Belarus Forces Mobilize & Ready To Enter The War | Lukashenko Heads To China

WWIII is unfolding in Eastern Europe as Belarus comes under attack. The world is waiting to see if President Lukashenko will respond to the airbase attack outside Minsk.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report just over a week ago uh Alexander Luchenko who is the president of Belarus Which is Loosely and codependent uh with Uh Bear Country over there they have not Taken active participation in the Invasion of Eastern Europe there but They are supporting it and so it's kind Of like how NATO's not really in the Fight but kind of is Belarus is kind of In the fight they're using their air Bases and stuff like that to launch Attacks but Belarus armed forces have Not been participating that however last Friday President lushinko said I am ready to Fight with the Russians from the Territory of Belarus in only one case if Even one soldier comes into the Territory of Belarus to kill my people If they commit aggression against Belarus the response will be most severe And the war will take on a completely Different nature You say that's Okay what's that and then just yesterday Morning Sunday morning Explosions occurred at the I can't even Pronounce that much machula ski Matulisky Air Base uh near Minsk in Minsk oblast just outside the capital City in Belarus on Sunday morning Two explosions locals reported hearing Two explosions around nine to eight A.M

And uh and may have heard another one During the night so possibly three Explosions After a preliminary report Um It's always suspicious when they they Immediately know who did it like Immediate no one's claiming it but all The reports they immediately know who Did it because the regular Um Mouthpieces of the United States Empire Immediately start spouting who it was Because it's definitely that but a Russian uh basically an a-wax plane a Airborne radar uh Aircraft was seriously damaged and uh The whole front part of the airplane and The uh the uh the radar section was uh Damaged Uh also some some support Vehicles were Also damaged in this explosion but Of course have no fear because radio Radio free Europe which is basically a Front for the U.S state department and The CIA Have said immediately that Um This was bipolar It is B-y-p-o-l and basically it's this um A group of people that are uh organized Inside Belarus against the uh the the Russian use of the air bases and and

Their alliance with Russia and so the They're coming out there now they Interestingly enough there is some prep Work done here just earlier in the week Uh Radio free Europe primed the pump Said the Supreme Court of Belarus has Labeled the group bipolar which unites Former law enforcement officers who Support opposition politicians as a Terrorist organization Just days later They Are now clearly responsible For sabotaging or actually sorry using Drones to attack The Air base and attacking these Russian This Russian plane and uh the things so We have the president A Belarus say if we're attacked on our Soil We will enter the war And then we have these explosions on Their soil Now there is not yet an official Response by uh president lushinko he is Prepping to head to China on Tuesday on Tuesday he will arrive in China and that Is uh What's what's up with that it seems like The prep work is being laid for a an Alliance between Belarus China and Russia It looks like China may be getting ready

To enter the war Um this is just lots of things are Happening right now but just before his Uh his trip to to China we have this This big instigation Will they respond They've just had an air strike done on Them and supposedly by separatists and Opposition forces and terrorists within The country But We all know where they got those drones We all know where they got the money From Um the there are reports of uh Belarus Was Complaining about how uh see here Bella This is in the Jerusalem Post Belarus Says Ukraine Army groups masked at their Border risking its security So they're they're complaining about Ukrainian Army troops uh basically right On their border massing now Listen I'm not I am certainly not on the side of anyone Uh Belarus as is a tyrannical regime we All know that uh same thing with Russia Uh they're not good places And uh you know They're they're allowing the Russians to Use their air bases to attack Uh Ukraine I mean It and Anyone trying to claim that they're a

Third party to this but then letting Their air bases be used to Stage Military aircraft and drones and bombers Out of their their place and then They're taking off from there and Attacking uh that's just uh I'm sorry But that's a little Rich coming from you So Belarus is is playing War but they Don't want to get into the war And it looks like forces beyond their Reach are trying to drag them into this War whether it's Russia trying to get Belarus tip over the scale Um maybe this was a black uh a Black Flag by uh by by Russia maybe this was Uh Um Ukraine attacking a legitimate military Target in Belarus Um maybe this is Western Powers Instigating this within Belarus to try To destabilize their country from the Inside I don't know what's going on it With this Shadow War it's hard to say Whose angle and who's benefiting from This and who's not benefiting from this But We're playing a dangerous game All of the countries involved are just Everybody's moving towards towards world War three and nobody's backing down Nobody's stepping back and saying hey Let's talk this out Right now

They're playing the game for who gets China on their team when this whole Thing kicks off and It looks like they're trying to get them On their team and and we all kind of Know their natural inclination is to Side with with Russia and Belarus and And those people Um Oh A catastrophic World War III scenario is Going to be horrible for everybody it's Going to be horrible for everybody I Don't I don't know who's going to win But Is there really any winning when you Talk about large-scale war like this We've been trying to have this Afghanistan type situation in Eastern Europe But us getting dragged into it with all Of our European allies and and it just Turning into a World War One scenario Where everybody just gets pulled in Through their alliances is is very much Looking like it's in the cards here Keep a sharp eye on what's happening in Belarus because this could trigger the Next stage of course if they come in Openly into the into the war that is Going to that is going to change things Uh their troops aren't the best they They aren't highly equipped they're not Highly trained but them opening up that

Whole front uh to the north of Eastern Europe is going to really cause a lot of Problems for all the uh the military Planners there that are trying to defend That territory it's going to be a Nightmare scenario and of course that Brings Belarus into the fight right up Against NATO's border against the uh the Balkan States against uh against Poland And it just it's not a good situation Over there so keep your eyes peeled on That please do be getting more prepared For things this escalating significantly Could have a very damaging impact on the Stock markets as well so Financial Preparation as well Think through all that The only thing that's going to go up in The coming months it looks like is going To be gold and and precious metals and Stuff like that as people flee to Security because they're going to get Afraid We're not all about being afraid we're About getting prepared so you don't have To be afraid and you taking steps now Will allow you to be calm and confident When other people are losing their heads They're losing their minds and you are Able to think clearly and take practical Steps because you have You have some room to maneuver All right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to

Check out this other video from me right Over here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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