Breaking: Refinery Fire, More Trains, & Steel Mill Fire

Even more infrastructure attacks or accidents that keep happening. Suncor refinery in Colorado, Bedford Ohio Steel Plant, and a coal train derailed in Nebraska.
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A Refinery fire to discuss and there are More Trains being derailed across the United States all this as the bond and Stock markets are kind of imploding out There so uh let's jump into these news Reports and we're also going to give you An update on kind of what we're going to Be doing over in East Palestine and uh The opportunity for you to be a part of That or to be aware of kind of what We're doing this video is brought to you By Genesis Gold group and as the stock Market dropped pretty significantly Yesterday uh Just kind of goes to show as bonds and Stocks are dropping together which They're not supposed to do We're just seeing the fragility of our System if you want to move your Retirement funds out of stocks bonds Into a retirement fund that is focused On Gold Silver Platinum coins that are Physical uh you want to talk to Jonathan And his team down in the description Down below Genesis Gold group All right so Sun Core which is the Refinery in Denver It is the largest refinery in Colorado And it was kind of put semi out of Action because of the cold this winter And it had to be restarted it was still In the restarting procedure That's right a month and a half after The shutdown it uh still being brought

Back online A fire being reported there by locals as Well as the facility itself reporting an Incident though they did not specify What happened they were responding to an Incident no reports on exactly what Transpired or how that all transpired Except that residents around the uh the Facility reported seeing smoke rising From the facility and uh so it looks Like there was some sort of fire or Explosion there Bedford Ohio there is a Steel plant there a large explosion Happened on the premises there were Multiple casualties workers and from the Facility We're just having just one I mean as a Campaign of sabotage or is it just are We just falling apart here in the United States or is our infrastructure failing That badly that we're just having Increased amounts of industrial Um incidents including more trained Derailments there's a coal Trail a coal Train derailment in uh outside Gothenburg Nebraska This is a brand new one for today the Train derailed and uh this is not Completely unheard of in that area they Had Two or three trained derailments in that Area in 2022 But this is the first one for the year There that's a that's a big stretch of

Rail and Um I don't know if it's just a Maintenance issue or if it's more just a An issue with the uh The difficulty to to you know just that Route Whether that's Rocks coming down or what But we are seeing a coal train Derailment there of course we just had The the derailment in Detroit and that's Still developing out there 30 cars came Off the rail just outside Detroit there Were chemicals on board hazardous Materials and this was right next to a River and that's what we're seeing with A lot of these train derailments is that They're right next to rivers which is Extremely concerning the chemicals the Hazardous material car was able to be Recovered and they're saying that it did Not leak but there were 30 cars that Came off the track and there was a lot Of damage you can see pictures of that And everything So what do we what are we seeing with All this is this just we're not Um there's accusations that the unions Uh from the unions that that the uh rail Companies are not Staffing the Maintenance Crews as they should that they're Delaying maintenance on tracks they're Delaying maintenance on rail cars and Inspections and they're just kind of

Pushing all this off and just hoping for The best so given that the they're the Ones actually working out there but of Course the union rail unions are in a Big beef with the rail Companies so There's definitely no love lost there But are they speaking the truth and it Sounds like they might be that a lot of This maintenance necessary maintenance Has been put off and so that's kind of What we're seeing there now I've heard From folks involved in manufacturing in The United States and they're saying Basically as some of these people retire That have all this Knowledge of how the factories and these Older equipment how it works how to make It work how to fix it There's a lot of factories that have Been held together by the same people For for generations and now we're seeing A lot of those people retiring Especially with the cough cough a lot of These people decide that that was time To retire and as they retire they were Just leaving all these electrician and Repair and mechanical jobs that the Younger generation just is not trained And does not have the skills to fill the The companies that have refused to Invest in in development of their own Personnel Are just trying to go out and hire

People to come in and fix these things And they're finding that the people that They can hire don't have experience with These older machines don't have Experience with a heavy machinery They've been trained how to do Computerized stuff they haven't been Trained in how to you know use baling Wire to kind of get an old machine to Kind of keep on working for a while so Is that kind of what we're seeing with The rail issues with the refineries with The steel mills It could be Is that going to get better without more Investment more training and New people getting the experience on how To keep these things up and the Investment from management into Maintenance programs That seems like stuff we need to be Paying attention to All right on to East Palestine and the Surrounding area We have uh I've heard from two two Families that we're going to be trying To help in in the area not exactly in East Palestine but they are reportedly Suffering some ill effects from the uh From the chemicals and such and they've Seen water just Awful kind of stuff so Um what we're going to do is uh This channel we because uh we have a few

People on staff here we have Tyler the Intern as well as uh but Um because I can't verify all these Things and I and I don't have a Non-profit or anything like that set up For this so Um we're going to go ahead and we're Going to get water filters for them and I'm going to list down below kind of the Stuff that we're getting because this is To the best of my knowledge uh the kind Of stuff I have experience with water Filters you've never heard me talk about Water filters on this uh this channel For good reason I'm not super excited And I kind of view some of the big name Brands that I know a lot of you guys Have bought and support and believe in I'm not a big believer in a lot of that Stuff when we're talking about chemicals You need to have activated charcoal to Absorb that those chemicals so honestly I think you're in best place is getting Lots of activated charcoal filters Activated charcoal is dirt cheap so These companies that just package up Activate charcoal and then start Claiming all sorts of crazy stuff about It I just Turns my stomach so water filters with Activated charcoal so we're just going To get Brita filters and then use uh We're going to send a whole bunch of Extra filters from Amazon and and just

Recommend that they they use the Activated charcoal filters and then just Swap out the filters a lot quicker than What is recommended and that activated Charcoal should absorb those chemicals Out of the water and that's really kind Of the best way to go ahead with that There's fancy filters out there that are You know taking out microbes and you Know that's not what we need here we Just need activated charcoal that's Absorbing the chemicals second thing We're going to do is we're going to send Out some air purifiers HIPAA we'll get The dust and all the particles that are Airborne out of the air because the Chemical Apparently the chemicals kind of stick To that dust and as you inhale it so we Want to get the dust out of the air Because some of it's um pregnant with Chemicals but then also once again we Need activated charcoal that's going to Absorb the chemicals out of the air so So we're going to be sending some extra Filters for the HEPA not just filters But also the charcoal pre-filters They'll they'll send they'll say that The charcoal is there to remove odors And to remove uh you know like cooking Smells and stuff like that but that's The same stuff that's going to be Absorbing the chemicals out of the air So we're going to be sending extra

Charcoal filters to go with that like I Said you're going to be able to see all This down below we're also going to Continue to see if these families want To move forward with uh trying to get Out of the area temporarily and move to Or stay somewhere outside the area so They're not breathing all this stuff in And absorbing this if you'd like to Participate in this Um if you go down the description down Below and also the pin comment you can Find my link to Kofi now you'll be Sending that money to me Um but I will be sending this money out If you guys send a whole bunch of money I'm just gonna buy more of these things And we're just going to find more people In East Palestine in the surrounding Area to send these down we're just going To be ordering them off Amazon and Shipping them to people so uh the Families that are there if uh if we have Enough for them and we still have more We're going to try to get some more Names more people that they know in the Area that need help and we're going to Ship those things to them we're going to Be getting water filters extra filter uh Filled air purifiers with extra filters With that too that seems to be what's Being set out there some people are Saying cleaning supplies some people are Saying

Um you know like plastic utensils and Stuff like that we're gonna try to get The thing things that are a little more Expensive a little more unique that People aren't you know have access to at This time so if you want to join in with Uh participating with that if not you Guys watching these videos and hitting The thumbs up and subscribing all that You help you make this possible to do This and of course folks like genesis Gold are also helping to kind of make That possible so thank you guys for Helping the people of East Palestine if You watch this much into the video Um and uh if you want to participate Financially in that as well you can do That as well all right folks thanks so Much for watching uh if you want to Check out another video there's one Right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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