BREAKING: Nuclear Fuel Missing & Major Radioactive Spill In Minnesota

Lot’s of radioactive news today as a major radioactive wastewater spill at a nuclear power plant in Minnesota has been reported and 2.5 tons of uranium fuel goes missing in Libya.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we have a whole bunch of Radioactive news stories today there's a Lot coming out about missing items here And there uh Minnesota's Monticello Nuclear power plant uh is uh Missing About 400 000 gallons of radioactive Water that kind of spilled This has not reached the Mississippi River but uh it is obviously a concern That radioactive material is being Spread in liquid form all over the site They are working on trying to clean that Up In addition to that in Libya they Managed to misplace about 2.5 tons of Uranium Now this is uranium ore concentrate it's Not enriched uranium but it could be Enriched using uh bombardment Not to get in too much on how to build Your own toys but uh with enrichment This could be used for a nuclear weapon And that is obviously a concern of Course where this 2.5 tons go did it get Sold to the highest bidder on the black Market did it get sent to our favorite Iranian country Iran Um who knows it could have been sent to North Korea who knows nobody really Knows where this 2.5 tons of uranium ore Has gone to But uh it is definitely a concern And then finally uh over in Thailand uh

They lost a radioactive cylinder of Czm-137 Which incidentally could be used to Bombard uranium To enrich it once again not to get into Too much how to actually create your own Toys but uh yeah you know you have your Cesium that actually can be used to Bombard The uranium to enrich it to the point Where it can be slammed together and go Kablooey right This 55 pound 12 inch cylinder in Thailand you know it's almost like it's Almost like we got a shopping list going On out there and uh it's hard not to be A little concerned that the countries That have nuclear uh devices and energy And things keep seemingly to misplace Rather important things now of course uh Libya is not a stable country because The United States once Libya decided That they wanted to join the Free World The United States went over and toppled The government And it's been a state of Civil War ever Since so that the United States can sell More weapons and everything else to the Country but aside from that so basically The non-us backed side has lost this 2.5 Tons uranium who could who can imagine That a country is government that is Under Threat by a U.S backed Rebel Forces would not sell whatever they have

In order to purchase more weapons and You know try to actually Safeguard their Government but you know That's just kind of what happens out There but very disconcerting that we Have multiple of these stories today on Radioactive materials going missing this Is uh very concerning especially with Iran pursuing potentially nuclear Weapons Of course the United States is saying That's not what they're doing But of course that's what Israel is Saying they're doing and if you read Between the lines that sure seems to be What Iran says it's doing Of course as we build this axis of Evil You know rebuilding it uh just uh from Back in George W Bush's day You know you have Russia China North Korea And uh Iran now Iraq used to be on that List too but um you know so it's down to Four but they seem to be rebuilding and They seem to be getting more bold and More courageous about what they are Doing And threatening the rest of the world And it seems like the the idea of Isolating them and and negating them has Actually backfired and is actually Creating them to be pushing them Together The biggest threat to Russia is China

I know we don't like we don't normally Think of like like that but you have to Realize that China's got a whole heck of A lot of people And just north of them is this land of Vast Resources with very little Population And Russia knows that China is looking Up at it and going hey that'd be kind of Fun to take because then we'd have all The resources we could possibly need and We could have all our people spread out And uh Russia kind of knows that that's Something that's gone through the head Of China before and so they have most of Their military out there in the east of The country is actually to protect them From from China So even though it would seem like China And Russia are natural uh Partners they Have always been highly suspicious of Each other and very wary of each other And the recent pressures that have been Coming have been kind of forcing them Together To see that their interests are indeed Aligned So with all this nuclear material just Disappearing and missing and of course This radioactive waste being Spilled Out In Minnesota which has definitely not Gone into the river Of course there's plenty of other Garbage in the river right now from a

Different train accident right all those Chemicals are in the Mississippi River So glad to see that this radioactive Waste water is not in the river Allegedly Um but there's plenty of other garbage In there from other mismanagement All right folks uh just be paying Attention to what's going on around you What's happening at Any kind of sites that are dealing with Where you activity power plants uh Rail Yards railroad lines just being aware of What's happening I think that over the Last number of weeks we've been having Our eyes open to How many derailments happen inside the United States And as we've been kind of tracking that Um I haven't jumped on every single rail Derailment and I think that uh that we Shouldn't necessarily jump on every rail To railment because it's actually a Regular Um relatively common thing that happens In the United States Um typically about two derailments per Day is typical now we will continue to Focus in On the Hazardous Materials uh Derailments and issues that are a big Deal out there but we we want to be Careful not to extrapolate too much from What is actually regular occurrence There's quite a bit of of trains that

Actually go across the United States and Derailments are relatively frequent and Regular Now I believe that due to a lot of this Issues with maintenance they have become More regular than what they have but we Haven't yet gotten new stats out that Can really back that up we're trying to Track that and I'm trying to get a feel For how much of this is just us suddenly Noticing the derailments versus us Actually Seeing more derailments so Um I am looking at crunching those Numbers a bit more in the coming days Here and I will let you know the results Of that to you know are we actually Seeing more derailments or is it just us Noticing the derailments that have Always been happening But Nuclear waste should not be disappearing That is something we know for sure and What will it take to make a bomb should Not be disappearing anywhere in the World especially 2.5 tons of uranium That is super concerning all right folks If you found this video to be useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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