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Breaking news about supply chain Shortages in 2023. hey everybody this is Michael with asymmetrical preparedness I am reading this article from the Las Vegas Journal Review Journal Says important stuff the title has 12 Items to buy now as 2023 supply chain Shortages Loom so People are talking about even the news They recognize the fact that shortages Are coming so before I get into the Video please subscribe hit that thumbs Up share the videos Ring the Notification Bell for all Comment below all the things so I'm Reading the article right here Um It's uh I'll just read it this is good stuff Here It starts off it's a cliche to say Hindsight is 20 20. but his shortages And supply chain issues continue it Definitely feels valid for Shoppers if Only we could go back to tell our pre You know that thing that's been on in The last couple years that thing and all That stuff going on uh selves to buy Extra hand sanitizer and toilet paper Remember when people are fighting over It yeah Um certainly some supply chain shortages And issues caused by that recent event Um and in some cases Panic buying have

Ease for instance the waiting list uh Only demand for bicycles is mostly Resolved I didn't know there was a demand for Bicycles but anyway why supply chain Shortages still exist periodic shortages Of popular goods are not unprecedented But Supply disruptions may be a Long-term problem for global trade We've heard about that the stuff going On overseas All the tensions raising stuff like that That will greatly affect our supply Chain so let me get back to it multiple Supply chain issues duh such as problems At production facilities already fragile Global Supply chains production capacity They say climate change now there's Nothing to do with that and labor and Truck driver shortages have converged to Create the perfect consumer storm They're even saying this and while we're Unlikely to see the empty shells of 2020 And 2021 the supply chain crisis is far From over I disagree I think the supply Chain and the shortages the empty Shelves will be worse in 2023 and if we Get to 2024 it's really going to be bad But I don't know if we're going to make It that far Um They say it's supply chain crisis far From over unfortunately it takes many Takes years rather than months to

Resolve shortages completely Um particularly in the semi-conductor Industry production of cars smartphones Computers cameras that has been affected Um so here are 12 products expected to be affected by Supply chain shortages and heavy Consumer demand in early 2023 so early 2023 this is what they're saying cereal Bread and flour that's all wheat Products why wheat products because of What's going on overseas between that One country that's super corrupt and Bear Country you know that stuff going On that's where a lot of the wheat is Grown so yes that will continue to Affect and it'll get worse lettuce Lettuce is easy to grow yourself though Just do it yourself I mean seriously you Can grow it indoors you can go to Outdoors the winter crop you know that's Not that difficult Um one of them is champagne who cares I Don't care about that one Um eggs we've all heard about the egg Shortages Um we've seen it I've seen it personally In the stores Costco has a limit of two Whatever size eggs you choose to get Um and then last time I was there there Was two time before that they were Completely empty gone done zero eggs the Time before that it was the two time Before that it was the two so you know

And I've seen Walmart really short so Those things I've seen prescription Medications due to a lot of things we'll Get into that Um tomato products Affected by crops Um cement and concrete Probably based off I think that's due to The chemicals that they use in those Products in making those products being A short supply due to a lot of issues Going on and they say olive oil Sand I don't know how you can have a shortage Of sand probably due to the supply chain Um the truckers and all that stuff like That maybe that's why also the increased Prices of fuel affecting the supply of That bottled water poultry liquor and Beer a bottle of water I don't know Maybe because the chemicals that make up The bottles I don't know we don't have a Short supply of water Falling out of the sky right now as I Speak Um and speaking of that foul weather you Want to stay warm no matter if it's wet Rainy doesn't matter Then you need to get yourself some of These Some of these base layers by Fortress Fortress clothing base layer no matter If you're soaking wet you stay warm People have shown with the cut holes in

The ice jumped in the water get out 45 Seconds later they're warm it keeps you Warm wet or dry negative five degrees up To 65 70 degrees all you need is a Little like this is just a thin base Layer nothing else on it just to keep The wind off because base layers don't Protect you from the wind portable heat When you're out and about doing the Things squirrel falls apart you've got To stay warm and you can't always be Lighting a fire you can't always be you Know carrying firewood coal propane gas All that stuff with you so check out Fortress clothing links in the Description below get yourself some of These awesome base layers some of their Other products that are just as amazing Um poultry yeah we know it goes along With the egg shortages the culling of Chickens Etc liquor and beer I don't Care about I don't drink Um some people do but All right next in the article is 12 Things you should stock up now to avoid The shortages I bet they go along with The things that are shortages up but First don't give in the temptation of Panic buying they say artificial demand Can create Supply train chain disruption Think of the great toilet paper shortage Of 2020. Yeah I get it uh because people freaked out

And caused it to happen people say that Preppers cause food shortages and stuff That's not the case because preppers are Continually buying and continually Prepping it's the people that aren't Prepared that freak out go to the store And buy a bunch of stuff those people Are the problem not Preppers so you People that are here I know that you're Not causing the problem uh picking up a Few extra items or buying easy isn't it Is a is a smart way to stock up Um without emptying the store shelves For other Shoppers and that's Preppers Right so they're telling you to be a Prepper without telling you to be a Prepper All right number one the item that they Say to stock up on now cereal bread and Flour why because it's made out of Grains specifically wheat it'll only get More expensive yeah and or not available The price of grains is soaring due to The war over there I talked about Stressing the world's weed Supply Complicated by the destruction of their Power grid this problem is likely to be A long-term one yeah I agree so squirrel Away a few extra boxes of cereal big Bell bag of wheat flour stuff like that You know yeah stock up on wheat based Products hard red wheat you know flour Itself flour though you got to rotate it Doesn't have that long of a shelf life

So think about that Um lettuce During the fall and winter much of the U.S enjoys lettuce from California Specifically the Salinas Valley but this Year's crop was stuck with a with a uh Kind of like that that thing that we Were talked about recently over the last Couple years decimating up to 75 local Supply of both our Iceberg and Romaine Lettuces Um prices skyrocketing 400 percent when You spot a sale try to stock up Um Freezer friendly hearts of homemade Romaine spinach or butter lettuce Um I don't really like freezing lettuce so Lettuce is one of those things that's It's best fresh of course that's why it Is grow it yourself I mean that's my Answer not their answer Champagne shortages drought affecting The crop in 2022 and a glass shortage Compounded the issues okay don't really Care but maybe you do Um eggs I don't really care because even If you enjoy it or you like it or it's Part of your life it doesn't have to be It's not one of the things you have to Have it's not food it's not water it's Not a necessity it's a You know it's an item you can do away With okay eggs

Well concerns about most things in the Dairy case of ease eggs are still in Short supply and experiencing Significant price hikes much of this is Due to the ravaging avian thing you know Demek thing Um that is ravaging the global supply Chain so the calling of chickens Etc and It's not just that though they do the PCR test and if one bird In a million has positive results which Is almost almost impossible not to then They call the whole herd that's Anyway Prescription medications perhaps the Most concerning of all current shortages Of pipeline prescription medications and Such such as antibiotics antivirals and Even ADHD medications which are largely Driven by increased demand and while you Can't always stock up on meds you can Keep a closer eye and your pill Supply And allow extra time for par for refills At your Pharmacy you can stock up Especially antibiotics there are places Where you can get fish antibiotics Animal antibiotics online without a Prescription and you can have them I Have them we use them My wife is I have used has gone through Like three or four rounds of fish MOX Amoxicillin it's 250 milligram or 500 Milligram pills um caplets which that Happens to be the dosage her dosage is

About 500. so it's kind of funny that They're even coming our dosage but check Your dosage and be smart don't say don't Say that I told you just go out and Start using antibiotics like crazy you Got to be careful you got to be smart Um and do your research Uh let me see tomato products due to Extreme drought in California again uh They're trying to keep up with the Tomato crop from going under this shirt That means higher prices from everything Tomatoes salsa marinara sauces ketchup All the things you know so Um toss in a couple extra bottles cans Etc you know it's just part of our preps We gotta keep these things in mind Cement and concrete Um Plan ahead if you're gonna need it you Need to use some I would say if you're The kind of per like using it around Your house you're buying a bag or two or Something that you're probably not going To see shortages it's if you're building Construction or something like that so That probably doesn't affect most of us Um olive oil I cook with olive oil all The time I love olive oil so all of us What they say about olive oil heat waves In Spain are threatening the olive Harvest this year that means as you Guessed it shortages in olive oil Um go ahead buy an extra bottle each

Time they say cool dark place stored for Up to 20 months yeah so that's something That we readily use on a regular basis You have to have olive oil no you can Use other oils also but you know hey if You want to sand Don't really care I'm gonna skip that One bottled water as ground water dries Up out west Um and boil notices become more frequent Many towns and even large cities are Having to turn bottle to bottled water For short-term survival and while you Shouldn't make bottled water supply more Stress than those for those in need it's Worth having an extra case on hand or Two or 50 Cases every time I go to the store I buy At least one case of bottled waters so I Mean shoot just sitting outside my back Door right now I think I have 12 cases Right there and not to mention in the Other locations where I have them in the Shed food storage locations inside the House upstairs storage unit friends Properties other places that I'm not Going to mention yeah stockpile water All right the last or I don't know not The last the second last one poultry Um that flu thing you know cuddling of Birds Um stop stuff like that I mean that's Really what it's about I'm not really I Don't really need to talk more about

That liquor and beer Glass bottles aluminum cans aluminum Prices shortages stuff like that so and They say buy now save later later yeah Well that's what we do is Preppers so That's all they say in the article it is Eye-opening though that other people Like media sources are talking about Stuff like this Um it's kind of getting to the point Where they have to because so many People are seeing it so many people are Talking about it some people know about It we as Preppers have known about it For a while that's why we prep so keep On doing what you're doing uh Think about these items though you could Definitely uh set yourselves up for Success if you follow the trends but What I say is be proactive not reactive So yes this is reactive type thing but Do it in a way where you're setting Yourselves up identify these things as Quick as possible Um when you first start hearing about Shortages or increased prices stuff like That start buying a little extra because Then when the real Panic comes you don't Have to worry you can leave that section Alone like the area where there's flour And bread and stuff like that and you Can move on to the next section that Will be affected by that Think ahead be smart I love you guys

Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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