Blanket Fort Camping

I have finally completed my lifelong dream. To camp in a blanket fort! It seems silly, but it actually worked out better than I thought. I went to a regular campground with other respectable campers and put together a blanket fort with rachet straps, clamps, and tent pegs. It was a very acceptable camping shelter and a relaxing couple of days!




Camera: Sony Alpha FX3

Lens: Sony FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G

Editing: Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Final Cut Pro

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Hey everyone welcome to camping with Steve this one has been on my list for About 40 years gonna camp in a blanket Fort in an actual Campground I didn't Expect so much snow But this video was planned ahead of time So I'm doing it anyways I'm not gonna Wait for the snow to melt gotta go find Some blankets from a thrift store Uh 48.64 Perfect colors Found a good spot paid the fine time to Go camping I found the perfect campsite the trees Are just where I want them to be to set Up this blanket fort But on the other side of that log There's a walking trail and people were Literally just walking past there That'll be a good 10 feet from where the Front of my tent is and I don't want to Scare people there's a fine line between This looking creepy and Whimsical and I Want to look like I'm out here having Fun and not setting up an encampment so With no further Ado Let's uh find out Where this Ridge line is going to go and What type of a height I'm guessing Probably about that high because I'm Using clean uh queen size sheets and if They come down at a nice angle Should work to safeguard the tree I'm Using hammock straps around it and then We'll ratchet strap nice and tight

Between these trees and set up right Here that looks good to me Oh great It's not good So keep all the blankets nice and clean To start with we'll string up my Favorite one This one has all the nice canoes and Everything Is really aggressive clamps Like Use these for your clothesline if you Live in tornado country Oh yeah And this blanket I find exudes a Beautiful forest green Now I'm not using these as bedding it's Strictly shelter But If I was I'd be washing these because It's got that thrift store smell to it Which uh You know some people might like but it's Always good practice to wash these Things after you buy them I can't believe this is true but I've Slept in worse See if I can get a wall up here yeah Looks are starting to roll in from the Serious campers here Hasn't anybody have seen a grown man Sleeping in a blanket fort before Hello They were all out of tent

Thank you I will do I'll put down this sleeping bag Opened up is kind of a nice floor Definitely seems cozy in here it's nice And quiet too blocks out the noise of The neighbors I like this Deluxe air Mattress tonight My hip was Destroyed After that last camping trip so I deserve a nice Relaxing night On The Gourmet Self-inflating air mattress I'll put the the door on the front of it Here uh before bed for sure because the Trail is right there And This is a fine little home Cheers everybody See All you need is a couple of ratchet Straps a few blankets and some really Aggressive clothes pins you got yourself A makeshift tent right there There's good wholesome normal campers Over there with Fancy gear and campers And to show you how close I am to the Walking trail like that's it here and We're going to walk down it because it Goes to the beach But yeah

We are on the walking trail and if Somebody walks by That's what they see Good thing I don't have to be stealthy Here Foreign I can see how you could spend hours Going for a long walk on the beach but It's not going to get the snow off the Picnic table gotta get ready for dinner Eventually and in the daylight is a good Time to do it I drop stuff in the dark Thank you I've had to blast a little white noise Because the folks in the other campsite Are playing copyrighted music and uh Fire going and uh They Tucker themselves out and we can Get back to the soothing sounds of the Ocean beside us They've turned down the music so that's Great you're still talking a little loud But I don't mind that I got my Flashlights found before it's too dark Garlic bread because I'm having salad Tonight The ingredients are in the car so that They don't freeze I've got uh lettuce And cucumbers whatever's supposed to go Into a salad It's right around freezing so zero Celsius 32 degrees Fahrenheit Walk in the park guys

It's actually very warm Or it feels warmer out of the wind Inside here And I'll get uh another part on the Front clipped on here Relatively shortly but uh Until bedtime I like to see the fire Right there Any better than this I never thought I would be unironically Dicing a shallot Just doing a simple halibut uh salad With white wine cream sauce Of course it's not quite camping with Steve unless you're deglazing Your pan-fried halibut man a little Pinot Grigio Shallots White wine vinegar That one's still not even opened yet Foreign We let it reduce I'm gonna let this cool down before I Throw a bunch of cream in here I got this spring mix with Spinach in it Um It's only half Frozen so that's pretty Good oh I don't know what any of this is Okay Well That's what I'm dealing with I'm gonna put in some more familiar Friends uh

You know This is what I'm making myself eat Tonight These leaves look like something I would Be weeding out of the garden but They don't taste bad The fish is delicious Pretty successful night uh eight healthy Which is something new And I'm gonna Try to Peg up the the front of this tent Here Oh got my thumb there a little bit Yeah Blanket tent is incredibly cozy Uh right out the door Fire over there And uh Forest Blankies blankies everywhere really cozy Wish I did this 35 years ago Um This is amazing almost like blackout Curtains I'm not gonna know exactly what Time it is in the morning but When I get up we'll start the day and uh See what happens Um thanks for following along I'm gonna Shut this light off here and hit the hay See you guys in the morning Good morning from now on I'm camping in Blanket forts this is awesome it's Enough insulation that it keeps it

Pretty warm keeps the sound down to a Minimum you still get that feeling of Fresh air and crispness uh this is Thoroughly enjoyable and yeah you don't Need much to go camping just some Blankets and a ratchet strap and some Clothes bins really uh I wouldn't do it In mosquito territory or if it's raining But this was great Looks like there's some snow starting to Fall and uh just gonna cook some quick Breakfast here I was going to cook a Quick brunch and then pack up but I Think I'm gonna stay another night the Blanket fort held up great and I have Nothing to do today so why not make it Two nights instead of one as usual and That gives me a chance to go through and Organize the car because it is so packed Full of camping gear you wouldn't Believe it Oh Right on the energy I need to tackle the Day The lake when the syrup gets on the eggs Foreign Ize and uh you may assume that the car Is empty No my friends the car is not empty there Is still more stuff in the car But we're going to condense that I've Got all this camo netting and it's not Folded up it's just kind of stuffed in a Bag

That Will get smaller of course some random Tent that I haven't used yet A little folding stool Hammock Propane Pizza Oven Um this is all just stuck in my car got This hunting blind That I hope to use in a stealth camping Video it's uh You know Super stealthy If I need just a little bit of uh camel If I'm somewhere Borderline obvious This could be good Thank you Other stuff in the car as well Another mattress uh And all the other cooking gear so Um Where'd it begin right This this whole bunched up thing here If it's properly folded Is this size so that'll clear up some Room It has been an absolutely lazy day it's Actually quite relaxing the campground's Not quite deserted uh I'm not the only One foolish enough to be out here in This weather however other people have Proper campers and RVs and the like So with all those pieces of camo Knitting I think I'm going to have to

Get a compression bag for them because They're so crinkled up that they're not Going to fold properly And I'll be going out next week after Another video I have planned and I'm Going to be Really going through and organizing the Camper trying to get stuff repaired Installing a new reverse camera on it so That I can reverse easily with the with Just one person it's a little tricky to Reverse a small trailer like that Especially when you don't know what You're doing which I don't so a little Bit of practice and a camera should make That easier There was a heavy snowfall warning Issued this afternoon I've been keeping An eye on the radar and it doesn't look Too serious but they're saying that There could be 15 or more centimeters of Snow that could be in the neighborhood Of five or six inches at worst and not Seeing it yet on the radar I do have Some c-clamps and other things I can use To reinforce the tent Fortress if it Comes down to that I will tough it out Though Um I think I can do this it'll might Take a lot of hunkering down but we will See what happens with the weather it's Uh So far so good the wind doesn't look too Bad

Um I'm holding off on getting the fire Going for this evening I'm just going to Cook some hot dogs tonight nice relaxing Ordinary night where nothing goes wrong Is The plan I am two days into this blanket fort and It's holding up a lot better than a lot Of homemade structures I've made before Good morning looks like a beautiful day Out there And I think it's time for me to get back To reality I can only hide my blanket Fort for so long I haven't seen a blanket a snow like This in a fortnight Um I guess it's time to take down the Blanket fort though how easy is it going To come down What could be easier than this So of course a shout out to the people Who have donated to the blanket fund Um Much appreciated Yeah Yeah This blanket I really like it yeah it Got pretty wet but uh that's okay Off to the laundromat and uh that was to Be expected Does not surprise me And Yeah I will keep this one because it's Got a bunch of nature things on it

There's a There's both uh both black bears and Grizzly bears on here as well as uh you Know canoes leaves trees the whole bit Uh Actually Really a surprise that there was such an Appropriate blanket sitting there in the Thrift store And yeah the other one will get Re-donated but uh this will be good for The camper and a nice Memento of my Blanket fort Adventure The nice thing about wet blankets is They pack up smaller Made it uh long enough to get through The night See nothing easier There's a room in here Yeah it was a great adventure wanted to Do this for 40 years now so I'm glad I Finally did and uh please Try it yourselves that was great and you Don't need a whole lot to go camping as Long as it's not raining and there's not Mosquitoes everywhere or snakes or Anything like that but It absolutely perfect Prime conditions That is a sensible shelter so uh thank You guys for watching Um here's the awkward part uh Please Subscribe if you're interested in This type of thing I'll keep it coming And it's not always like this it's

Different every week I'll find something Silly to camp in or somewhere silly to Camp that's just the name of the game And this stunt camping channel so thank You all for watching thanks for the kind Comments and uh we're gonna see you Later Cheers

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