Biggest & Toughest Cargo Electric Bike From Himiway (Big Dog Cargo Bike)

The Big Dog Cargo Electric Bike is a great way to get into sustainable and emergency transportation in the case of diesel shortages, gas shortages, and even electric grid blackouts.

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Hey everyone welcome back to popular Preparedness in this video we're going To be reviewing the Jaime way electric Cargo bike uh the big dog design they Did send this to me to to be reviewed Because I know a lot of folks out there Who are looking at battery packs energy Things are also looking at alternative Means of uh of Transportation as I have Been as well if if you're thinking about The gas shortages the diesel shortages And you're like how am I going to get From point A to point B uh not only that But the other question with this how am I going to take stuff with me from point A to point B or how am I going to take People with me from point A to point B That's where you start getting into this Thing where you don't want to spend a Ton of money on like an electric car Like a Tesla but at the same time you Want to have some ability kind of go off Grid and this bike is kind of a great Solution for a shtf situation A Grid down situation or for some people Who have uh places that are more bike Friendly this could also be a commuter Kind of vehicle for you guys that Doesn't require a gasoline or diesel so Now this This bike is a beast this is called the Big dog for a reason it is super heavy Duty on their website they say 88 pounds But it seems to be more in the 79 80

Pound range once you put it all together And you're kind of like ready to go There's some components with a boxing And and uh stuff that comes with it that Is probably what the other eight pounds Ish are so it seems to be unpacked ready To go without the charger because you Don't ride with the charger right it Seems to be a 79 80 pounds but that's That's pretty heavy this thing is welded Uh steel the thing is is feels Indestructible The tires are big and fat they're great For off-roading but they're not like uh Not like a motorcycle Off-road bike but they're big and fat They're great for uh semi-off-roading Probably if you're going to be going Over like fields and stuff like that That aren't don't even have a trail That's going to be probably more of a Problem But it seems like they're good for what They are and the bike With the 80 pounds It can do 60 60 miles with just throttle That's that's how far you can get on Charge if you just don't want to crank a Pedal at all you just throttle that and You're going about 60 miles on flat uh Without wind But if you're pedaling you're going to Be going over 80 miles basically so when You start thinking about daily commutes

When you start thinking about traveling Around in your area 80 mile range of Pedaling it seems very doable So when you start talking about being Able to do that but then also with you Know I I think that it's it's very Doable to have two people on that back Cargo rack uh you probably want to put a Cushion there but getting two relatively Small people onto that cargo rack is Very doable and if you want to get Really creative you can probably get Four people on the bike So being able to take you and your Family with you on the bike is a big Deal to get from point A to point B now You're not going to take all that much Cargo with you They have it rated for 400 pounds So you're going to be exceeding that Probably if you've toss your whole Family on top of it if you throw a bit Of cargo but as I've looked over this Whole frame The welds and this is steel this is not A light carbon fiber this is not Um Aluminum this is pretty heavy duty frame Everything is heavy duty across the Board it kind of explains part of the Reason why it's so stinking heavy but I Find that to be highly appealing I'd Rather have it way more but then Actually be able to do things with it

And so being able to put a giant box on That cargo rack back there and strap it Down is uh is seems like a great way Forward or using that as a passenger Seat seems like a good way for them to Have designed it out so You're you're going to be looking at uh 25 plus miles per hour if your pedal Assisting you can get 25 up to about 30. Everyone seems to be saying that they Top out at 30 miles an hour that that They can't get past that anymore uh with Max power I was not able to uh get it Clocked in at uh anything higher than 25 Miles an hour so Um keep that in mind but when you start Talking about 25 miles per hour With cargo and with people you're you're Going Pretty stinking fast so what are The applications for this is if you are Afraid of the gasoline diesel shortages And you want alternative fuels but you Don't want to buy a Tesla uh which is Just ridiculously expensive and will Tesla even work if the grid goes down That's a whole nother question whereas An e-bike is not really tied into the Grid electronically into the internet And for GPS and all that kind of stuff Like that but but an e-bike can be Charged off solar panels so if you have Solar panels and a battery pack you're Going to be able to charge up the e-bike So the e-bike actually has a 960 watt

Hour battery So when we start looking at if you've Gotten solar panels if you've gotten a Battery pack like uh Like a 2000 watt hour battery or a Thousand watt hour battery pack that has A built-in inverter that has a solar Charge controller so you can plug it in Directly to solar panels having that Charge up the battery pack and then Charging the battery and charging the Bike off the battery pack is is very Doable So being able to charge this thing up And then being able to go with cargo for 80 miles or more is a significant thing If it runs out of juice you can still Pedal it so if you uh that takes away Some of the range anxiety too so as You're going to be tracking your your Energy that you have you can start Conserving that that energy as you start Getting close to the end of the battery You can start making sure that you're Only using the pedal assist on the way Up hills you can also make sure that uh You are turning off the pedal assist for You know cruising and on flat spaces but All that's going to allow you to get to The point where the battery can die and You can keep pedaling to get the last Few miles home and that's that's a big Uh big thing there too Um an electric car if it dies it dies

You what are you going to do with it you Can't push it So we got the big fat tires but then we Also have the Um heavy frame across the board so that It's it can really take quite a beating Um very impressed with that it has a lot Of opportunity for uh tying down now the Thing I also noticed too with this is That other bike companies they'll They'll put a bike rack on the cargo Rack on there but they'll charge you More for that uh with the big dog it Comes with it So the bike rack the cargo rack is on There automatically some of the other Upgrades That you can get with other bike Companies Come automatically there too a hydraulic Hydraulic disc brakes are standard on This with that heavy weight you kind of Need that as is you can't really get by With a with anything less than hydraulic Disc brakes but what you're looking at Here is The price point is right around two Thousand dollars now we do have a sale Going on here if you use the coupon code Poplar 22 on their website you can find These links down in the description down Below the Poplar 22 will get you a 50 Discount off of the bike there that'll Get you a discount on any bike over

Fifteen hundred dollars so anything over 1500 will get you fifty dollars off and Uh you know you can go down the link Down below if you don't like the big dog Itself they Hemingway has some other Bikes that are great there too let's Talk about putting the bike together so I uh tasked a my intern to actually Assemble the bike and it took them just About one hour just over an hour to put The bike together pull it out of the box Uh put the assemble the wheels I did not Assist other than to get him a couple Tools the Box actually comes with most Of the tools that you need but there's One point where one of the tools you Need is on the This multi-tool thing but you actually Need some vice grips or something to Clamp onto it in order to twist it and So that was this one thing I kind of Needed still Um so you'll need like either pliers or Something to kind of grab the bolt on The other side so you can twist so we're Looking at it's it's a pretty Straightforward assembly they say it Takes people up to about 70 minutes to Uh put it together and that seemed to be About in the ballpark of where it took Us as well Um I didn't actually get my hands dirty On that one but So the assembly is actually pretty

Straightforward it comes mostly put Together you just kind of need to add on A couple of the the pieces to it and get Those tires on there so beyond that it's It's very straightforward once you get The bike assembled uh to utilize it it's It's a pretty sharp learning curve you Get on it and uh you start figuring out Kind of how do you actually make it go With pedal assist and how you make it go Without you know without pedaling and It's it's pretty intuitive Um you you're gonna you're gonna notice That when you start cranking those Pedals the first half crank of the pedal There's nothing happening and you're Just all you and then suddenly it kind Of kicks in And that can kind of freak you out the First couple of first couple times that You do it uh make sure you're out Somewhere kind of open and flat uh that You can kind of get going a little bit Uh that way you can kind of adjust to it The bike is heavy so but it does have Hydraulic disc brakes so it kind of Counteracts it on one hand it's it's It's got a good bit of mass moving but At the same time it's got good brakes so It kind of balances itself out but you Still have to be just a little more Intentional than you are with the Regular bike about where you're going What you're doing and uh overall the

Whole thing is It feels a little bit more like a moped Than it does a bike so that you gotta Get uh accept that kind of feel to it But then again I'm trying to use it kind Of more like a moped than a bike Um I have a bike and I didn't want a Bike I wanted something that could go a Bit further go a little bit faster so That's that's kind of we where we are With all this So uh if you want to check that out you Can follow the links in the description Down Below on also the pin comment uh The best place to get it right now is on Their website you can also look at the Other models on there and still get the Discount there if you want to buy it off Amazon you can also do that too it is a Little more expensive there so I'd kind Of recommend getting it directly from Jaime way their customer service is Great and they they were able to kind of Work with me directly and let me know When the bike was coming I was getting a Tracking number and all that kind of Stuff like that so if you have any Questions about the bike please shoot Those down in the comments down below But the answer is yes you just plug it Into a wall outlet or you can plug it Directly into a a battery pack in order To charge the bike you cannot charge the Bike directly from solar panels you have

To use some sort of inverter battery Pack in order to kind of charge the bike So if you're thinking about doing that For off-grid purposes you can absolutely Set the panels out charge a battery pack And then use the battery pack solar Generator to charge the bike All right folks thanks so much for Watching if you found this video useful Helpful you might want to check out Another video right here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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