Backyard Chickens – What do you Do?


Today on the Bear Independent show, Bear talks about keeping backyard chickens salmonella-free.

This topic is quintessential to preparedness for all doomsday preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, militia, minuteman, city prepping, rural prepper, urban prepper, normal people, or looking to prepare for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster. Whether your own personal SHTF is the 2020 elections, economic collapse, pandemic, civil unrest, martial law, food crisis, civil war, food shortage, EMP or CME, black swan event, or whatever, a prepper needs to be prepared for this topic. ***

Regardless if you’re a Viking Preparedness prepper, Canadian Prepper, into city prepping, or just normal people, you need to be ready for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI, which is why we’re discussing this topic today. Common prepper concerns are bug out bag, bugging out in general, food storage, security, communications, emergency preparedness, homesteading, budget, gardening, bushcrafting, end times, Torah, get home bag, survival, EDC, and all the things we discuss at this channel. ***

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30 thoughts on “Backyard Chickens – What do you Do?

    1. Actually no…Most of the State is reservation for one Tribe or another. All this ruling does is to give jurisdiction to the Tribes to police their own land. I live on the Osage Reservation. Believe me when I say you dont mess with the Tribal Police

    1. Not “some Indian Tribe” and not all of Eastern Okla. It is the Creek Nation Reservation. All this ruling does is give the Creek Nation the right to police their own land

    1. That land has always been a part of the Creek Nation Reservation. The only thing this ruling does is give them Police Jurisdiction over their own lands

  1. I raise my own flock and keep other chickens out of my chicken yard. I keep everything clean and always wash my hands whenever collecting eggs or butchering the chickens.

  2. First gut reaction — the reports are false (just like the scamdemic) so they can start passing legislation to prevent people from feeding themselves in the coming food shortages. Don’t wear a mask. Grow your own food.

  3. Wow T thank u so much. As always your data is on target and timely.

    I have a starter flock of 8 week old pullets. But I myself have experience and knowledge raising domestic livestock and so I never gave it a consideration of lack there of other people. I will take point in my AO to make those get this information.

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