BREAKING: NATO Approves Sending Combat Aircraft To Ukraine

According to Defense Minister of Ukraine, agreements are soon to be announced regarding fighter jets and other combat aircraft to be deployed in the fight against Russia. News of this deal has not yet reached western media outlets yet.

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The floodgates are now open that's right We are now getting reports from uh Defense minister Alexi reznock Resnick COV Now he is the eastern Ukraine uh he's He's the Ukrainian defense minister and He is a lawyer so when he speaks he Means what he says that's kind of what You got to do if you're going to be a Lawyer now he has been accused of some Corruption along the way Um but he he's refused to step down Because until he's asked to step down But The floodgates are now open of weapons And weapon systems going to Ukraine from NATO and Wow these floodgates are really pouring Out Germany has now authorized 80 Leopard two tanks those are the most Modern tanks that they have But they've also authorized and gone Here about this yeah it was like 12 and Then now it's like 80 because That's how it works you know the dam Breaches just a little bit and then Everyone's like oh okay we're allowed to Give tanks now let's just give Everything Uh and then so 80 leopard twos and then The older version leopard ones they've Now authorized 88 to go to Ukraine That's just Germany The U.S has uh authorized the sending of

841 Abram tanks uh UK is sending 14 Challenger tanks which is kind of on par With the uh with the M1 Abram tanks and The leopard twos Poland has authorized Now uh they they were 4 14 and then they Got excited and now it's 74. so uh 14 Modern tanks and then they're sending 60 A little bit older tanks I wasn't able To find out what models they're sending And everybody else is like stumbling Over each other to give as much free Stuff as they can to uh Ukraine now and When you start adding that up I mean They asked for 300 battle tanks and of Course NATO is like that's just Ridiculous that's insane like that's Just crazy talk let's talk about just a Few tanks okay well let's see 160 uh 200 Um Yep yep we're getting right about 300 Tanks Now isn't that fantastic Um so 300 tanks was World War III a Month ago and uh insane but now 300 Tanks is like well what else can we give Them and the and the thing that they Want of course is fighter jets fighter Jets and bombers and long-range missiles And you know you just once you've given Those things I I don't know what else There's left maybe long range bombers I Don't know but the defense minister uh Alexi Resnick golf uh said this today in Terms of receiving weapons we received

Everything there are only planes left He's talking about the negotiations Right I can add some optimism to you There will be planes too the question is Which ones okay now they don't like to Announce things until they've come up With a like an agreement of exactly what It is going to be what he has said he Said mission accomplished and now he's Saying The question isn't whether they're going To give us Jets or planes the question Is which ones and they kind of followed Up a question on him now this is all Translated so it's it's a I had to go Through several different places to kind Of make sure that translation is is Looking good now you're not hearing this On Western media they're all saying well He's hoping that they're going to get Fighter jets he's hoping that they're Gonna no that's not what he said He said we're getting them it's Basically agreed to in principle it's Just a matter of which ones He said they are discussing f-16s and Other aircraft That's big news folks Remember how President Biden said that Combat aircraft Would be tantamount to World War III Of course he said that previously about Sending tanks that that would be world War three but then we then we're doing

That and uh now it's like now we're Moving forward on uh fighter jets Potentially now of course no country Wants to give F-16s to Ukraine unless the United States gives a Thumbs up on it because or else they Don't get any other f-16s f-18s or f-22s Or F whatevers Um f-35s they don't get anything else if We don't want to prove it like they're Not allowed to just resell stuff or give It to random people Um you know or else maybe you know Someone could tip me a F-16 or something Like that if you're wealthy and in Dubai Or something like that you have a tank Or whatever you could you're not allowed To do that right you can't just give it To whoever you want you have to get like Approval from the United States or Whoever the manufacturer of those weapon Systems are to to give it to whoever but Everyone's stumbling over themselves to Be like okay yeah let's do this let's Let's just keep doing this Um of course Poland and France are kind Of pushing forward France hasn't made Super big commitments just yet but they Seem to be like wanting everyone else to Do commitments France has been pushing Germany like Germany's like no we Shouldn't do that and that that'd be That's probably a bad idea and and

France and Poland are like do it do it Come on do it Poland's like we'll give Thanks we'll give tanks France is like You should give tanks it's kind of like A certain political party there right You know they want everybody else to Contribute uh you know some World Governments you know Shadow governments Like we want everyone else to contribute To uh saving the planet but you know We're going to fly around on our Jets at The same time So we've got all this pressure coming in To push this forward and now You know Somebody's letting the cat out of the Bag that the negotiations are there Apparently they're they're still Discussing Um he said they were discussing before Uh on the transfer of combat aircraft And long-range missiles now that was an Actual quote that was a summary from the Article but basically that that they Were discussing this and they were Discussing like the logistics of it now Obviously they can't fly those fighter Jets and stuff like that into the Country they're going to have to Probably Move them in on the ground or something Or because you know flying them in is Kind of Kind of a little sketchy uh if they're

Flying in from another country then kind Of opens up that other country being a Combatant so that's been discussed is Like how do they get them there and There's Logistics with that and uh these Tanks a lot of these tanks are not going To be getting there until summer the U.S M1 Abrams might get there in the fall of Course we can't just give them random M1 Abram tanks that we have because we have To strip have stripped armor ones ones That don't have the uh you know depleted Uranium armor those those are classified And can't give those you know you can Probably Park them in a garage and you Know not secure them but you're not Allowed to like give them to people Um you know so maybe maybe someone needs To pay a visit to uh to Hunter and kind Of work something out so some classified Things can exchange hands but uh so far It looks like they're going to be the UN Armored tanks uh you're probably using Like steel Alloys as opposed to using The depleted uranium but they're talking About this winter offensive this early Spring offensive that's uh that's Um everyone's talking about it and the Question is is when is it going to Happen and there's already mounting Pressure happening right now on some of The fronts over in Ukraine and uh Ukraine is very optimistic that they're Going to be able to hold out until the

Tanks arrive until these things happen But uh the question is when that massive Offensive happens because uh Russia has Been moving hundreds of thousands of Troops to the front it's it's not it's Not for the fan of heart Um we're looking at the early stages of World War III and it's hard to see it as Anything other than that Giving tanks giving weapons and Everything like that to Ukraine is we're Given a lot but will it be enough that Remains to be seen But uh I wanted to get that word out to You we're not hearing that in Western Media I had to dig that up from back Sources and stuff like that to find out What he actually said and that is as This lawyer said the defense minister For Ukraine one he knows what he's Talking about and two as a lawyer he is Using his words carefully we would Expect and that is what he has said he Said that negotiations are there and They are moving forward it's just a Matter of hashing out the details at This point so I expect to hear an Announcement in the next week or two Probably once they get that kind of Figured out and then they also have to Figure out how they're going to drop the News in such a way that uh you know Russia doesn't freak out That's that's a whole other thing all

Right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video from me right Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You later Steve Poplar out

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