BREAKING- 6.4 California Earthquake Pictures – Widespread Damages to Roads And Homes

Major earthquake today has struck Humboldt County, California and there is widespread damage. This Humboldt County Earthquake is pretty serious to property but not many people were seriously injured according to initial reports.

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Hey everyone welcome back to Poplar Preparedness there is news going out That at 5 30 a.m Eastern Standard time That a 6.5 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Northern California's uh Humboldt County So this is uh at a depth about 10 miles Which is uh relatively shallow And they are reporting gas leaks Mass Power outages 71 000 people being Reported without power currently Roads have been buckled in places and in Places it is non-passable for vehicles Reports are coming in of damage to homes As well as as well as uh several uh Building collapses even our report being Reported on Twitter now Uh folks this video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group if you have a Retirement plans or Investments uh that Are stuck in stocks and bonds because They're in IRA and you want to move them Over to physical vaulted silver or a Physical vaulted gold that's a great Thing to talk with uh Genesis Gold group About you can find them down in the Description down below we're going to go Into more of what's happening over in Humboldt County here but first warning Is that this is initial uh it is just be The sun is just coming up over there Damage assessments are just beginning And so reports are just starting to Trickle in a lot of damages to stores With uh with their inventory uh coming

Off the shelves and everything like that It's almost as bad as the shoplifters uh So it they're starting to assess the Damage with the widesped power outages There's issues already with internet and There is uh people are having a Difficult time reporting in what they Are seeing but emergency crews have Already advised people in the area of One that there are aftershocks expected So that they should be prepared for Aftershocks to hit the only other Question that is always on the mines is Is this is this the big one or is there Um a bigger one to come Um when you haven't heard uh earthquake Like this sometimes you can it can Actually be a four shock before the big One comes so they are prepared for that But power units have come offline and Also Major power lines have come down too so We're talking about restoring those Power lines as well as bringing those uh Power units back online So with all that to say Um this type of thing can happen anytime Particularly in California we just had This Earth an earthquake recently in Texas but it wasn't really that big of a Deal it's all about geography Um just because it's a certain magnitude Doesn't necessarily mean there's going To be certain amounts of damage you can

Have a very high magnitude but if you're Like up in the mountains and everything Like that there can be it can absorb Quite a lot of that shock but also if You have like mountains or certain types Of terrain that liquefies when it's Shaken you can have catastrophic damages Depending on the topography as well We're not seeing large scale uh Mudslides or or landslides at least Initially those could come out in the Next little bit but we are seeing Structural damage we're seeing pictures From inside people's homes inside stores That are showing damage uh to private Property that type of thing we're seeing A couple pictures of buildings that have Come down they did not necessarily look Like the most sturdy of buildings but We'll be seeing as things go forward Emergency crews are focused on saving Lives we've already heard reports of at Least three people injured in the Earthquake that's probably coming in From a hospital I don't know right now In this stage of things uh just uh four Or five hours into the reporting there Is a lot of chaos going on and the Reporting is uh is a little shoddy right Now we'll see uh what happens as things Start to clarify there on the ground as We start getting reports from the county And the state about what's going on And uh we'll keep you abreast of what's

Happening with those developments all Right folks uh thanks so much for Watching this is Steve Poplar if you Found this video to be useful helpful You might want to check out this other Video right here on the screen I'll see You over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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