fire in a bushbox. Don’t make the fire bigger than you actually need it to be. A good bushbox also keeps the fire of the ground.

    I usually don’t do the dishes with soap but instead use sand and water.

    But like I said. It’s all solid advice!

  9. Fantastic. I always enjoy your vids. You are Very Helpful, Humble, Funny with Great Expressions and Gestures. mot informative video series on hikes and such a pleasure to watch.

  10. thank you, dixie! i have been assembling my first gear for some weeks now to go on my first backpacking trip during the easter holidays and your channel is sooo helpful…! keep’em coming! the triple crown is merely the beginning… 😉

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