BREAKING: Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Facility On Fire (Knoxville, TN)

The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN just outside Knoxville, TN is reporting a major fire and is requesting assistance. They process and repair nuclear weapons at this site.

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Hey everyone I got a flash news update Out there that there is a uranium Processing facility fire this is a National Security Site just outside Knoxville Tennessee this is at the uh Y-12 National Security complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee that's about 10 15 miles To the west of Knoxville if any Radioactive material were to get into The atmosphere from that complex it Would be blown directly over Knoxville So if you're in that area you're going To want to watch this closely They are saying right now that there is No off-site impact or danger at this Time however I want to underscore what The Y-12 National Security complex at Oak Ridge does they take nuclear weapons Take them apart reprocess the uranium if They need to or other radioactive Materials and then they reassemble Nuclear weapons they do testing on Nuclear weapons computer testing How many nuclear weapons are currently On site is not known and of course once Again this is a national security Complex this site is a support complex For our nuclear Arsenal Um we're not going to get into because I I don't necessarily have all the Background just yet as to exactly its Role in the nuclear missile and uh what Type of missiles it it works with that Kind of thing much of that's probably

Classified but if there is a fire at a Complex that has multiple nuclear Weapons on site you can see how we might Be a little bit concerned especially When it is just upwind of a large Population Center such as Knoxville Tennessee I know a lot of you are in the Tennessee area so you should be paying Attention to what's going on there once Again you can Google it y12 National Security complex or Oak Ridge and you Can kind of see it you can go look at it On the Google Maps as to where it is so You kind of know the facility it looks Like a giant laboratory kind of thing a It's like an office building kind of the Pictures that you can see of it it's not Like a plant but the the fact that They're disassembling nuclear weapons And reassembling nuclear weapons in There is cost per concern when there is A fire we're not talking about a fire on An off-site thing we're talking a fire In this Complex building Expect the U.S military to be Rather quiet about everything that's Going on there and also You'll be the last to know if something Really bad happens there now let's take Us from Attack if you're not in that Immediate area let's look at this from Another strategic perspective one of our Nuclear missile

Facilities has just come under Attack perhaps an accident perhaps but We're having a lot of accidents all over The United States and for a a strategic Nuclear deterrent site to catch fire is Extremely extremely concerning Um you know I can't help but start Thinking Ocean's 11 type stuff you know Like is the fire covering up somebody Stealing something you know uh what's Going on here there's so many questions To be asked about this I wanted to get This out to you as soon as possible so You guys can start paying attention to It if you're in the Knoxville area you Might want to just repack your GO bags Might just you know just touch up on Everything make sure that you're ready To go if you need to go if there is a Radioactive leak there hopefully they Handle it better than they do uh they're Handling the stuff up in East Palestine Ohio but I wouldn't count on it Especially with these security Clearance type sites that tend to be Extremely extremely withholding of any Information the fact that they're Publicly declaring a emergency there and Declaring a fire and it's going out on The the internets is telling you that It's a pretty serious fire for them to Be calling in and getting assistance From off-site all right folks if you Guys have any more information about

That that's not secure you know not Super secret uh please do share that With me I'm at poplarpreparedness you can always let us know What's going on in the comments if You're seeing anything in that area Please do not panic but take steps to Prepare yourself in if you're in that Immediate area Knoxville area or Downwind of Knoxville all right folks Thanks so much for watching if you want To check out another video there's one Right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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