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Adani Group (India) pulls back from major stock deal while Twitter moves in on becoming a Paypal killer. Major meat recall and thousands of US flights canceled due to ice storm.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we don't waste your time we get Right into it let's go uh Grace Amelia a Liquid natural gas carrier has run Aground in the Suez Canal it's blocking The Suez Canal again because we had this Happen not just once this month but Twice this month this is the second time This month the previous uh carrier was a Grain tender and that was able to get Out of the way pretty fast they were Able to pull it out of the muck and get It moving again no word yet on how long It's going to take the grace Amelia Natural gas carrier to get out of the Way to get Suez Canal open of course we Had some big issues previously with the Entire Suez Canal getting locked up due To ships running a ground Moving on into the Federal Reserve had Their meeting of course our free market System here is completely dependent upon Whatever the Federal Reserve decides to Do so if you thought we had free market That's funny uh we're basically a Communist Utopia and uh so the central Banking system whatever they say is Basically what the market and what the Entire economy is going to do so they're Tightening up rates which is why we're Kind of moving into a recession and They're saying we're not going to have a Recession in order to keep people from Panicking

Crazy stuff anyway so they raised the Interest rates 0.25 percent uh and they Said um they said that there's going to Be more interest rate hikes which is not What the market was expecting but then They didn't say anything mean about the Market so of course stocks went up so if You're uh if you're in stocks and bonds Uh that's good for you uh if you're not In stocks and bonds then uh Not good Um this video is brought to you by uh Genesis Gold group if you want to get Out of stocks and bonds into physical Gold silver Platinum coins physical Coins as opposed to stocks and bonds in Your retirement portfolio you want to Talk to Jonathan as team you can find Them down in the description down below Anderson Township Ohio 2 000 homes were without power for a bit It sounds like they're back on now there Was a fire at a substation Of course that makes our ears perk up a Little bit uh this also was run by Duke Energy which is also concerning but Ohio's not North Carolina so there is That Um they're saying it was animal damage So apparently a squirrel ran across the Transformers or something like that and Uh but when you see the videos out there You see the flickering on the horizon uh Going on for for well over a minute it

Seems like Um and in my limited physics knowledge a Animal that's causing an arc between Um at a substation would be burnt up Pretty fast you wouldn't be seeing that Going on and on and on that's my Understanding of things so I find it Highly suspicious that the arcing went On for so long so Um if you guys know more about that like There's the carbon from an animal turn Into like uh you know filament from a Light bulb or something like that it Seems to go on for quite a while so it Strikes me as if it was more like Something metal like somebody threw Something metal on there Um and them saying animal I don't know Uh adani I've mentioned this before Because this is like the Lehman Brothers This is like uh this is a big deal over In India not in the United States not in The UK but in India adani is like one of The largest businesses over there And they are being subject to intense Criticism uh Hindenburg research came Out and said it's one big Ponzi scheme They're just basically moving money from One place to the next and they're trying To cover up but they can't possibly pay Back the loans that they have well they Were supposed to have a 2.4 billion Dollar stock uh offer today but they Canceled it and the reason why they

Canceled it was according to them they Did not see that it would be moral to uh They say they said it wouldn't be Morally correct To offer the stock Currently I guess the implication is Until they answer some of these these Questions or anything like that but Other people are pointing to the fact That it's probably due to the fact that Their stock is down 28 percent over the Last week and uh Other people are suggesting Bill Ackman Amongst them suggesting that basically There might be nefarious activity going On and this is kind of one of those they Don't want to do it while they're under Scrutiny basically that that they're Giving sweetheart deals to Big firms and Kind of Uh screwing over the little guys Basically Um so that there's suspicious things in The stock offerings and so because under Such intense scrutiny uh there's concern That maybe they put that on hold because They didn't want to do anything Nefarious while everyone's looking at Them Moving over to Twitter Making some interesting announcements I've been kind of saying this to some People I don't know if I've said it on This channel before but I kind of

Anticipate Twitter moving into payments And we just got word that that Apparently is what is being examined Apparently PayPal sorry Elon Musk is Looking at moving Twitter into getting Payments on their platform and this Could definitely be a PayPal killer of Course who here is a fan of PayPal not Me Is anyone else actually a fan of PayPal But remember that Elon Musk actually was One of the original founders of PayPal He that's where he made his money was he Made PayPal and then he sold it all out And then he started doing Tesla and all The other things that he's doing But he made PayPal so when I when I saw That he was buying up Twitter a couple Things I started thinking about was like Well he's probably going to try to Integrate payments into that because one It kind of makes sense to be able to Send money to people instead of just Sending insults at people and also he Has experienced that so you'd think that He'd immediately like why don't we have Payments built into this thing because It's going to create a lot of revenue For Twitter but also with his at least Expressions of desire for Basically a democracy of on platforms Basically freedom of speech and freedom Of uh that not to not to use it as a Tool to advance some kind of social

Agenda that would make that potentially A much much safer platform than PayPal For conservatives and for people who Like to ask questions so uh that that's Actually quite interesting to me Um is Elon Musk our friend uh I don't Know about that I don't know about that I don't think he agrees with them most Of what I agree with on uh on politics Of course we all disagree on different Things in politics I think that he's Definitely still much more liberal than I am and uh I don't I don't know if he's Moving towards the same thing but I Think that he is sincere in believing uh For freedom of speech and allowing uh at Least some public discourse to happen Which Make some more of my friend than my Enemy at this point there's a lot of Crazy people out there and uh I'm just Glad that he's uh on this side of the Crazy people anyway Department of Labor just uh announced uh The the reported job openings and such Like that and once again just a Political nightmare they just making up Numbers now um there's private there's The jolts private data on job openings And joltz is going like this and of Course the Department of Labor is like Oh what's extra going up It's Magic it's absolutely insane Um you can't trust any of these numbers

Coming out anymore it's just ridiculous Like the private companies who actually Measure these things are saying job Openings are crashing and Because they actually measure it whereas The government is estimating and they're Just estimating just random you know Unicorns on rainbows kind of numbers It's it's ridiculous There is a major can meet recall I Mentioned this in a full video yesterday That 2.5 million pounds of Vienna Sausages and potted meat were recalled Armor Great Value Kroger a number of Other brands uh it's packaged up into Different things it just points to the Fact that what we all knew is that all Those Vienna sausages come from the same Factory Um but apparently it had issues with the Canned ceiling check out the video if You want to learn more about that but I Want to make sure that you did see that 3 over 3 000 flights were canceled over The last two days due to the winter Storm in the United States from Texas up To West Virginia ice storm across the South just freezing things up and they Just had to cancel flights just one Thing after the next some folks on here Are going to tell you that it's a Weather manipulation and stuff like that And I don't know maybe but um FBI raids Biden's summer home

I know we have to specify which of his Homes were rated so previously his other Homes were allowed for his lawyers to Actually search for the classified Documents this time the FBI actually did Raid the summer home now you may be Asking like I did as it as I start Looking at that I just start asking the Question wait a minute so this guy's Been in public office for how many years You know so we know how much he's making Off of his salary And uh it's amazing how many homes and How many mansions he has I mean rich People have a mansion right but uh but The Biden family has four mansions And that's not even talking about their White and their their Washington DC Residents that they had for many years Too Um so on top just like Where's all this money coming from like That'd be an interesting one look at Those uh look at those tax records but Anyway FBI raiding his house in order to Look for more classified documents there Is an investigation underway there is a Special special prosecutor that has been Assigned uh so this there is supposedly A An investigation going to happen here um If anyone else here is skeptical about How Fear of a shake anyone's going to get

But I think that it's it's becoming Pretty clear that a lot of people in his Party don't want him to run and um That's pretty clear but the thing that's Absolutely clear is they definitely Don't want Kamala to run They don't want her running as VP they Don't want to running for you know mayor Of an off of a city anywhere they want Her gone but they also realize that Biden is a liability and it's Kind of suspicious that suddenly this is Happening that kind of makes it so that It's impossible for him to uh to run for Office but I think my skeptical self is going to Just look into the crystal ball deeply And tell you exactly what's going to Happen next as soon as President Biden Announces that he will not run for President these charges are going to Disappear they're going to disappear Like Jeffrey Epstein I mean it's going To be it's gonna be amazing just poof Something would happen can you believe That Um Finally the United States accuse is Accusing Russia of not carrying through On the start uh SALT Treaty Start or assault treaty one of those Treaties where basically we're allowed To inspect their their storage of Nuclear weapons

They're allowed to do that to the United States the United States is allowed to Go over there and there well apparently Russia is like no you're not coming in Inspect our nuclear weapons because you Know you're giving weapons to kill Russian servicemen And I can kind of understand that I can Understand that Um but that is a violation of the treaty And That's kind of big news out there too so Uh definitely things more breaking down Where the Diplomatic channels are Breaking down across the board uh due to This conflict that's happening in Eastern Europe Both sides are very upset that's that's To be clear that's clear is World War III underway Um kinda kinda I mean we could always Step back from the brink and and and put An end to all this but it's like we are In we're not in Cold War anymore we're Like in lukewarm War that's I mean People are being shot people were being Bombed missiles are flying back and Forth Um and it's a question of how many Soldiers does the United States and NATO Really actually have in Eastern Europe It's not a question of if it's where are They and what are they doing And how many are there

Um anyone who knows anything about Covert operations and stuff like that Knows that there's absolutely U.S forces In Eastern Europe I mean there's there's Absolutely I don't know anyone's like no There aren't it's like listen they're Everywhere and every time there's a Conflict United States and other allies Have their forces in there wearing you Know foreign uniforms how many of those Ukrainian uh troops out there actually Are U.S soldiers in those uniforms That's a question to to be asked by Other people and honestly is there Really any answer to the question that Can be found the answer is no but I can Guarantee you I guarantee you that there Are U.S soldiers there uh fighting and There are we know some are retired and Some are out of anything but uh it is is Definitely a conflict over there that is Brewing and is going to impact and Continue to impact as As Russia gets more and more evidence of The United States meddling uh I imagine They're going to get matter and matter And matter and it's just a matter of Time before this blows up in our face Like so many other things before All right folks that's what I got for You for the evening news or the morning News Thanks so much for watching if you want To check out another video there's one

Right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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