Being alone as a prepper


Being alone as a prepper is hard. For some people being alone as a prepper is their plan from the beginning. I am not that person. I do understand that many have a hard time finding others so being alone as a prepper is all they have for now. Is the place to see everything I do. You can follow me on my social media, watch videos and send me messages.

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  1. I agree. I share your same feelings and thoughts. I have been unjustly wronged on my channel based on mis-information/false accusations. The sad part is, I have documentation with the truth to that is exculpatory to my side of the story.

  2. There are lots of ways to prepare if most likely you will be alone or few. Plant blackberries a distance from the house along most likely stealth approaches. Even trip wires hooked up to windchimes. Driveway alarms, and alternate places to sleep besides a house. Another thought is making silhouettes and suspending them from the ceiling with fishing line. If you have a small fan blowing, you will give the idea of movement in a dimly lit room. For women especially, go to a thrift store, yard sale, whatever and get men’s clothing to hang on the clothes line. Yes, it needs to be changed out, but hey. Think outside the box. The whole idea is to make it less appealing to someone who wants in and out quickly.

  3. Perhaps the groups to be involved with … the town Emergency Preparedness program, 4 H, local Fish and Game Club, Red Cross, Neighborhood Watch, Volunteer Fire Dept., Police Auxiliary, Neighbor Soup Night, PTA, Scouts & Guides, Habitat for Humanity or other service organizations, Emergency Preparedness dept. municipal, Red Cross branch, Recreation Sports Teams, Committees for and against XYZ,
    Personally, it will be me and the librarians defending the books. ­čÖé
    Develops skills, broadens contacts, and up your Social Credit. It also gets one out of the echo chamber and broadens the world outlook.

  4. Have you ever thought of the idea of leasing a plot with a portable building that is in a strategic remote location. It would be more practical than purchasing large bugout location.

    1. @NWA Prepper awesome!!!!!! Your the first person of like mind that hasn’t looked at me like I have three heads. I’m offering 10×14 buildings with access to electric and water on my property. You know roughly where I’m at as to location.

    2. Electric on site is solar generated. The nearest power line is three miles away so its already off grid ready and the water supply is independent

  5. Hard to see how most people will not be essentially alone for the first three days following a catastrophic event. Slowly evolving conditions might stretch that to 3 weeks if bugging-in seems to preferable to bugging-out to a MAG central location.

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