Big Update On Eggs | Walmart & Aldi Food Shortage Report

A Boots on the ground report from local Walmart and Aldi on the food shortages in the area.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

There are a whole bunch of people out There saying that there are no food Shortages but we've been hearing them Say that for quite a while Um we're still seeing issues on the Store shelves but we're seeing those Issues migrating from one category to The next one place to the next but some Of these things that we're hearing on The news we're seeing them impact the Store shelves directly so let's jump Right into the pictures I'm going to Walk you through Sam's Club Walmart and ALDI here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Let's jump into it first thing I noticed At Sam's Club was this where'd all the Milk go now there's some skim milk over There on the far right but one percent Two percent gone there was a little bit Of whole milk over there on the left There too but it was low as well No one percent or two percent milk at Sam's Club that's that's not used to Seeing that in the same cooler they had A limit of two eggs Now I I think they meant two cartons of Eggs but you know still Still the fact that we're having limits On things now this uh video is brought To you by Genesis gold if you want to Move your retirement out of stocks and Bonds Into Gold Silver Platinum coins Give Jonathan ask team a call there's a Number right there on the screen

Appreciate them for sponsoring these Videos In the freezer section at the Walmart We're seeing kind of the same kind of Thing a whole bunch of holes here and There at different products they're just Missing Can't quite You know it just Frozen Breads and stuff Like that particularly French fries were They're getting they're going the wrong Way again let's just put it that way They were looking really good the last Couple weeks and now they're starting to Look uh so so again But um Hot cocoa especially the uh you know Some of the generic bigger cases stuff Like that Creamers Coffee look at that That's about as bad as I've seen uh the Folgers section look like recently They've spread things out a bit and also Just don't have very much in stock We've been saying that they've had some Bad Harvest with coffee and we were Going to see eventually the uh the fruit Of that hit our store shelves and this This kind of makes me feel like we're Maybe starting to see the front of that Because the last couple weeks the coffee Section has gotten worse and worse

This is more coffee just Whatever product this is of coffee just I believe it was uh K-Cups of some sort Just that whole section just Not restocked Vinegar still having issues with vinegar It continues it continues that's an Industrial kind of thing because they They have the precursors for those for That vinegar are they not able to get The jugs what's going on with that but They haven't not been able to restock The uh the big vinegar section also Notice it's the generic vinegar that's Mo that's hit the hardest Gallon jugs of generic vinegar are just Not there Ketchup and Other Tomato products still Struggling To keep full shelves but not too too Terrible Canned chicken kind of came back a bit But we're also seeing a lot higher Prices so Three dollars a can for a canned chicken Which I think is highway robbery but you Know It is what it is a lot of the other Products kind of spread out a bit and of Course Vienna sausages not In stock [Music] Generic spam Is uh is a little less

Regular spam is down a little bit but uh You can get what you want you can get What you need You may not like the prices but the Stuff's on the shelves except for Vienna Sausages uh if you want the multi-packs Of Vienna sausages you're gonna have to Wait until they restock those things That could be a little bit And you know as as they hit the shelves People are going to scoop them up so Do what you can out there Veg vegetarian chili that's this whole Section up here uh that's that's wiped Out where they have that little foamy Thing right there Um vegetable based chili Vegetarian chili Um where's the fun in that I don't know But uh mashed potatoes powdered Flakes And mashed potatoes still I mean they They came back a little bit last week But They're gone again They cannot keep potato flakes on the Shelf if you want to stock up on potato Flakes which I mean who doesn't like Mashed potatoes right now I know some People don't like instant mashed Potatoes but uh Instant mashed potatoes they store Really nicely for a long term and They're They're filling and they're a super easy

Meal to make you can make them without Even heating the water up too much it Tastes better and get better consistency If you heat the water up but you don't Need to heat the water up I've eaten Cold cold soaked mashed potatoes before It's a it's an experience that everyone Should try once They probably won't want to try it the Second time but You should try it once You should also experiment with what What of your food that you've stocked up On what can be prepared without heat That's a question I mean and also kind Of have a little bit of an idea how bad It will taste if you do it without heat But you can cold soak Ramen you can cold Soak a lot of things Ramen let me just Tell you here it's not a great cold soak Item Anyway uh though stuffing yes stuffing Is a pretty good cold soak item Some of the canned goods are going to Have more issues out there But uh by and large it's mostly in stock I don't know why they've been having Trouble with chicken broth and and beef Broth but they have been I think it Might be another packaging issue More canned goods just It's not it's not like full shelves like What you'd expect and if you go in the Morning it's not full shelves either

So They're just not able to restock those Things which means they just don't have Enough of them Pasta is looking pretty good it's been Looking good for the last month or two At least here in this area let me know If you guys are seeing any issues with Pasta of course when you guys send in Your updates just make sure you type in A comment on any video just use the word Update and in there so we can search for That But we are having some varieties of Pasta they're just not there some egg Noodles and those type of things there's Just some varieties that they don't have Now this shocked me I I walk past this and I went whoa whoa Like a fully stocked Spice aisle like I don't know about you But it's been a long time since I've Seen a fully stocked spice aisle with Generic table salt as well they were Wiped out of salt last week But this is like fully stocked it looks Like now Some of it's fronted but but it's just Like a lot of this has a has a bunch Behind them they look like they got Their spices in order here are you guys Seeing the spice section getting sorted Out where you guys are because that was Kind of like wow wow they either they

Just suddenly prioritized it or Something I don't know uh vegetable oils Actually seem pretty well stocked today I'm just driving a little bit of trouble With the soybean oil one one gallon jugs But uh You know I can't afford those anyway I've stocked up a few for myself so uh Um I'm already set on vegetable oil Canola oil Olive oil all the oils Which is a great thing to stock up on Along with the rice and beans because Rice and beans taste really terrible if You don't have some oil in there Old-fashioned oats quick oats all that Kind of stuff present but um not too Many options there when it comes to the Generic And if you're looking for Quaker Oats Then you're in good shape but if you're Looking for generic stuff it's a little Understocked and That's kind of moving in the wrong Direction there this whole section of Grain bars oatmeal bars has has not Looked good for for a while now for Months and just pointing that out again They just can't Make these uh oatmeal bars fast enough Apparently I don't know if people are Just eating more of them or what but They just can't seem to keep those in Stock some of the cereals had some holes

Here and there Just kind of par for the course Buck 82 for 12 eggs I You know we keep talking about how Systems Have this bullwhip effect right that They can Supply and demand can can just Crack one way or another and we were we Were getting gouged with those really High prices and then we just saw the Whip snap the other way and now it's Like a buck 82 for a dozen eggs that's Just crazy this is Walmart folks um it Looks like Walmart has far too many eggs In its system and they're desperately Trying to unload them the dates didn't Look too bad either but they're Unloading these eggs because I think They're afraid they're going to get Stuck with them so Apparently people did stop buying eggs When the price went up that high so if You want some cheap eggs right now scoop Them up and if you want to water glass Them make sure you do put some mineral Oil on them before you water glass them Because store-bought eggs don't have the Bloom on them you need to put an Artificial Bloom on there they have lots Of eggs in stock as you can see generic Stuff but then also the price is just Very agreeable it's like half the price

It was like a week or two ago craziness Craziness all right they're having Issues with cream you know Products that Come from cream sour cream all that kind Of jazz So just some products are not in stock Milk at Walmart looked a lot better than Sam's Club for sure Two percent there there's one percent uh Pretty in stock Heavy cream once again still having Issues there But um Par for the course par for the course at Least these days kleenexes they did not Have many kleenexes so tissues and all That kind of stuff generic tissues are Just out of the question period they're Just wiped out of that there's enough Sniffles going around that they cannot Keep their kleenexes and tissues in Stock dog food as you can see some Issues with the dog food dry dog food Um there are some options but you may Not like the options you get you might Not like the prices you get and if You're looking for generics if you're Looking for cheaper options uh you might Be out of luck I went by the cat food Section and it was definitely low there Was a lady there kind of Making some difficult choices I guess And so I wasn't able to get pictures but Over at Aldi 299 for eggs so be aware

That's you know Walmart just across the Road Buck 80 whatever Um for a dozen eggs over here 299 Walmart knows that they got eggs to Unload and they're dropping the prices Aldi has is not keeping up limit two on On Organic soy milks and lactose free milks I something about Limits just um get me twitching Cage-free eggs and all the the fancy Eggs there's one box and I'm sure it had A cracked egg in there but uh all the Other eggs just they they don't have Them they don't have them just wiped out Maybe it's because the uh the generic Eggs are so expensive Orange juice continues to have issues Out there so be aware of that prices Going up significantly got a really bad Harvest down in Florida as well as other Southern States so orange juice is uh prices are Up significantly wholesale Chicken breasts for 249 a pound over at Uh Sam's Club they were selling chicken Thighs boneless chicken thighs for 289 a Pound so just remember that hope that Those box stores the uh the bulk stores Aren't necessarily cheaper Aldi oftentimes beats them out on price So uh be careful what you're buying you Know just because there's a big whole

Big chunk of them doesn't necessarily Mean that you're getting a good deal you Got to keep your eye on them Um having some issues with the the Battered chicken tenders they don't seem To have them very often anymore just Here and there different breaded frozen Chicken having issues holes on the Shelves pizzas at Aldi just not really Stocked well They can't keep them in stock and they Don't have certain varieties I've been Looking for my supreme pizzas from Aldi And they just haven't had them for the Last couple months so oh well I mean Life moves on and uh everything but uh You know inconvenience Uh luncheon meats gone so that's their Generic spam basically which is yeah Quite I'd say it's tasty you can now Make sure you fry it up if you eat Straight out of the can yuck but if you Fry it up it and get it nice and crispy Off Almost as good as bacon almost as good As bacon They got had most of the other meats in Stock had some issues with some pastas But they've been having issues with Certain pastas for a while now Fettuccine Uh angel hair And other cut pasta yep Their spice section looked fairly decent

There too so I don't know maybe things Are turning around for spices All right folks let us know what you Guys are seeing in your area and there's Another video right on the screen if you Want to check that out I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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