BREAKING: Insider WARNING To Those In Memphis, TN

This is a breaking warning for everyone Out there especially in the Memphis Tennessee area one of our viewers tipped Us off that uh someone that they're in Contact with in the police department of Memphis uh has told them that uh one of The news agencies in the area is about To run the Nickels video which is an Investigation going on there it's uh Apparently it's really really bad Looking and they're afraid that it's Going to turn to riots and such like That so be aware out there Um the five police officers that were Involved in that altercation have been Fired and they are all African-American Um so I don't know if this is going to Turn into a big thing or not Um but I want to push that information Out to you guys apparently the Memphis Tennessee Police Department is Absolutely on the edge and is actually Passing out riot gear to all their Officers as we speak stay safe out there Folks God bless you

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