BREAKING: 2.5 Million Pounds of CANNED Meat RECALLED

Kroger, Great Value, Goya, Armour, and others are issuing a massive 2.5 million pound meat recall which is going to make the food shortages in canned meat much worse. Expect empty shelves of vienna sausages and potted meat for the next bit.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report I got some news out here got Tipped off by a uh a member of a Facebook group uh the food shortage Watch Rebels uh there was someone who Mentioned that they had gone to Kroger And they went to purchase some Vienna Sausages they pulled the Vienna sausages Off the shelf and when they got to the Checkout they were told that those had Been restricted that they are recalled And that got me delving into uh this and It's just starting to hit the news wires Just uh just starting to hit the fringes Just now still hasn't been released by The FDA as a major recall but two and a Half million pounds of Vienna sausages As well as potted Meats for brands that Like Kroger great value value uh Goya Armor Um these this is a major recall and it's Going to start uh unfolding out there if You've recently bought potted meat or Vienna sausages you may be affected by This So you're going to want to pay attention You're going to want to check your stash You're going to want to check uh what You've purchased recently Vienna sausage Or potted meat style if you don't buy That stuff then this may not affect you Immediately however this is a major meat Recall and it's going to significantly Impact the meat section of the canned

Meats when they take all the pot pot of Meat and Vienna sausages off the rack That's going to put a lot of pressure on All the other canned Meats including Canned chicken canned beef and Everything like that one thing I will Say here is uh before we get into the Rest of this recall I was at Walmart on Saturday and that Was one of the things I mentioned was That all of the Vienna sausages have Been pulled all the Vienna sausages Seemed to have disappeared and that was On Saturday this still hasn't hit the News yet the fact that Walmart was Already pulling those off the shelf that I was like what is up with that why is That happening and this apparently is The reason why they've recalled that the Vienna sausages and they just didn't Mention it yet Walmart still hasn't Mentioned this out at large it's not Telling people but this is a serious Health consideration as well as your Your can Vienna sausages could have gone Bad now these are the Vienna sausages And potted Meats produced between December 13th and January 13th they've Been recalled due to leaking and spoiled Spoiling cans so they discover across The board that as they started checking These things they were getting more and More reports of spoiled cans as they Were opened you know rancid meat and

Everything like that so apparently these Cans were not sealing properly and some Of the cans were not sealing properly And because of that Of course the the food product inside Has gone bad now they are saying do not Do not check them yourself okay they Said that uh the customers may not be Able to notice because if the cans Didn't seal properly they could You know they could leak and then they Could have resealed themselves semi so You may check the cans and they may seem Fine But when you pop them open you'll get Rancid meat or when you pop them open They may even look okay but if they have Bacteria or other things growing in There they may not be safe to consume so If you have Vienna sauces that were Produced between December 13th and January 13th You probably no Not probably please do take them back to The store get a get a refund on them uh Don't eat them take them to the store Get them checked out Um you can repay take them back to Stores that you've purchased them at Um don't try to take them at a different Store obviously also Uh yeah don't don't assume that you uh That you can check them yourself don't Just give them a sniff test don't just

Look them for for leakage uh do check to Make sure that the dates are where they Need to be and if they are in that Window Um take some steps on that this is going To impact a lot of people unfortunately All right folks just want to get right To it and give you that information if You haven't signed up for my newsletter Uh free newsletter keep in contact with Us in case we get booted off YouTube Um please check down in the description Down below or the pin comment to sign up For that and there's another video right Here from me I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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