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Today Maybe the start of things Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Today in Washington state January 12 2023 There will be a hearing a bill filed I'm You know that political stuff going on Basically I'm going to read it got this Here with my uh wife's cell phone you Know the pink back all right Bill filed In Washington Would authorize Washington state would Authorize a strike force Armed personnel to involuntarily Involuntarily detain Unvaccinated families Really Can get really interesting here people There's a zoom meeting on proposed Agenda on January 12th Um Washington State Board of Health May Soon amend state law to authorize Involuntary Detention of residents as Young as five years old in covid-19 Internment camps for failing to comply With States experimental vaccine mandate Yeah Pretty crazy Before I get into this though if you Guys could please subscribe ring the Notification Bell for all hit that Thumbs up or the thumbs down whatever

You whatever floats your boat Comment below share the videos really Appreciate it and if you want to stay Warm when you're out there doing the Things you got portable heat with you Check out Fortress clothing links in the Description below amazing stuff I'm Loving it still all right this is Wac246 Tac 100 attack zero four zero a Proposed revision to include coveted Protocol under the state's communicable And certain other diseases Act Um outlines procedure for isolation or Quarantine the measure would allow local Health officers Uh uh at his or her sole discretion to Issue an emergency detention order Causing a person or group of persons to Be immediately detained for purposes of Isolation or quarantine Health officers Are required to provide documentation Providing unvaccinated uh residents Subject to to detention have denied Requests for medical examination testing Treatment counseling vaccination Decontamination of persons or animals Isolation or isolation quarantine and Inspection and closure of facilities Prior to involuntarily involuntarily Confinement in quarantine facilities the Resolution States Uh the this is this is I mean seriously If they I'll tell you what if somebody Comes on my property and tries to

Involuntarily detain me for not being Um you know having that and yeah this Video is probably gonna get demonetized Because I've already said because I'm Reading what it is even though if I'm Even though I'm reading it off of uh you Know the actual State website they don't Care they'll probably shut me down Anyway but yeah if you don't get this Meaning you don't have medical free will Or freedom of choice I guarantee Somebody shows up my driveway trying to Detain my family it won't end well for Them Just saying Um the amended law would also allow Health officers to deploy law Enforcement officials to assist with the Arrest of uncompliant Washington Residents Yeah I'm an uncompliant Washington Resident All right so yeah this could be the Start of the war I have friends that think it's going to Start in the state anyway that's why Some of us haven't left here yet because Some people somebody some groups got to Stay and fight I'm a fighter I'm also a lover But yeah All right according to that number you Know the the the w246 100 yeah that Number I told you about a local Health

Officer May invoke the powers of police Officers Sheriff's constables and all other Officers and employees of any political Subdivisions within the jurisdiction of The health department to enforce Immediately orders given to effectuate The purposes of this section in Accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.20.050 And then in parentheses uh four and Seven zero point zero five point one two Zero those are Revised Code of Washington that is Washington law Basically Um the emergency detention order Legalizes the isolation and detainment Of American citizens who fail to Voluntarily comply with covid gene Therapy shots for a period not to exceed 10 days Um however a judge May extend the forced Quarantine for a period not to exceed 30 Days if the segregated individual or Family's family Persists to refuse vaccination yeah That's me I persist to refuse Yeah this makes me a little upset so Let's go on with this this is some good Stuff here I hope you guys are watching People who utilize the state isolation And quarantine facility would be those Who do not necessarily oversight reside In a specific County get listen to this

Part Including Travelers as well as people on Vessels that have outbreaks On their ships who birthed on the Washington coast and International And Interstate Travelers What does that mean that means it Doesn't matter what state you're Resident of if you come into Washington State They can lock you up if you haven't had The Kool-Aid shot yeah International also that means citizens Of other nations Good luck with that in the back fall or The Fallout from that you try to detain Some other countries Um citizens and throw them in an Isolation Camp against their wishes yeah This is gonna get this could go into a Big whole ball of worms right here all Right Um Let me see where am I And okay so let me see Travelers also Who test positive at SeaTac Airport may Also stay at this facility yep that's What I was talking about and that is Ginny Streeter from the Washington State Department of Health Um and that's a quote from that person Telling the post millennial that's the Source all right Uh wac that number again certified on

October 25th 2019 so yes this part of This has already been in effect they're Just wanting to amend it to add in some Of this more crazy stuff Um Uh and that was months prior to the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States the first confirmed case of covid Was diagnosed in Seattle on January 20th 2020. so October 25th 2019 they already Had a lot they already put a law into Effect regarding this As if they didn't know is coming Yeah as if they didn't know when this is Going to be released and the fact that It was human made Etc and that it's part of the agenda Yeah okay yeah I'm tracking that All right the Washington State Board of Health will hold a virtual public Meeting on January 12th which is Tomorrow for me but today when you see This video posting all right Um yeah there's a link about it all Right here this is uh this I haven't Even read all this yet so I'm just Reading it to you guys I've actually gotten this far in the Article Scott Miller a washington-based Physician assistant who runs a private Pediatric clinic lost his medical License in October for providing over 2 000 critically ill coveted patients with

Ivermectin vitamins and other effective Treatments you know those things that we Know actually work yeah Miller will Provide testimony during this uh thing This eight hour Zoom meeting on Wednesday Um or Thursday whatever to warn against Mandating the experimental shot for Children etc etc you know it goes on to Like all this stuff it's it's a pretty Good uh um read but anyway this is yeah Not not good Um Like I said Show up in my driveway and try to detain Me Moan Lobby Right come and get it And I'm not trying to act like I'm some Big bad a you know I don't want conflict but I'll tell you What I will not Allow anybody to involuntarily detain me Or my family members Things like this Will probably be pushed more and more So we're looking at these kind of things We need to be aware of these kind of Things this is why I talk about Freedom Tools Defensive tools Freedom seeds all these Kind of things and the training and Equipment and the desire and the drive That need to go along with it

To be able to protect ourselves from Governmental overreach from a tyrannical Government tell me Can anyone tell me how this what I'm Just talking about now is not tyrannical If you can explain it to me in a way That is rational reasonable and I can Understand it which you can't because It's not It's not possible Please try to do so though While being respectful of course because I'm being respectful Anyway Let me throw your comments down below What do you think about things like this What's going on in your state I know a lot of people will not stand For this period if this starts that they Actually take action on this we know There's lots of different laws on the Books you know that are just not Enforced several of the latest Um Firearms laws in Washington state I-594 Um 16 Uh what was that 1650 or 1690 something Like I don't know you know these just Different um laws that they put on the Books that um Are there's like 30 something counties In Washington and like 27 or 28 of them Out of that I think 32 counties Um the sheriffs of those counties

Put out officially their stance is that Their deputies will not Enforce these unconstitutional Freedom tool laws It's only like four or five maybe Counties in this entire State and you Know where they are they're Seattle Tacoma you know all the I-5 Corridor Pretty much where all the wackos live Um but yeah If they actually try to enforce things Like this this could be one of those Things that starts the war Just thought you guys might like to know This I appreciate all you guys love all you Guys Keep on prepping this stuff like this is Not gonna go away they're gonna keep Pushing and pushing and pushing until They've pushed us too far Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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