BREAKING NEWS? | DEFCON 2? | We’re NOT Seeing General Mobilization Of US Forces

These unconfirmed reports of a major shift in the readiness level of American forces all over the world do not seem to be in keeping with what we are seeing at this time.

(This is in no way a knock on other channels or questioning the legitimacy of their information… but it is a different interpretation based on additional intel.)

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Hey everyone there is a big conversation Going on out there right now about Whether we are now at Defcon 2. uh I Know survival living and Goshen prepping Has uh put out some videos uh survival Living He put out a uh this originally And part of that was Um based on this website but not all Based on that website he was uh using That for illustrative purposes he had a Phone call in which uh the person on the Other end of the line was informed that They uh they're in the military were Informed that they uh are at Defcon 2. Now here's one of the things that we Need to understand with this with Defcon Level is that there are different Branches there are different components There are different commands Defcon Level can be different from unit to unit Can be different from one area to Another area so Um we're getting there's there's a lot Of people repeating this now on Twitter And and everywhere else and they're Starting to say basically we're at Defcon level two overall and that Doesn't not appear to be the case and I'm going to kind of walk you through Some of that the information out there I'm not in any way discounting the Information that was gotten directly by Survival living or by anyone else out There there's there's information going

Either way but we're looking at a block Box that we can't actually see into Unless you're actually in the military So we're all going to be speculating From different angles and I think it Looks like there's a possibility that There is some uh Significant higher level of Readiness Out there for at least some units that Does appear to be the case is it still The case I don't know was it just a Short period of time we don't know this These things for sure But um I did get over there and start Searching around the world to try to Verify any of these stories I've heard That uh Fort Stewart is in lockdown I Have not been able to confirm that Um also that that the military personnel Of the United States and Germany are not Supposed to leave the base at this bases At this time I did seem to sort of Verify that but that doesn't seem to be Related to a national security crisis it Appears to be more the there's more Growing discontent in Germany against American forces there and there were Some incidents with alcohol and stuff Like that that might be the reason why Temporarily Civilian military is not supposed to go Out and mix with the civilians Um I did find that uh that we have 8 500 Troops in the United States that are on

Alert uh they are on Five Day warning For possible deployment to Ukraine Either alongside a NATO response force Or standing alone This is medical support Aviation support Logistics and combat troops elements From the 82nd Airborne 101st Airborne And fourth infantry division as well as Other units in other locations so Perhaps uh these units have gone to Defcon 2 I don't know Um we I'm hearing out there from Numerous reservists saying I haven't Been called up and Defcon level two I'd be called up we're also not seeing Military bases on lockdown I'm seeing Pictures of Fort Stewart on their Twitter account that uh they're having Bike rides with chaplains and and stuff Like that and so it doesn't appear it Seems to be business as usual for a lot Of places uh militarily we're not seeing Uh Defcon level two leaking out we're Not getting warnings coming out now They're not supposed to share that but When you have over a million plus people Who are access to these uh these levels You would expect some kind of leakage Relatively quickly uh that that warnings Would be getting out we don't see any Crises that people are pointing to and Saying this is the reason why Um we we see some speculations possibly It's Russia possibly and I'm thinking

Possibly the Cyber attack on Italy this Website out there which is Defcon is It's civilian the these are civilians Who are trying to track the Defcon Levels they have now uh ticked Africa Middle East or centcom cyber Europe Asia and us which is Northern Command uh all into Defcon level two Other commands are still Defcon level Three including space command and uh all This is just kind of it's confusing that Website is trying to trying to piece Together where we are with our defense Level Um after after having this uh blimp go Over the United States with possible spy Equipment if it took highly sensitive Pictures of our missile silos and such Like that it could be that we are Feeling a little bit um vulnerable right Now and have our uh nuclear forces on Alert uh that could be what's going on Here uh it's hard to speculate but I'm Going to go out there on a limb and say That generally speaking I think that This website is probably wrong I think We're probably looking at elements uh Some units inside the US military are at Defcon 2 but I don't think we are at Defcon 2 because we're not seeing a lot Of things we'd expect to see at Defcon Level 2 we should have our bombers on The tarmac waiting to take off with

Nuclear weapons on that and doesn't seem Like we're seeing that out there we Don't seem to have that kind of on the Brain rank Edge so should we take this Seriously well I will say this there Seems to be something going on out there What is it I don't know we're not getting good Information about that should we be at a Higher state of alert I think we I mean I think you should take warnings like This seriously I think that we all need To take these things seriously we're Getting some Insider information Um some channels are sharing stuff that That's just completely unverifiable they Got an email or this or that other Channels like survival living uh he's he Had a phone call which again I can't Verify that but uh knowing him that's That's reasonable to to believe that That was a legitimate call what exactly Happened on that call what exactly was That that was said Um is is harder to interpret and harder To understand uh especially since he Wasn't even necessarily supposed to hear What he heard and so the question is What is going on with all this we don't Know we're gonna have to wait for some More information to come out and uh In the meantime you might want to just Top up your preps you might want to just Take things a little more seriously keep

An eye on what's going on a little more Closely because something's going down Things are going down that that we're Not quite aware of the fact that 8 500 Troops in the US are preparing to deploy To Ukraine should be concerning and Potentially over the last day or two That may have expanded to a larger group Of soldiers that are starting to prepare For potentially getting deployed to Europe this this is kind of where we are In the world Um it could be that some units got Activated in order to to go to uh help The the massive disaster in Turkey There's so much going on right now in Connecting those dots is not something We really can do from this side very Easily until uh people with sources Start revealing information and and Things all right folks um if you guys Have some inside Intel on what's going On Um like I said this is kind of like We're trying to finger in the dark like Feel out kind of where this alert is and What it's there for and why and all that If you have some inside information You'd like to pass along to popular Preparedness please do pass That along there's a there's an a number Of other YouTube channels that are kind Of following this as well as other Sources out there that that will

Probably get some replies to these uh These uh postings and such like that and We will hopefully have some more Information coming your way as soon as Possible and we will keep this updated Very serious thing remember of course We've been at Defcon 2 twice Gulf War And the Cuban Missile Crisis this is not Something light this is not something Small but it doesn't seem like our Entire military is a Defcon 2 or even Northern command or Um at least the other commands that that We can see all right folks uh if you Have things to share please do email Them directly at Poplar preparedness and uh keep your head down Keep uh keep prepping and take things Seriously all right folks Um if you found this video useful Helpful if you find this channel useful Helpful you might want to click this Button right here it's the Subscribe Button you click that it gives you Option to subscribe you can hit the Subscribe button down below but you know You can also do this too all right Thanks so much for watching I'll see you Guys later Steve Poplar out

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