Breaking News: Very Good News Out Of Kentucky

Revival has come to Asbury University in Kentucky. Thousands are coming to see this work of God and it is already having a tremendous impact on people of faith all over the US and in some places around the world.

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Welcome back to the Poplar report we Talk a lot about the news that's Happening out there a lot of bad things Are happening a lot of things are Changing in our world that are not for The better today Um I'm actually at a place right now and I'll be uploading videos as I can where Some really good news is happening as You probably are aware of most uh Turning points in the history and the Culture of the United States as well as Other countries around the world have Not started in the political sphere but Have started in the religious sphere Much of the American Revolution was Actually birthed out of a great Revival That happened in the churches in America Which got them thinking about freedom And about what is right and moral before God Much of the American Civil War was Colored by Revival and we we know that Many of the turning points in American History have been marked or have Overlapped with spiritual Revival some Of you may have already heard now but uh In Asbury University in Kentucky there Is reports of Revival breaking out Amongst the student body there a Religious revival Where people are turning over their Lives to Christ and having a spiritual Experience that is unlike what is

Typical now I know as I say that some of You are very skeptical but I would like You to look up the Great Awakening and The Second Great Awakening and just look Up the concept of Revival in uh in Religious history in the United States As well as if you want to look at England as well Whitfield and Wesley the origins of the Methodist churches and such well Asbury College is a Methodist Church birthed in A the first Great Awakening and in that We We see great political things that come Out of that as the culture and as the People are affected greatly by a Revival So when I hear Revival is happening Somewhere that does perk up my ears and That is why uh Lord willing as you're Watching this video I'm already on the Ground with my uh my intern Tyler my Cameraman Tyler and we're going to be Trying to capture some of that of what's Going on the ground there and give you Some firsthand reports about what we're Seeing what we're hearing what we're Experiencing there in Asbury University In Kentucky now Um I'm also going to to try to be Discerning as well if you follow my Bible Channel bold Faith Bible there Will be more content over there that's Maybe of a more religious nature Um and uh in speaking about the

Spiritual experience and and some more Testimonies of some of the individuals There if we can get some people on Camera but on this channel we're going To be really focusing in on the the Societal impact the what's happening Amongst young people this is Particularly amongst young people but Many people are being affected in the Community as well as uh in the Surrounding community so we're going to Be bringing that to you if you are a Praying person if you're a believer of Jesus if you pray for us pray for the Students in Kentucky at Asbury University Asbury kind of has a Reputation of these revivals uh last one Happened in 2006 they started having Prayer meeting on Wednesday morning uh Not prayer meeting sorry a regular Chapel service and something happened And they haven't stopped meeting and Praying and worshiping together since Then so we're going to be trying to Bring that to you as best we can without Interrupting or disrupting any of that So there's some videos some pictures Coming out as of now but we're going to Hopefully get you some better ones and Some a little more in depth of a look of What's actually going on there and so Like I said Revivals spiritual revivals have a Tendency to spread

Now if you're not a believer in God Whatsoever you cannot deny this the the Societal impact of revivals in the past And how that has really impacted Politics as well as impacted Society at Large if you are a Believer Um you probably are going to be saying Yeah nothing can save the United States Except for Spiritual Revival and how do Spiritual Revival start they start with Young people falling to their knees and Being transformed by the the spirit of God and that usually transforms into Impact into churches as well as other College campuses and you look at the Jesus Revival back in the 60s you look At just many of these revivals Billy Graham Crusades kind of almost you could Say Revival just the tremendous impact On everything so is this good news it it Seems to be good news that there are There is a renewed spiritual Vigor At Asbury University and apparently it's Spreading to neighboring universities as Well and do be praying for us as we as We get there we should be there by now If you're seeing this video I may Replace this video if I can get a better Video up in the first place but that's Where I am and that's where you're going To see some unusual content over the Next few days and I I suggest like I Said if you're not a Believer if you're Not spiritual or you're not religious

You may want to hang around and see kind Of this first-hand reporting of what's Going on there anyway because it could Very well impact you and your freedoms And at the very least help you Understand what's kind of going on in The religious space or in the space of Religious conservatives all right folks That's what I have for you today and Pray for us and if you want to support Us you there's always the donation link Down below help us defray some of the Travel costs and unfortunately these Type of videos tend to get a lot less Views so you know there's that too but We want to get you the best information And actually contribute to the community As best we can by providing first-hand Accounts and first-hand information on Stories that you will not hear about on The evening news or in the mainstream Media all right folks thanks so much for Watching if you want to check out Another video there's one right here and If you haven't subscribed you want to Check out right here and I will see you Guys at the Asbury University Revival 2023. God bless you all

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