BREAKING: State Dept. Warning Issued | US National News & World Report

Norwegian Intelligence warning about Russia’s Navy carrying nuclear weapons, US State Department warning US citizens from travel to Russia, more trains derailed, and cattle herds in the US dramatically dropping.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got a whole bunch of breaking News updates to get out to you guys uh We got a warning from the U.S state Department not to travel to Russia Questions are what's going on with that Um warning U.S citizens of arbitrary Arrest uh if they do travel to Russia We're also getting an update out of the Norwegian intelligence about what's Going on with the U.S uh with the Russian Fleet uh with their use of Tactical nuclear weapons uh very Concerning with that we also have two More trains that have derailed uh in Addition to the one in East Palestine We'll give you a little bit of an update On what's Happening that with the water Situation we're also going to be going Over the amount of cattle in the United States beef herds are down dramatically We're going to give you some numbers on That we've been talking about that for a While it is a slow moving train wreck And uh yeah I guess that one was pun Intended but we'll also be talking about A pandemic that is spreading across American high schools and when you start Hearing these numbers you are going to Be I mean it's rough Um these numbers are just ridiculous and Uh they're true and when you start Putting that into Grand scope of things

Just realizing how far gone our country Is Um let's jump into these things uh first Off this video is brought to you by Genesis gold so if you have your money Uh in retirement accounts and it's in Stocks and bonds and you want to get Into something more secure because You're concerned about stocks and bonds Um physical gold physical silver coins That belong to you yes they have to stay In a repository because it's a Retirement account but when you take Distribution out of there you're not Taking distribution of cash you're Taking distribution of coins your coins Out of the depository if you want to Talk to Jonathan and his team check out The description down below uh for their Phone number and they'll be able to Answer all your questions all right Folks so the U.S state Department Has issued a warning for U.S citizens to Immediately leave Russia if they are in Russia and do not travel to Russia due To arbitrary arrest and harassment due To the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe This is a This is a new warning I mean they've Issued much softer warnings previously And so it has it begs the question What's about to happen that the U.S State Department is suddenly so

Concerned about and as we're talking About arbitrary arrests and harassment From the government you kind of say oh So it's going to be as bad in Russia as It is here in the United States now Um Arbitrary arrests yeah Um But we we uh we have to ask the question What is next what what's happening that They're saying that things are going to Change and get much worse for potential U.S citizens in Russia is there another Step about to happen in the U.S uh Stepping in up their involvement in the Conflict in Eastern Europe Are they hearing chatter out there that Uh that Russia is going to be going After U.S citizens more Or what's going on but that's a big Indication that something's about to Happen Uh the U.S state Department does not Like to sit on things when U.S citizens Could be uh warned so that's usually the First inkling we get of something going On Um we we see that days before the news Hits and so Um be watching the news because Something could be going down that we Don't know of speaking of the Russians Norwegian intelligence just issued a Report uh confirming one that Russian

Ships are now carrying tactical nuclear Weapons for the first time since The fall of the Soviet Union so we're Not talking about some you know oh okay Yeah we kind of knew that no this is Russian ships have not been carrying Tactical nuclear weapons since the fall Of the Soviet Union there are now ships In the ocean deployed with tactical nuke Weapons of course they've had strategic Nuclear weapons to take out cities and Such like that but tactical ones are Smaller and are intended to be used Against forces against conventional Forces so if we come at them with Aircraft carrier they could come at it With a nuke if we come at them with uh Tanks they could drop a nuke and that's Basically uh the concern with that and They also talk about in that report how It has become evident that tactical Nuclear weapon usage is integral to the Strategy of any large-scale conflict With Russia that they are planning on Using these tactical nuclear weapons Because they realize that they are Outmatched when it comes to Naval forces And so that they will use those tactical Nuclear weapons very early in a conflict Much as the United States planned to do So in in the Cold War this is uh very Concerning that if we see an outbreak of Hostilities that nuclear weapons could Be deployed very quickly by by forces

Once again these are weapons targeted at Military or ship tips or troops these Are not like city killers that's not the Point of them though with the deployment Of the Poseidon Nuclear torpedo that that that could be Uh something else out there uh because They they say that the purpose of that Is to create tidal waves that can wipe Out whole cities the ground along a Coastline however I I stand by my Assessment that that's not the true Purpose that Poseidon the Poseidon is Meant to take out aircraft carriers and It's made to take out our ballistic Missile submarines all right moving on To two more trains have been derailed One in Houston Texas and one in South Carolina of course this is right after The derailment of Palestine uh East Palestine Ohio That one has continued to be just as They're now saying the largest Ecological disaster in U.S history the Chemicals from that raining down into The neighboring Water Systems there is a Much larger concern now over the Water Systems in the area and a lot of testing Is going on right now they're saying That they are detecting Chemicals in some of the water systems But they believe that the filtration System should take those chemicals out And should not be reaching the people at

This time however they're finding lots Of dead fish all over the place in lots Of different creeks and streams which Feed into these Rivers so the concerns Uh Remain the American water which Covers the water over 24 States they Have a water intake in the Ohio river And they have said that they have an Alternate intake water intake that they Can use that they've installed so that They are prepared in case they have to Shut down their main water intake on the Ohio River Downstream from there if they Have to do that that will affect half a Million residents that's their water From you know this the the pipes coming In They believe American water is confident That they will be able to continue Service even if the water is Contaminated in the Ohio River of course If the Ohio River becomes and Contaminated that's going to affect a Whole lot of people Downstream as that As those chemicals make their way Downstream so this This is big Is the governor of Ohio basically saying That so far the water does appear to be Safe to drink he says but I would be Drinking bottled water if I was in the Affected areas so not a big vote of Confidence from the governor there Moving on to the cattle herds in the

United States cattle head in the U.S are Down below 90 million now this is all Cattle It was at 95 million pre-cough cough in 2019 so from 95 million down to 90 Million that is a big drop once again as People say well you know how big of a Deal could it be we had an eight percent Drop in the United States of egg Production and then the price of eggs in Some places as much as tripled That's just that's just the math of Things how much does the price have to Go up before people stop buying whatever The product is so the question is how High does the price of beef have to go In order for people to stop buying beef Up until now we've actually seen Elevated culling so basically more meat Is Flowing more beef is Flowing onto the Market still and that's why you're not Seeing prices increasing However their increased culling also Marks the fact that that means the the Beef herd is dropping dramatically from January 1st this year All the way back to the previous year We've seen a four percent drop in beef Herds okay four percent drop in B first Now we saw the price of eggs triple in Some places from an eight percent drop Okay and when this hits it's going to be Like a whiplash it's going to be the Whip cracking we're going to go from

Over Supply a slight oversupply of beef To suddenly a dramatic under supply of Beef the whip crack could be 10 15 or 20 Percent drop in beef production that is A possibility and when you see that what Will that do to prices well it's going To determine be determined by how Quickly people stop buying beef The price will just keep going up until People stop buying we're going to need a 10 to 20 percent drop in beef purchases So we're going to see that drop Dramatically also uh A lot of the beef that is sold out there Fresh has a smaller has a shorter shelf Life than the eggs out there All right that's coming from agweb by The way if you want to look it up Yourself CDC is reporting A high school epidemic This is just heartbreaking really if you Know Parents who have high school kids 30 percent of high school girls in 2021 Seriously considered ending themselves Seriously consider 30 percent In 2021 There's an all-time high in 2011 Of 19 percent Still think that there's no consequences To uh And to Virtual

Classes and Isolation no no Nothing there huh That's just heartbreaking I I I really I hope you don't just hear that as a Number but then think about that one in Three High School age girls Seriously considered in that year 2021 That's That's heartbreaking that that that Tells you The status of our education system That tells you the status of our family Structures all these things that were Made to empower women Are they empowering women Why is the is the rate of considering That so high right now Higher than it was in decades long past When they were being oppressed Now it's not to say that everything was Fine back then but what I'm saying is we Have experimented on our youth and this Is the result they literally don't want To live anymore Friends Um A whole bunch of you kind of criticized Me going out to uh Kentucky and and covering the Revival That's breaking out there that has now Spread to multiple universities Youth these days need hope Because they don't see any

The biggest news out there right now is The despair amongst gen Z And any Ray of Hope there may be I promise you I promise you You're going to look back and see the Change that happened that's starting to Happen over in Asbury at the Asbury Revival in Kentucky as it spreads as Hope spreads That may be the most uh influential most Impactful story That this channel has ever covered In in line with that I do want to just Mention once again that we will be Holding a Revival prayer service over on My other channel bold Faith Bible if You're not already subscribed over there And you are interested in Bible studies Or meeting up with a fellow Believers From all over the country we're going to Hold that prior service at 8 pm tonight Eastern Standard Time and we're going to Be praying for our country we're going To be praying for each other And interacting as best we can over our Live stream all right folks if you found This video useful or helpful please do Check out another video from me right Here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later God bless you all

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