Better Ways Of Dealing With A Bank Run

Whether this round of bank runs is over or not is still a conversation that is going on. But how do we deal with a bank run in this digital age is a much more interesting conversation and viewers on this channel have had some great ideas.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be talking about The bank run issues out there we're Going to be giving you some good news About the bank run issues it looks like At least for now the contagion is being Stopped from spreading and that is due To a major bailout from the U.S federal Government or Basically taxpayers right so this major Bailout out there is supposedly going to Limit the damage of the bank run and Potentially kind of stop that in its Tracks are any other Banks going to go Into default mode we don't know that Will be seen in the coming weeks but we Want to kind of give you some of the Ideas the tips and tricks that other People kind of came up with I threw that Out to you and said are there other ways That you can get your money out during a Bank run or that you can protect Yourself in some ways and you guys did Deliver so I want to pass those that That stuff I learned stuff that you guys Pointed out that I thought was really Good but I wanted throughout there that There is that bank Bailout that the Congress passed in the United States and that does seem to be Stymie things all right folks before we Jump into there I'll give you a quick Update on where I am I am back in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

I just spent the last 40 some hour Course traveling and I got Snippets of Sleep so I am not 100 with you right now But I will be uh back at it again Tomorrow much more uh on it as you can See back at home so let's jump into These these things um the first one is a Great tip One person at least said they basically They went into their stock brokerage Accounts or whatever You don't necessarily have to have a Brokerage account I guess to do this but There are ways that you can set Um stock alerts so you can set a stock Alert you can either set that in through Apple if you have like an iPhone or Something like that or you can do that Through some apps and basically set your Bank or banks that you want to watch And see if they drop by 10 or more in in Stock value in a given day if that's the Case then maybe you'd be like you'll get An alert and you're like hey you should Watch out your bank is dropping Significantly in value do you know why Because if you don't know why you might Want to start pulling that money out of The bank you know that's a good way to Keep track on it for those of you who Don't follow the stock market all the Time and even if you do follow the stock Market all the time are you tracking Your your your Banks stock

Because you may not be an investor in Your bank in the traditional sense of Buying stock from them but at the same Time by you depositing your cash at the Bank you are now an investor in the bank Really in reality And number two uh my dad brought this up But uh other people I believe have have Brought this up as well cashiers check If you go into a bank and you say I want Cashy money Um what and we're going to get into this More we're hearing more and more people Saying saying the banks are just saying No And they're pulling out policies and They're saying you have to give us Warning and all that kind of stuff but a Cashier's check there's no reason why They can't cut that immediately and What it is is basically a check where They pull the funds out of your account And put it into a separate account right And the thing is is that the bank can't Cancel the cashier check That's the whole point of the cashier Check is that this money is legit it's The check itself is as valid as cash Effectively And so by getting a cashier's check from Your bank they don't want to give you Cash you're like fine I want to cash Your check for my entire deposit amount There's really no reason why they

Wouldn't cut you that check and so they Cut you the check you take that that Check over to pretty much any Institution and you try to deposit you Are going to be able to deposit it and You can get very large sums out this way That's another thing if you start trying To pull larger amounts of cash out They're going to bulk more and more even During good times and nowadays they're Just going to say no to you but you can Pull all of your money out with a Cashier check and that can work quite Well Um You won't get as many questions you Don't need to have reasons for it you Can just get it and uh walk out with it So a cashier's check is something to Look into if they're like not letting People in because people are demanding Cash you say I'm not asking for cash I'm Asking for a cashier check They might let you in and might actually Print that for you number three Is uh gift cards So prepaid re prepaid gift cards like Visa gift cards or retail gift cards now Be aware that like other assets this Isn't really an asset this is a Counterparty Issue where the uh the money is being Promised to you the value is being Promised to you by these institutions so

If you go to Dollar Tree and you get a Bunch of gift cards for Dollar Tree They're promising to give you cheap Chinese crap You know in the future a certain amount Of it right and so that's what the gift Card is is it's a promise of goods Services in the future Uh or basically effectively money Um with a prepaid Visa card so just be Aware of that this is taking the you Know you don't trust your bank okay well Who are you trusting here now if you get Uh uh Wendy's gift card you're trusting The company of Wendy's to honor its gift Card and not to Jack prices up too high Too fast right if you get a Visa gift Card uh you're trusting Visa which is a Bank right you're trusting somebody to Give you those things so be aware with The gift cards on that but that is Something you can do if you want to get Money out of your bank right also uh Prepay real estate taxes it's that time Of year for a lot of folks where real Estate taxes need to be paid And uh you can actually prepay them in a Lot of cases where you're paying them uh The year before or as soon as you get That that slip you can pay it if in some Cases you can pay Next year slip as well so just check for The rules in your area on that Here's a report out there that

That ATMs in their area ATMs are out of Cash and inside they're warning they're Wanting you to call ahead they want you To call ahead that you want to pull Money out you have to give them multiple Days uh warning on that And so be aware of that I'll also a Number of people mention this too where You can take your debit card to like a Grocery store or Walmart and when you Purchase your things you can ask for Cash back now that is at the discretion Of the Walmart says at the description Of the grocery stores and these days uh Their discretion their discretionary Answer is quite possibly going to be no Now you can also do that trick at Walmart uh sorry at post offices my uh Sleep lag I'm like in and out here Um post offices you can do that at post Offices when I was doing backpacking on The Appalachian Trail that was one of The ways you get cash is you when you Purchase a stamp or you purchase Something from the post office and then What you do is you then ask them uh to Do cash back on your debit card and they Are supposed to do that if they have the Availability of funds on that all right Folks uh I I don't know maybe this Bank Run is at an end and we are good to go From here on out for the next uh few Weeks months until another issue arises But as I keep saying the entire economy

And financial system in the United States is one big Ponzi scheme and the Fact is that these banks that we're Being told and we've been told for many Many years are perfectly safe you Putting your money into a bank is like The safest thing ever it's safer than Putting it under a mattress and that's Just not true there is genuine risk Associated with giving Greedy Lying Politically driven animals your money to To play with and that's what we saw with The Silicon Valley Bank it was less of a Bank as than it was a carnival or or Some sort of uh Uh circus right it was more about woke Ideology than it was about actually Making money or actually getting their Money back to uh shareholders and so Um when you see that out there You just got to know that that this is Just kind of almost inevitable Um even in good times even with good Management Bank runs can happen a number Of people did reach out and said stop or They said something like stop Encouraging people to go to the bank and Get their money out And it's just like you know because You're encouraging a bank run and it's Just like It's their money

You know if I'm encouraging you to take Your money out Put it somewhere safer Um the people who got on the lifeboats When the Titanic was sinking didn't Cause the Titanic to sink And I promise you the the few thousand People who are watching this Channel and Going yeah I should pull some money out Of the bank one what what I was Suggesting and have been suggesting here Is two months uh worth of of expenses in Cash In your home Or somewhere safe cash not in deposits But in cashy money that you can do Something with And uh I've been saying that for a very Long time I didn't start saying that This week that's kind of a Dave Ramsey Thing right where you want to have a Emergency fund and two months is a good Emergency fund Dave Ramsey is like well keep it in your Bank and I'm gonna go well that's that's Risky you should keep it in your pocket You should keep it in a in a safe in Your home you should keep that in a a a Good hiding space in your home something Like that right it's safer there so you Should have an emergency fund and it Should be somewhere where you're not Going to go to the bank and they're Going to be like actually we can't give

That to you or we don't like what you're Going to buy that buy with that money no We want this to be as straightforward as Possible you should have that and Honestly You know if a bank run is happening the Only thing you really can do is just be At the front of the bank run And and some people don't want to deal With that that simple fact but if A Bank's going to default and if the FDIC Is going to stop bailing people out and Bailing Banks out You need to be at the front of the line I mean every every investor every Commercial Bank gets this when they're In bankruptcy proceedings they push Their way up to the front of the line Um to get get uh get make sure that they Get their money back Um or or get their profits back That's just that's just how these type Of situations work and when you're Talking about major Banks going into Bankruptcy proceedings defaulting Collapsing you need to be at the front Of the line as best you can and that Means get out there now I'm not Necessarily saying take all of your Money out maybe diversify if you have a Bunch of cash diversifying it into Several accounts okay uh spread it out Over multiple Banks uh have some cash on Hand at least two months worth of

Expenses cash on hand that's a good idea Having physical gold physical silver Good idea there too Um You know on this platform we talk a lot About Genesis gold and uh and and that's Really about retirement funds mostly you Can buy silver and gold from them as Well but I I I've made no buildings About it that if you're just going out To buy Boolean I recommend going to and using appmix there make Sure you use your Walmart credit card And get your five percent cash back and You get the lowest prices there go to Places like SD Boolean go to places like look at the deal pages and Get cheap silver get cheap gold get it From wherever it is get it from a Reputed dealer but find good deals and And and you know do that don't don't Just buy it from whoever but when it Comes to moving retirement funds you Really need to make sure that's done Properly you need to make sure that That's done if you want to talk to Jonathan and his team at Genesis gold Down the description down below you can Find their phone number as well as their Website and you can check them out for Yourselves but that's just some thoughts There folks from you guys as well as uh Some answering some of the questions and Everything like that about the bankrupt

Right now I'm not super super concerned For what I'm seeing but uh I am maybe Just a little bit behind on the news so I will I will give you a much uh Straighter answer on that tomorrow of What what looks like is coming down the Pike at us but it looks like things are Relatively contained so shouldn't be Necessarily going crazy uh right now but You should be having taken prudent steps That I've been advocating for well over A year so and Dave Ramsey's been Preaching out for how many decades now So if you don't have a two-month Emergency cash stockpile you probably Should get on that all right folks if You found this video to be useful more Helpful you might want to check out this Other video from me right over here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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